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30 Days of Yoga - Day 15

Day 15 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Half Moon Practice. No experience with Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon? NO PROBLEM!!!

We are HALFWAY there y'all! Day 15 welcomes you to drop into your practice. This sequence can be done in half an hour. It provides an opportunity to relish in the space that you have cultivated in the last 14 days. Today would be the perfect day to commit to staying present. You have made it this far - stay in the moment and reconnect to your intentions. This 30 min yoga sequence is great for anxiety and stress relief. This practice takes its time and invites us to keep it fresh and alive! Connect to your breath, lift your heart and go with the flow. ENJOY! Because you're worth it.


Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

45 comments on “30 Days of Yoga - Day 15”

  1. I will be doing this one later today, haven't missed a day yet. 🙂 I'm loving it! Thank you so much for these amazing videos, Adriene! 🙂

    1. Gorgeous practice today, look forward to getting on the yoga mat everyday since discovering your videos, thanks for making yoga fun and less intimidating , Namaste x

    2. Yes. I will be doing it later too. I am loving this practice. I am completely new to Yoga,
      but have given everything so far a go............ and managed it all too, albeit sometimes taking the less taxing approach!
      Feeling great, where have the achy shoulders/neck gone too?

      Thanks Adriene. you are so inspiring. xx

  2. Dear Adriene,
    There is absolutely NOO way in the space of a comment section I can express my gratitude and respect for you and what you are doing. I am a 44 year old married woman living in boston who is very ill with a double whammy of lupus & cystic fibrosis (since 1993) and all the varied diseases they bring with it to my body. One of the biggest problems and barrier to entry to practicing yoga has been that being outdoors in Any kind of sunlight activates my disease; so finding your YouTube channel has been a lifesaver. I've spent many hours in the past alone with my kundalini dvd's, etc, but there is something SOOOO vastly different about your style, approach and spirit. I also adore the fusion with mindfulness (a personal journey that ive been trying to incorporate into my life for the past 20 years.)
    I am loving the 30 day challenge, as well as Everything else you have done.
    On behalf of all your international fans, thank you for your unbelievable generosity that allows us all to partake in the Incredible Awesomeness that is Adriene!!!
    Julie R.

  3. I've had this awful bug that's going around in Squamish (Outdoor recreation capitol of Canada!) and I've been so sick and can't go outside to play in the sunshine or snow, or to medicine ball training. It's been tough to get to my mat the last few days, but I feel better after and grateful that there is something I can do in my own time here at home that makes me feel good after. I committed to doing to full 30 days so I'm not stopping now!

  4. Dear Adriene, this session showed me how "present" and strong I have become in just 2 weeks of daily practice. This is amazing! During this session I have finally allowed myself to "play", to connect dieper and experience a bit further. Once again : THANKS!

  5. I think this was the most challenging practice! Still having trouble with triangle, but can't wait to revisit when I'm more flexible and stronger! Thank you!

  6. A one to remember. Used some upper leg muscles that I thought I have not used in a long while. Tough stuff but the thoughtful way the video is structured your able to get through. Not up to the group yet but have now done 15 total myself.

    Yes thank you Adriene for this series,. It sells you on a daily Yoga practice and transforms your body.

  7. Today was so wonderful! As a 62 year old, who has always been intimidated by Yoga classes, I never thought I could do poses like half moon. I can!!!!!!!

  8. Loved the challenge in today's practice, thank you for keeping each day fresh and exciting. Looking forward to the next 15 days! Namaste

  9. DAY 15: Feeling fresh in half moon (or in my case a quarter moon)! Thanks Adriene for another amazing practice. Excited to be at the 1/2 way point and feeling so much stronger in my chatarangas, my arms were feeling so weak in the beginning. You have become a ritual along with my morning coffee and morning devotions! Life has gotten so much more sweeter with you in it Adriene! Even when the challenge of each practice calls from within to stay focused, flexible and firm in resolve. 😉

  10. With gratitude and blessings... To you Adriene. Enjoying the challenge, have definitely improved my flexibility , just really enjoying your style as it has a lovely flow of energy along with instructions for the whole mind and body balance. ,

  11. I fell off the bandwagon on Day 13, but caught back up again yesterday and was so ready for this practice today! Half moon is by far one of my all-time favorite yoga poses! That standing half split thing though... that's gonna take some work. Also - my heels are getting closer and closer to the mat every day when I get into my downward facing dog... maybe by the end of the 30 days???

  12. I`ve found what feels good with you 🙂 Yoga feels good, even every day, even when I come home from work without any energy left. I can recharge on the mat. Thank you so much for doing what you are doing for us!

  13. Dear Adriene, Thank you, thank you, thank you for this 30 days of Yoga challenge. I am a mother of two small kids who doesn't have time to exercise outside of home, and I love that I can fit in these manageable practices into any small half hour I can carve out of my day. You cannot imagine how much energy and love is flowing through me now, thanks to not having missed a single day in the last 15 days. When I do it in the morning my 4 year old daughter also joins me, and it's the best thing in the world. I wrote about our experience here:

    This has been the best spring reawakening I have felt in many years.

    With light and love,


  14. Loving the videos, Adriene. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom (at such a young age!). I'm a young, soon to be 62 year old whose loving life and enjoying my journey learning yoga.

  15. I get the emails daily, and I've had to spend some days off recovering from some of our practices. It's hard because I'm a person who likes schedule and order, so having the emails pile up in my inbox has been symbolic of my life feeling off-balance and made me feel bad because I've wanted so bad to practice, but life has been so stinking hard. As soon as I checked in today, I knew it was the right thing to do. I feel so much better already.

    The email for Day 15 couldn't have been more perfectly timed.

    I'm so grateful for yoga. : )

  16. This one is my favourite so far. I feel so strong and capable to meet the day! You've put a huge smile on my face today, Adriene. Thank you!

  17. I was so run down when I joined your yoga.. no energy and just feeling tired. I have struggled to get through the 15 days and not all in a row.. but happy to say I did it and the next 15 I will try to do every day. Im so thankful I found this program-. I recommended to all my friends and have to come join one of your Yoga classes real life one day! (living in Europe so not so easy) 😉
    Thank you for what your doing..

    You rock!


  18. Hi there Adriene!
    I just want to thank you for this lovely set of videos. I am at day 15 and as others here, I really can feel progress now. Both in strength, flexibility and space!
    I have gotten used to your voice and instructions, and hardly ever have to look up at the screen and able to stay focused and in the moment.
    I will probably have a week off, after the 30 days, and then start up again!

    I dont think you answer questions here, but maybe in a vlog or somewhere else:

    ? Question ?
    When I practice in the mornings before breakfast and work, my flexibility and strength are less than if I do it in the afternoon. I love doing the practice in the mornings, but I am wondering if you would advice me to do it in the afternoon. To make sure I keep the progress rolling forward and upwards 😉
    Please advice! 🙂

    Kind regards
    Lin from Norway

  19. I found today particularly difficult to focus. Not the practice's fault, its just really hard to let go of the stresses and anxieties of a chaotic life for even 30 mins when your to-do list is overflowing. That's something I need to work on. I do love a good challenge and today's video was definitely that!

  20. ...that's Ms. Shavasana to you...kidding 😉 The endorphins have officially entered my temple (LOL). Wonderful practice but I have GOT to get a yoga block because I was holding on for dear life on that 1/2 Moon but I'll keep workin' on it.

    Thank you so much for this beautiful practice Adriene!

  21. Mahalo for your videos. I appreciate you sharing your expertise in yoga with us online, and for free! I have come into a much better place in my practice thanks to your videos. Aloha!

  22. So grateful to find a place here in this community - I love the open-hearted approach and the space to find my own yoga voice within your practice. Also soaking up the idea of healthy ritual. Thank you Adriene for inviting us all in and sharing your amazing gift.

  23. Adriene THANK YOU!!
    About 3 months ago I came down with the flu and have basically never recovered. I took 2 months off of work, I am a motivated physical therapist who is now working part-time (all I can do right now). I was an hard core runner, who is unable to run anymore!! I find peace in your yoga practice. I have learned to listen to my body and what it is telling me (something you don't always get with running). I have also learned to not take myself to serious and have a little fun with exercise/work. Your yoga practice has installed in me mindfulness techniques along with being more self aware.
    This yoga practice has been my lifesaver in a difficult situation . Thank you times 10, don't know if I could make it through without this newly found practice and guidance!!! You rock Adriene, keep doing what your doing.

  24. Thank you Adriene for todays half way practice! I definitely feel stronger and more flexible! Only a few more days and my heels will touch the ground in downward facing dog, I'm sure of it. The day it will happen I will feel so much pride in sticking with a daily workout!
    Thank you, namaste

  25. The half moon was the first pose I have really struggled with, but I want to do it more and more so I can get that gaze up to the sky! I can't believe 15 days have gone by. It's no longer a push for me to get on my mat. I long for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  26. A heartfelt thank you for getting me back in touch with yoga.
    You area very special lady indeed!

  27. Thank you, Adriene!!!! I'm feeling great. I need to practice more the half moon pose, it was a great way to open my heart!!!!
    Thank you!!! Namaste.

  28. You know when you sometimes say in a pose "let go of your todo list", I cannot let go it stays in my head. However, once the practice is over and we're in shavasana I notice that that todo list is very much gone at that moment. Thank you so much.

  29. Half-way and not wishing it to ever end! And it doesn't have to. Half-moon was really hard but so lovely. Thanks again

  30. Thank you so much! This has been wonderful! Can anyone recommend a yoga retreat for the summer -- either L.A. area or Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama . . . ?
    I love Adriene's style! XX

  31. Yippee!!! I reached the half way mark. Feel totally great even though I wobble a bit and fall. To celebrate I made myself 4 yoga pants for the next 15 days of Yoga. Am so excited to wear them, even though only my kids, hubby and I see them at home. LOL. Thank you, thank you Adriene.

  32. Every day I look forward to your email and yoga session, i discovered you whilst on holiday in Canada on You Tube, now I'm hooked and have taken you back with me safely to England. Love you Adriene, im definitely feeling a while lot better now I've learnt to breathe and move xx

  33. My home practice is so much easier that attending classes, I am more consistant.
    I love the emails and everything is simple to access the daily routines. Thank you for
    that. Can I order a CD of the 30 yoga? Email me the details...
    You are awesome Adriene and really inspiring. God bless you for sharing your talents.

  34. I like half-moon pose because, even if it doesn't look like at first, it's a challenging pose that needs concentration to look up 😉
    Adriene, thank you again for your videos. You're an inspiring person.

  35. Dear Adriene,

    I love your yoga videos! But I have been ill many days now, a virus that keeps coming back, it´s super frustrating. I did some of your yoga for when you´re sick and gentle yoga videos but it´s bringing me down quite a bit, i started this series to go through with it and lift me up as i feel down and depressed quite often these days. you can imagine missing the videos due to sickness is not exactly helpful... Is there any advice you have? maybe someone else has the same situation? i guess i wanted to write about it as it felt like being part of a community when i started and now that i missed almost half the videos i feel weird. can anyone relate to this?

    still loving your videos though! and i will keep going as well as i can.

  36. I have tried many yoga classes but they always seemed too hard and I didn’t feel any results. With 30 days of yoga just when I think I have to stop I hear “just 1 more breaths” or one more” and I’m right with you. I’m going to be 70 years old this month and was feeling stiff even though I am very active. I love feeling young again!!! Thank you, Adrienne!!!

  37. I had to cut this one short by about 5 minutes or so. When getting into left warrior 2, I pulled something at the very top back of my left leg. Sounded like something tore. It feels okay just sitting but I'm afraid to try that position again for today. Been enjoying these daily workouts until now though.

    1. It's good you listened to your body and backed off, Tammy. If you think you hurt your leg, please get it evaluated by your medical provider. When you return to your practice, you might want to check out Adriene's Foundations of Yoga video for Warrior 2. You can find it here: Warrior II Pose

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