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ProjectOM + FWFG

Big announcement! We are honored to partner with Manduka​ and Susan G. Komen​ in their goal to get one million people to do yoga Mother’s Day weekend. I’ll be hosting a very special livestream yoga class on Saturday May 13th (with Benji) and you are invited. ♡

Click on here to register and get updates with details! 💞


I've also got 3 new beginner, intermediate and advanced practices up for freeskies on the #ProjectOm website for you. 100% of the proceeds benefit Breast Cancer research and support. ♡

No person or pet left behind! All are welcome to participate in this crazy event. I can't wait to see what happens. I suggest folks come with an open mind and try to forget what they think they know about yoga. (!!!) Also, don’t forget to donate, share the event with your friends and wear something comfy. 😉 💞

Let's do this, y'all. Mark your calendars. I'm not messing around. ♡



36 comments on “ProjectOM + FWFG”

  1. HI Adrienne Injust love your crazy ideas, and this is just a good idea to get on the mat with you again. I suffer from thyroid problems, wonder if there are yoga moves that can help mend this problem?

    1. Hi Adrian,

      I am a 39 yr old woman who was diagnosed schizophrenic at 25. A mental illness attacks your brain and mind that's been my fight. Needless to say my brain and mind are my worst enemy. Your yoga teaching has helped me be more mindful about my illness accept it and work with it in moderation not against it your yoga teaching has allowed me to teach myself selflove, self care, mindfulness and selfrespect namaste

  2. HI Adrienne Love this idea, Wonder if you have any tips concerning thyroid problems, any yoga moves that can stimulate this precious and important gland?

  3. I started your 30 day program.
    I had a pretty bad injury, hip replacement, shoulder and dominant hand surgery.
    Feeling in a horrible slump after healing I started your program.
    You have changed my life and I truly thank you.
    I have 3 rescue dogs, one of which is a blue healer.
    Forever thankful

  4. Yay! Ever since I stumbled on to your YouTube channel, I have been doing and learning the wonderful benefits of Yoga. I have viewed others and have found that you synchronize my life. Yoyr rhythm and relaxation techniques are simply phenomenal. Thank you so much fir sharing wuth the world your beautiful self and skills.

  5. Hi Adrienne,

    I've been practicing with you for over three years! Today was so much fun with you; it was cool to feel the energy from people practicing live all over the world. You are such an inspiration!
    Thank you for being you 🙂

  6. Thank you from Anchorage, Alaska!! So happy to be able to be part of the the community from here. This has changed my life! I can't thank you enough

  7. Hey Adriene!

    Greetings from Brasil!

    Really enjoyed the livestream just as I appreciate all classes
    thanks for all!

  8. "I Did It"!!!!! 31 Days of Yoga Revolution, Being truly HONEST it took me 41 days to complete. Ups & Downs of everyday Life, But I Did It!!!!! I am so Inspired by You Adriene!
    I cant remember how our paths crossed. Its truly by Faith.
    I am very Grateful to have you as my guide into this journey. My mind & heart are open to this new awakening. I am very excited and want to Thank You for however it happened. I appreciate that you took time & patience to work on an amazing session that gently reached my soul & worked carefully with my body to this 31st Day.
    This is Chapter One completed and now on to Chapter Two.
    From My Loving Heart to Yours, Namaste

  9. Namaste from Belgium! Loved the live stream & the energy of doing yoga together.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  10. Greetings from Portsmouth UK! That as fun! I have been using your videos for a year now and am learning so much about myself. It started as a way of not feeling groggy in the mornings (gone) and ended up making my wrists stronger, knees stop clicking and feeling more focused and happy, as you say, on and off the mat.

  11. Hi from Toronto, Canada! If it was mentioned in the invitation materials that registration was required in order to participate in Q&A, and maybe also to show you how many viewers there were, that registration requirement wasn't obvious enough. So maybe next time...? Thanks & Enjoy!

  12. Hi Adriene from Merino Colorado!
    I want to thank you so much. I have been doing your yoga programs and they are changing my life! I have had some issues with a skin disorder I have and I was letting it get in the way of my true self. I developed severe anxiety and panic attacks. I found your you tube channel and have been doing your videos everyday for a couple of months. I can already see a major change in myself. Your program has influenced me so much and I'm so thankful everyday I can be present with yoga! Thank you!!!!!!!

  13. Loved your livestream today Adriene!! Shared the good vibes on the beach in Sanibel Island FL with my 10 year old daughter and my sister. Ocean breeze, feet in the sand. Definitely did what feels good!! Thank you, we love you! Namaste 🙂

  14. Hi Adriene, your classes have changed my life, thank you so much. Turning 60 this year and planning to hike the camino de Santiago happened on your channel 5 months ago looking for stretching videos. It's funny you always seem to say the right encouraging words, when I'm tired or frustrated with my lack of flexibility. You bring joy into my day. Thank you

  15. I wanted to share a video idea: Yoga for laughs! I could really enjoy a video with maximum playfulness. Something to do together with whoever's at, adults, elderly... To share the joy of yoga!
    Maybe include a happy baby, some postures to see the world up side down and some postures that require some help from whoever you're doing it with..?
    Thank you for all your great work!

  16. My body deeply knew the tender, humble connection with people all over the world when we surrendered together in child's pose and I wept. Yoga for world peace. It's real. Thank you Adriene!

  17. Hi Adriene!

    I know this is a bit off topic but I recently sprained my ankle (for the millionth time) and am looking for a good yoga video or tips to help it heel so that I can jump back into the practice! Please let me know if you know of anything.... or if you could dedicate a video to it, it would be AWESOME!

    Thank you!!


  18. Hello Adriene,

    I know this is a bit off topic but I recently sprained my ankle (for the millionth time) and I was wondering if you knew of any good videos or tips to help it heal. Or if you could dedicate a video?.... that would be AMAZING!
    Thank you in advance!

  19. This is such a wonderful project. I didn't get around to doing the video until today (Tuesday), because I'm joining you from Italy where EVERYTHING happens on it's on schedule

  20. Hi adriene!
    Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you are giving human beings.
    Truly appreciated here in NB canada.
    A request for you from my family is for a video of Yoga for young violinists ( kids, pre teens and teens). I would like to cultivate a daily practice for my violin playing children and would appreciate any help 🙂

  21. Adriane you are amazing!! You have me at 6 weeks of daily yoga!! I recently got a fever and can't practice for a few days do you have any suggestions to avoid that oh no bummer feeling of no practice?

  22. Hey Adrienne! I read the email and am currently going a vacation riding the greyhound. It truly is a time for reflection for me and refocus. Heal up and be ready too teach soon enough and wink you're not that old.

  23. Hi Adriene! I love the most recent email that you sent out on June 4 "Just Being". It was like you knew what was going on in my life and it was a message I needed to hear today. It could of come at a better time. So thank you for that. You have such an amazing heart and spirit. Would love for you to visit Vancouver, B.C. sometime.

  24. Dear Adrienne,

    All the way in Holland I do your yoga practides every day and I love it!
    My dog Pien always wants to be present at the practice and lies down besides me. If she is in the other room she scratches the door till I let her in. So I really liked the videos with your own dog!

    Thankyou and all the best

  25. Hi Adriene!

    I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your youtube videos. You have truly changed my life in ways I didn't even know it need or could be changed!

    I've been working out about 6 days a week, and twice a day two of those days, for about 5 years now. I'm very conscious of the foods I eat and whether I like to admit it or not I am very aware of the way I look (a driving factor for working out so much). I've done yoga randomly over the years with my mom but have never gotten into it on a regular basis because it didn't seem like enough of a "workout" for me. Anyways, awhile ago I decided to Youtube a yoga class just because (this is not something I had ever done before) and I came across your video, Day 1 of the 31 Day Challenge. I loved it! And I felt amazing I did day 2 and 3 that day too. I ended up making a pledge to myself to do it every day and follow the challenge and I realized things were changing.

    The first thing I noticed was my insanely tight hamstrings weren't nearly as tight! I could touch my toes for the first time EVER. You said in one of the first videos that when you started learning about yoga they told you downward dog was a resting pose and you thought that was crazy, well I did too, but now it makes sense to me!

    Then I noticed how much more mindful I became, down to every aspect of my life: how quickly I ate, my posture, even the way I would tattle work.

    But the biggest thing for me was I noticed the body I had been obsessively forcing to the gym and making negative comments to in the mirror, and sometimes depriving of the foods I wanted... was different. I was toned and lengthened and I don't know if it's all your self-love comments throughout your videos or if it's the physical stretch and exercise but I'm thinking it's both! I've been trying so so hard for years to feel the way I do now, and you taught me the way to feel like this has always been inside me, to love myself and to treat my limbs and my heart kindly with movement AND stillness.

    I think the beauty of your youtube channel for people like me, is that its private, you can do it at home late at night, by yourself, with no make up on, and feel 100% about your practice.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do! You're amazing and you've brought an amazing a light into my life!

  26. Hello Adriene Mishler. I started to practice yoga a little longer than one year. I found one of your videos for my period cramps, then I moved to practices for my back pain, neck pain. Then before I noticed it became something I need regularly. I had no experience or interest about sports and I was overweight. I've lost 10kilos in the past year even without strictly dieting. Yoga literally changed the way I think, the way I see myself. It changed by relationship with food and with my own body. Even I still cannot perform a single chaturanga, I keep practicing and gain more strength every day. Long story short, I wanted to thank you personally for bringing that light into my life. It helped me improve myself physically but more than that improve my mental strength and my vision. I wish you and the community the best. Namaste.

  27. Hi Adriene:) I started practicing yoga with you just a couple months ago and I can see huge changes already. My legs and arms have not been this strong in a very, very long time! I've created a playlist with my favorite videos on YouTube and I practice with you every single day, no excuses!

  28. Hello there 🙂 My name is Doe and Iam very grateful for your support of my journey into the beautiful practice and lifestyle of Yoga!! I love it and I wanted to say thank you and I look forward to learning more from you! PS I have a sister named Adrienne ( different spelling) 🙂 Namaste and my peace and love be with you always. Forever a student of life!

  29. Hi adreine,
    You are doing great job. I started yoga but I am having pain in my wrist due to cobra and dog pose. Please guide shud I leave doing these poses?
    I am 33 years old and just started yoga a month ago.i have stiffness and nerve compression in my shoulder blade or you can say whole upper back area. I am doin almost all upper back n neck yoga poses but my pain is not disappearing. What shud I do?

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