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Warrior II Pose

Warrior II Pose (or Virabhadrasana II) is a standing posture that encourages you to build balance and stability in the body. It has a load of benefits and is a great tool to focus the mind and connect to your center. This video part of our Foundations of Yoga series suitable for beginners and great for anyone attempting to get back to a practice or deepen a current practice.

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4 comments on “Warrior II Pose”

  1. Hey Adriene,

    Thanks for all of your videos, they are great!

    In Warrior 2, which direction should the hips be facing?


  2. Hi Adriene,

    Thanks for the video! You have beautiful energy. I just have a couple questions regarding Warrior I and II poses as well as in the trikonasana posture.
    From what I understand, in Warrior I pose, the hips are facing forward in the direction of the front foot, whereas in Warrior II, the hips are parallel to both feet. My question is, in Warrior II, I can't seem to align my hips with my feet (open the hips) without my front knee twisting out of position of my ankle. I assume the most important part is to keep your knee in alignment with the ankle, and so, how important is it to open the hips? Is it acceptable not to do this? Are there any modifications to help me better attain this posture? I read that bringing the legs in closer together may help, as well as separation the legs further apart so that the heels aren't inline. Is this correct? Also, my back knee tends to hurt. Can I slightly bend the back knee?
    I experience similar problems in the triangle pose. Any advice would be much appreciated!
    Thanks Adriene!!


  3. Namaste Adrienne
    Nice warmth in your style however breathing should be in and out thru nose only--- Ida and Pingala. We try so often to remind students to breathe correctly. Breathing in and out pranic energy is thru nose in postures and connects directly to the emotional centre -the Limbic region of the brain:Essential to hatha yoga.
    Be well
    om shanti

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