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Yoga Stretch

This 20 min practice is great for the body but AWESOME for your mental health and wealth too. Awaken the spine, stretch your muscles, gain body awareness.

Working with conscious breath, this sequence is excellent for post workout or for those feeling sore a little anxious. This is a mindful and yummy yoga practice that everyone can try!

Use the video in tandem with Yoga Tone to get fit for the summer.

7 comments on “Yoga Stretch”

  1. Hi! I am on day 15 of your 30 days of Yoga series. This is my first time ever doing yoga and I am really loving it! I was wondering after completing these videos what I should move to next? Help!

  2. Thank you for helping me start out my day so wonderfully! I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. Just starting my yoga journey, and I find your videos a great source of inspiration, challenge, and exploration. Looking forward to doing them all! Namaste.

  3. I just did "yoga for anxiety and stress" and from the depths of my heart "gracias, gracias, gracias". From the other side of the ocean: Namaste

  4. Thank you for sharing your talents as a yoga instructor. I am new to the practice and am so grateful for your videos! Namaste

  5. Ahhhhh........ Perfect start to the day.
    I have just started a new life, in a new country, where I don't speak the language and don't know too many people. Your videos are my little anchor to normalcy, especially the confidence and anxiety ones.
    Today I just needed to revive a little - thank you, you provided that perfectly.

  6. I keep returning to you amazing yoga sessions, in particular Yoga Stretch . What a beautiful routine to wake up to each morning . Thank you so much Adrienne Namaste

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