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Yoga For Weight Loss - 40 Minute Fat Burning Workout

Reunited and it feels so good!

Or does it?

Even for those "in shape" this fat burning workout is designed to reunite you with not just your abs - but your deeper core - and light that fire in your belly. So, be kind to yourself. We are building some serious strength here, from the inside out. With integrity! So it will seem a little hard at first. But don't give up! Even if you only do a little bit at a time, learn it like a vocabulary. This way you can slowly build your vocabulary and eventually have the ability to have an awesome conversation with your core strength. (You like how I did that there?)

Build your vocab and eventually you will know an awesome sequence that creates vitality in your core.  If you do this I guarantee you discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed. Not to mention a happy healthy back and better working pipes!

Remember it is about the practice. Give it a try. Practice.

Good luck and love aways!

77 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss - 40 Minute Fat Burning Workout”

  1. Just found you thru Hilah ! So happy, can you just move to Portland now 🙂 Kidding!
    I will be following your web site now and I guess I should check youtube to see if your on there.

    1. Hi Juniper! You found me! I was just talking about getting my butt up to Portland- seriously! Maybe in the fall?
      Yes, find me on you you tube and keep in touch! <3

  2. Hi there!!!! I just wanted to thank you for this video! i found it a couple of weeks ago and I've done it twice now (alternate with cardio workouts during the week) and it's really improved my appreciation for yoga and motivated me because I wasn't very confident doing yoga thanks! can't wait for you to post more weigh loss yoga videos! 🙂 Have a nice day. x

    1. Thank you sweet Musta! How is it going alternating cardio with the yoga? How ya feeling? Just checking in <3 Also, we just put up a new Yoga for weight loss per your comment! Its a full hour long! Hope you are well, A

  3. I see your video at youtube and trying to do it now. I gave birth last month and i want to loose weight now. Hope i can do it. Its my 1st time to do yoga. Just gonna ask if what is the best yoga for a beginner like me.

    1. Hi Michelle, How are you doing? How was the practice? It's a long one so if you only did a little bit - consider that AWESOME! For beginners I always suggest to take it slow. Sometimes the hardest thing is to slow down. We are so used to moving fast and in addition to that we think we must be moving fast to transform the body. Hope you are still playing on the mat and congrats on your little one!!!! Try some Mommy and Baby Yoga too!

    2. Im new to these videos. I do love yoga. Interested in toning and losing weight. Which videos would help me with that goal?

  4. Hi Adriane,
    I did this last night, and now my lower belly is a little sore...haha!..i take that as a good sign..that its I want to do this exercise it okay to do this routine everyday?

    1. Hey there! It is okay to do it every day but honestly I recommend trying every other day so that the body can explore other things as well! But that is just me! Be your own guru! I like to interchange and also walk and run and swim when I can but if it feels great to do this every day - then yes, it is okay! Rock it!!!

  5. Adriene,

    You have taken a wonderful yoga sequence, united with your charm and brightness, to create a superb video. It's refreshing to hear you encourage organic transitions and movements for each individual to get in touch with their own bodies. We look forward to more videos to come.

    1. Wheee! Thank you for such a thoughtful response. I appreciate the feedback always and love that we are recognizing the empowerment that can come from organic movement and loving our bodies just the way they are!! More and more videos to come. Hope to travel soon. Namaste.

  6. Adriene,
    Thank you. I love your routines and I love the humor and lightness you bring to the practice. I'm excited to incorporate your videos into my weekly routine!

  7. First off, you are amazing!
    I absolutely love your videos, they have been keeping me wanting to move further in my spiritual practice in yoga. I kindly and deeply appreciate your lightness, you have a genuine love affair with life that shows through in each video. SO MUCH THANKS!
    Anyways, I've been doing this one and freedom flow almost religiously, and the simple outcome is that they have been day brighteners. I think you have created something very delicate and rejuvenating in Freedom Flow. I say this because as a girl who is obsessed with "le danse" in any way, any store, any form, I have found myself able to truly release, enjoy, express; a sensation and lasting high unlike any other yoga sequence.
    So, in conclusion, I am wondering if you would be so generous as to make another video for weight loss, or strength, or anything. Your pizazz for life should be shared more. I would love to be one of those ENDORSERS.


  8. Hey there Adriene,

    You are so lovely to watch and to listen to while I'm doing my yoga. I even laughed out a couple of times and had a very positive experience overall after doing the above sequence of poses. However I have a knot in my neck that developed after the exercise and I could feel myself straining my neck during the 'crunch' sort of poses... Could you help me out a little with my technique here?

    Love and light,

    1. Yes! I can help! Forget the "crunch" aspect of that entirely. We are conditioned to do that to target the abdominals but I am asking that we let that go here and go deeper into the intercostal muscles and also yes, provide relief to the neck. So- try bringing more attention to the space between the naval and the spine. Rooting down there and finding that extension through the crown of the head to the neck is nice and long- not curving into a crunch. Imagine a big piece of fruit between your chin and your chest to assist you in finding that length and avoiding that crunch. Lastly, you do not have to lift up so high. Seriously, just letting the head, neck and shoulders hover over the mat is perfect. You will feel that when we work in this way, with such integrity, we don't have to work in the neck or in the face or waste any energy. We can truly work from the inside out- so good for the abdominals, the posture and for back support!
      Let me know if this helps!

      1. Hiadrine I have just started yoga exercise incl kapalbhati to weight lost but I realized that my belly is swelling instead of decreasing plz advise. Farukh from Pakistan

  9. Adrienne, I love this 40 minute yoga for weight loss video...and have been doing it regularly (all the way over here in the UK) since this Summer. I have done it so many times that I almost know if off by heart. Any chance of another of similar length and difficulty so that I can alternate?

  10. Sweet Adrienne, I have sent ur link to many of my couch potato friends...just a question though. When u do the high lunge, what's the position of the foot at the back, is it on tippy toes, slanted or foot planted on the mat. Many thanks.

  11. The first time I tried this video (November) it nearly killed me! My neck and my wrists were so sore and I bookmarked it under "hard yoga" and "owwww!" But I've been back a couple of times to do it since then and each time it's definitely easier, just as I hoped it would be.

    Thanks so much for providing such a challenge. I've dreaded doing it every time as I've always found core work a challenge but I'm actually starting to enjoy it now that I'm finally getting better at it. It's a great feeling. 🙂

  12. Hi Adriene!

    For the new year, I thought, I could start with yoga because I am not a very active person at all, in fact I can be a real couch potato! Also I want to lose weight since I have gained 4 kilos(!) during the last few months.

    So if I keep on doing these weightloss-videos every other day, I can expect to lose weight? Do I have to do other physical activities besides yoga to see results?

    Yoga seems to be a very calm form of physical activity after all, so I was not sure ^^

    Of course I would pair it with a healthy balanced diet! I have already started!

    I like your videos and it is so kind from you to help people living a happier life 🙂

    Greetz from Vienna!

  13. This is amazing! Thank you for your generosity in sharing these amazing, inspiring, videos and making the practice so approachable.
    I have done this video several times and each time I feel more 'burn' in my thighs than my belly. Am I doing something wrong or will this change as I become stronger and more flexible?
    Thanks again!

  14. Hello again Adriene!
    It is a very nice sequence! Inspiring! I liked it a lot. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    Much Love!

  15. Oh, my goodness! I have been doing what I thought was yoga (kidding) for 15 years. I always finish feeling long and lean and fluid (which is wonderful and keeps me coming back). I have never had the kind of workout I get from you video's! Sweating, shaking, laughing with you and at myself!
    You are an absolute DELIGHT! I am thrilled to have found you Adriene!
    Thank you so much!

  16. Adriene, I have no idea how I found your yoga video, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a great time doing yoga with you. I am new to this, and you really made it seem easy. Thanks!
    Also, are you originally from Minnesota or Wisconsin? Your "O"s - they are so long. I'm just teasing. I am originally from Illinois and have a bad Chicago accent.

  17. Just beginning my yoga journey and found your youtube channel - your "shield yourself from the hell" comment in this video is HYSTERICAL! I have been laughing for days! thank you for being awesome! x

  18. Hi! I love your videos and I always find myself laughing and smiling during your routines which just keep me going through them! I was just wondering you would consider this aerobic, or if you could post some aerobic yoga routines? Thanks!!

  19. Hi there,

    I am from Amsterdam, Holland and I am really enjoying your videos, as is my 9 year old daughter:) I feel that a lot of the available videos take things too quick and go through the poses more in a 'fitness' (you need to change your body!) way, rather than a yoga ('feel good in your body') way. My daughter thinks you are so funny and nice and said 'she's so unembarassed', which I think is a great compliment.
    I am struggling with this video however, I have done aeerobics before but I am relatively new to yoga and have not worked out for a long time. I would like to lose some weight and gain some core strength but for the 'over the hurdle' poses and the plank to downward dog sections, my core is definitely lacking some strength. I collapse in the middle of the exercise, is what happens. Can you maybe give me some pointers on which videos I could try to work up my core strength so that I can do this video in the end?

    Keep posting videos, they are awesome!

  20. Hi Adriene! I started practicing yoga at home a few months ago and I´m still searching for new teachers, videos, routines and also reading about it, so I can get as much knowledge as possible. I already feel stronger, more flexible and my level of anxiety (which sometimes can be a little intense ahaha) is now lower and lower. Even though I was familiar with working out and I am a Pilates lover and I am in good shape, I feel a difference in my body after a couple of weeks, and I believe it comes from the inside this time. I found your videos last week and I loved the way you "teach", always with a smile 🙂 Thank you so much, I really enjoy them!
    Well, I hope you have a super nice week.
    Love from Argentina *

  21. This is the first video of yours that I've tried and I loved it! You are completely charming and I smiled a lot during the practice :)Thank you so much for sharing. I will be trying a lot more of your videos, I am definitely a new fan!

  22. Love your approach to yoga and life Adrieene. Feels so good. My love to you re Blue - we lost our Harvey dog last year . Hope they"re frolicking and running somewhere beautiful together! Lisa x

  23. Hi Adriene, i am so in love with these weight loss yoga videos they are by far the best i have come across. You are so funny and make 40 minutes fly by ! I really enjoy doing these videos and they are now part of my weight loss plan throughout the week, i am definitely a fan ! xx

  24. Thanks from Paris, Adriene ! I'm used to go to Yoga classes in Paris every week, and sind I'm on holiday I searched on the web with no much hope to find a great alternative to real teachers… And I found your website. I love your energy, your humour, your philosophy and the way you make the level increase during a session in a way it doesn't seems to. "L'air de rien" ! I'm very very lucky to have your videos and tips and plan to go further with the work with you from some kind of long distance teaching relation. I wanted you to know you're worldwide watched and appreciated 😉

  25. Hi there,
    I just found out about you through a friend and decided to give this a shot. I have never done yoga so I didn't expect to be able to do it all but I did what I could. I was just wondering what you suggest for a beginner, should I do one video until I can accomplish it more successfully or continue to move on in the series of videos and improve as I go? Or should I start on a different video? Thank you!! It was a great first yoga experience for me!

  26. Hi Adrienne!!! My name is Veronica I'm a 24 year old from Puerto Rico and for the last 3 weeks I have been alternating between your yoga for weight loss series and I must say I love it!!! I have already lost some weight and feel my body is becoming toned day after day. I'm a law student so I am constantly stressed out but everyday I do one of your videos and I come back to my sane place for an hour. It has helped me also because when I sit back down to study I am visibly more focused. Thank you for posting these wonderful videos, still struggling with downward dog because my wrists are a little sore and the nose to knee part is extremely hard on me, but day by day I am hoping to conquer it. Thank you for the peace these videos have brought back to me!!!

  27. Oh my God, that wasn't easy! But despite all sweating and shaking somehow the postures seemed to come out better and better to the end.
    Love you, Adriene! Thanks!!!

  28. I've recently discovered Yoga, most thanks to you. But i dont know what i should be doing, the main reason i'm doing it is for weight loss but i dont know if i should start with something more basic. My physical level is "2 kids, gain 60 lbs" so not advanced... at all... any advice?

  29. Hey Adrienne my names ash and I'm 14 livin in Australia (some background imformation for ya)
    thanks so much
    I found you on youtube and you've recently gotten me into yoga
    Your actually so funny

  30. Awesome video! I like that you have a laugh whilst still working hard....not all super serious yoga person. Thanks Adrienne!

  31. I love your videos! Ive been doing them off and on for the past three months and the thirty day yoga sequence is really motivating me to do yoga everyday! Thank you Adriene!

  32. I just found all of your videos on YouTube and I've really fell in love with this practice. I was wondering if there was a good order to do the "yoga for weight loss videos" or just do them as I see fit? Thank you so much for making yoga so accessible to me.

  33. Just wondering if anyone has used this series to actual weight loss and not just maintenance? I'd love to hear about results!!!
    Working on the 30 Day challenge right now, and am a complete beginner and am thinking this is the next series I will do once I get to day 31.

    Thanks, all...

  34. An impressive share! I've just forwarded this onto a colleague
    who was conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me breakfast because I found it for him...
    lol. So let me reword this.... Thank YOU for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this issue here
    on your web site.

  35. Adriene,

    I can't thank you enough for making these amazing videos! I just loved your 30 day program. I am really struggling with regaining control of my body after having two babies and I really want to dive into your yoga for weight loss series. Is there a specific order or plan that the videos follow? Thanks for all you do!

  36. What's Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively
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    Great job.

  37. Hi is it possible to also purchase these videos for download? I'm going away without internet and want to make sure I can practice your yoga videos while I'm offline!

    Namaste 🙂


  38. Hi,
    the video for Yoga For Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout is not available. When clicking on the video I get a message "Sorry this video does not exist". Is it possible to publish it again? I love all of your videos and like to do all of them over and over again.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  39. Hi :')
    I'm 17 years old and have been doing this sequence daily for over 7 months now
    I've lost a lot of weight but was wondering how much calories does this sequence actually burn. I'm 41 kilos
    I would also like to ask how often should I take a day off from this

    Thankyou and love you :")

  40. Wow, this was really great! Your little jokes make it a lot easier to keep going. Simba abd the Circle of Life really made my day haha. Thanks for the great sequence!

  41. Hi, I’m 25 years old & my weight is 93 kg & height is 6 feet 0 inches. I just want to reduce stomach fat. Please help me what to do. I’ve tried all exercise. Should I follow the diet plan?

  42. Hi, I’m 25 years old & my weight is 93 kg & height is 6 feet 0 inches. I just want to reduce stomach fat. Please help me what to do. I’ve tried all exercise. Should I follow the diet plan?

  43. Hi Adriene! First of all thank you so much for putting these videos out there for us, and for being so patient and explaining and keeping us motivated with the videos. I am not sure if you see these comments, but if you can please help me as a beginner of yoga what would be the best schedule of weight loss videos to lose weight and tone up. Or may I do this video everyday? Thank you so much for your time and thank you so much for everything.

  44. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto a friend who has been doing a little research on this.
    And he in fact ordered me dinner due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him...
    lol. So allow me to reword this.... Thank
    YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to
    talk about this matter here on your web site.

      1. Great Videos! I'm just wondering if there is a sequence for the videos or we choose them randomly? Thank you!

          1. You can choose to follow them as feels right in your body, Aya. Be sure to give your body days to restore as well on your journey. 🙂

  45. Hey Adriene! Can you suggest a routine for weight loss. As in which of your classes to do for how many days?

  46. Hi Adriene

    First of all I wanted to say a big thank you. I absolutely love your videos! Iv been watching all the way from Australia for the last year. You have helped me lose weight and gain so much confidence.

    This fat burn video is my favourite! I do the video at least once a week.. would love if you could record another yoga for weight loss targeting fat burn to mix it up a bit!

    Really looking forward to what the new year holds for Yoga with Adriene.

    Thanks again!!!


  47. Hey Adriene! I love this video but I just wanted to ask, I am keeping my neck nice & long whilst doing the bicycle twists but keeping it up for so long really aches. I know that must be normal to some degree but will it get easier the more I practice? or is my positioning off? Thank you so much for your help <3

    1. Hi Clara, if your neck burns the entire time then you are probably straining from your neck instead of the movement coming from your core. In this case, focus on engaging the core more and letting the core drive the movement. If your neck grows tired and begins to ache partway through the bicycle twists, then it is likely strain from the extended time lifted and it should become less with practice. In this case, when you feel the straining starting, put your head down, relax your neck muscles, reset, then lift it again and continue with the bicycle twists.

  48. Hi! I honestly never thought I would get into yoga but these videos have been life-changing and a really great way for me to mindfully work to stay in shape while exploring an area of fitness/mind-body-soul uniting I had never considered trying. My goal is to practice all of your videos and keep learnings -- thank you so much for the awesome content!

  49. Thank you Adriene for sharing your knowledge, experience and lessons.

    I am a yogini that is currently (and briefly) isolated in Santiago, Chile. Your leadership and encouragement over YouTube has been a lifeline during this confinement imposed by the Chilean health authorities.

    Sunlight filtering thru the beautiful green leaves out the open window and birds visiting also helps this solo Alaskan traveler.

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