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Yoga to Shift Perspective

This session invites you to notice your patterns and consider your willingness to see and take action in a new way. Welcome a possible shift in your perspective to find creative solutions to any problem. Embrace the heat, keep your mind open. Perhaps our ability to stay present, step back, and take a different view is a crucial skill for our time.

This warming heart opening flow is strong and spicy, designed to help balance the right and left side of the brain and body to help you feel grounded and good. Use this offering to recommit to time with yourself. Find freedom within the form and stay disciplined about your breath. The 20 minute practice will help you connect to a strong base, promote healthy blood flow, and increase strength and flexibility in both mind and body. 

Made with love. I hope this practice may support you. Please share it with your friends and family if you feel it will support them too.

13 comments on “Yoga to Shift Perspective”

  1. Excellent practice Adriene. That really boosted my mood and energy after a day sat on the computer 🙂 Thank you, you awesome woman! Namaste

  2. Thanks for this really helpful practice! It creates just the right amount of heat and directs attention to the important! I has also been so helpful in these difficult times

  3. Thank you so much! Really does create a shift in attitude when mind and body are connected.

  4. Thank you Adriene,

    really energising, despite being a little bit challenging for me as I haven't done any yoga for a few days. Great for boosting a positive mindset. Lucy

  5. I found you by way of my granddaughter, and am so grateful she pointed me to you. It has been a long time since I've done any yoga, and I am finding great joy and an ease in yoga once again.

  6. Great exercise while in isolation and COVID positive, although vaccinated and boosted. I find your yoga videos really inspiring! Thank you!

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