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Yoga For Runners - Cool Down

A Post Run (Jog or Walk) Yoga Practice with Adriene to stretch it out and cool it down! This practice is an all level sequence that is good for keeping the muscles and joints happy and healthy. Use the tools of Yoga to compliment your running practice. Check in with your breath, stretch and strengthen the muscles and avoid unnecessary tightness, soreness and joint pain.

Create a full body experience, build awareness and FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD.

And don't miss our Yoga For Runners - Warm Up Sequence to get your run started off right.

Watch on YouTube: Yoga For Runners - Cool Down Sequence

18 comments on “Yoga For Runners - Cool Down”

  1. Hi Adriene. Could you do a short yoga routine for when one is at the office? Most probably we could do it during lunch breaks? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Another wonderful video! Doing it really forces me to stretch out properly and my muscles thank me the next day. Thanks Adriene, your videos are great and you are very motivating!

  3. Thanks Adriene, really just getting in to yoga, love your style! It's keeping me going. Did your pre and post run yoga work outs today and really enjoyed them.

  4. hi adriene, this video felt great even though i did not run today- plantar fasciitis has me sidelined from running for now and if it weren't for finding your videos i think i might be completely insane from my inability to run. so, thank you for getting me into yoga and keeping me (relatively) sane!

    i wonder if, someday in all your spare time-ha!- you could do a little "yoga for your feet' video? i modify most of the poses in your videos so i am never really pointing my toes because pointing really aggravates the PF....i love forward fold, downward dog, runners lunge, etc....poses that stretch my feet and calves especially. but if there were a video specifically for the little tootsies, i would add it to my yoga every day! anyway, just a little thought. thank you again for your beautiful generosity with your yoga practice. xo, cathy

  5. Hi Adrienne. I found your website (YAY!) when I hurt my foot and couldn't run for far too long. I found out I love yoga (something they I had tried before and thought wasn't aggressive enough). Your videos have a perfect balance of challenge, peace and fun! I'm running again and feel great after your cool down!

  6. Hey! Thanks a million for being such a great yoga Instructor/Teacher ๐Ÿ™‚ After like forever of being desperately unfit, I randomly decided to start running and working out. Just wanted to say, your videos are my go-to warm ups and cool downs :3 (It's really, really made a HUGE difference in my daily routine. ) ly xxox

  7. I started off with your Energizing Morning Sequence (when I was able to wake up at 5:30 haha) and now just browse through the website almost every day to find something that makes me feel good. I love that I find something for every mood and just want to thank you for being such a loving, positive person!

    Love from Austria!

  8. Good run, great post run stretch. I often do a quick stretch of just legs after a run, it's nice and really important to get a good full body stretch after.

  9. Thanks so much Adriene! Love you videos! They keep me interested in doing yoga! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Merry Christmas! & Happy Holidays!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Adriene, I've been doing this cool down sequence for marathon training, and I feel great after I've finished my runs with yoga! I also occasionally add in your hip openers/hamstrings videos in addition to the 30 days of yoga series. Is there any other good poses for cooling down? Maybe a Cool Down Sequence #2 video, with references from other broadway hits?! Thanks for everything!

  11. I appreciate the Yoga for Runners.. I'm beginning to build my habit of runnning and didn't want to leave my love for yoga behind.. now I feel comfortable in using them together.... plus my body needs the extra love and attention.

    Thanks Adrienne!

    Maura from Missouri

  12. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your great videos, which I do regularly. I always do your yoga runners cool down after a run and I've never had any soreness or aches. You are a wonderful inspiration and support for my practice at home.

  13. Thanks for another great video, Adriene! I had been ignoring the importance of a proper warm up and cool down after running, and it has led to injuries in the past. I really appreciate the length of the videos, as they are not too overwhelming to get done for someone with a busy schedule. I'm going to try your 30 day challenge next!

    Kristin, a fellow Texan in Dallas ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Excellent videos, one and all. I've been distance running for decades and - until relatively recently - haven't bothered to stretch. Now I'm suffering the consequences. So, in a flash of belated insight, I've started doing your "Yoga for Runners" sequences. Very useful and very much appreciated, indeed! Thanks for posting them!!

  15. Hi Adriene - I'm amazed that since doing your cool down stretches I have found my knees and hips seem to be coping much better with running. I used to be only able to run once a week and then would hobble around with sore knees for a few days. Thanks so much! Could you do another running cool down video as I'm getting very familiar with this one and the 7 minute one? Thank you!

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