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Yoga For Your Lunch Break

Lunch Break Yoga! No excuses! You can take this all levels feel good yoga practice with you anywhere! This sequence is a full breath and a full body stretch. It is a great yoga practice to slow down, decompress, increase productivity and improve focus. It allows you to open up, reduce stress in both mind & body, and invites you to find what feels good! We focus on the neck, shoulders, chest, hamstrings and hips!

Give thanks for the day! This yoga break can be practiced on the go - perfect for your lunch hour or while the babes are sleeping. You can watch it from your phone or go ahead and light a candle for this 20 min self love practice! Make time for yourself. FEED your soul... so you can give back and serve others. Enjoy your yoga break!

Also here's a bonus lunchtime recipe from my Kin Cooking Collaboration!

22 comments on “Yoga For Your Lunch Break”

  1. Adriene:

    You are a amazing individual, living free and so beautiful. I appreciate all you stand for. Thanks for starting me off with the yoga experience, as well as all the extras you share. I enjoyed your lunch lesson, it looks great. I have my notes and can not wait to try it.


    Jeff Griffiths

  2. Hi thanks for the video i dont know if you are reading this or not but please make video for morning energy i mean 10 min when you dont have lots of time and more beginners please please we need it

    Namaste x

  3. I just want to express my appreciation for what you're doing Ms. Adrienne. I have been practicing with your youtube videos for a month and it has been some well spent me time.

  4. Many many thanks for this video.... it is so hard to slow down... but you are so right ... much needed this little time to put my self together ...

    sending love to all this beautiful community xoxoxo

  5. Just did this video after work, I'm 6 month pregnant and the 30 days of yoga are getting harddeeer (but so good I can't stop) so I find this video reinvigorating and cool.

    Thanx Adriene

    Nathalie from Paris

  6. You caused a huge smile on my face when I saw something new posted. You hooked me with 30 days and I'm working through all the rest. Thanks for additional motivation!

  7. Awesome lunch break yoga sequence, and I can't wait to try your tartine idea. Thanks, Adriene!

  8. How about before breakfast yoga! It was great when I was tight in the morning. Missed starting my day after the 30 day challenge with YWA so this was a very welcomed return to you yoga with you. The others that I do just miss on that sense of community that you bring.

    Lunch looks good but I need breakfast now.

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  10. Thank you so much for everything you do and keeping me on my yoga journey, bless you and all your other followers.


  11. do you sell videos/ lots of times my computer will stop in the middle of the session whether it is on your web site or you tube

  12. Adriene,

    I just finished 30 days of Yoga and I am so sad it is over. I LOVED having you guide me through this process and I don't want it to end. I would love to know what you recommend next. I look forward to any and all suggestions and thank you again for making this process painless, fun and most importantly fulfilling both physically and emotionally.

    Thank you again for being a GREAT Yogi and becoming a part of my daily routine.


  13. Hi Adriene

    Thank you so much for your yoga experiences!! i am a person who's last few months have been rather stressful, i suffer from a mild anxiety and had sickness after sickness- i just could not get better.
    For the last two months i have been 'doing yoga with you' and i feel amaze! i find the moments you allow us to take so helpful and calming and i'm so thankful! its really helped with the stress, and i'm feeling ten times healthier!
    your an amazing person! everyday i watch your videos it just brightens my day 🙂

    Kind Regards

    Rose Thornhill - all the way from Sunny South Africa 🙂

  14. Hi Adriene, I am currently in yoga withdrawal. Last week I unfortunately dislocated my shoulder while doing yoga.(old sports injury that I guess needed some more time to heal before doing some advance stuff) I wanted to know if you have any yoga videos for the lower body or any yoga videos without putting weight on your arms or not raising your arms past the shoulders. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you!

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  19. Love your videos and yoga style:) Thank you <3 Wondering what else you do, if anything, to stay in shape?

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