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Yoga For Weight Loss - Hips & Hammies

Yoga for Weight Loss - and HAPPINESS! Transformation is not about becoming something you are not. It is about coming back to your true self. That is the beauty of Yoga and integrating the principles of yoga into your work out.

All yoga is yoga for weight loss - in a way - because it's all about awareness and loving yourself. This yoga practice gets FIERY with a focus on opening in the hips, stretching the hamstrings, a core connect... and some neck and shoulder love.

This was a big request from the kula (community) so we are back after a month long break with a nice full sequence to connect your mind your soul and to work that body! Be mindful, move with your breath and enjoy!

27 comments on “Yoga For Weight Loss - Hips & Hammies”

  1. Your voice is as beautiful as ever. I am so happy with the progress I've made in opening my hips,due
    to following your guidance. It makes me feel strong and alive in my body. So thankful for what you do!!

  2. Dear Adriene,
    I just found your YouTube channel a couple weeks ago. I was feeling sore after using some weights at the gym, and your video "Yoga for When You're Sore" got me hooked! I've been trying out videos on your channel every day! I love your "everyone can do this" approach and your reminders to " find what feels good." It takes away the all the pressure and makes me feel great about the level that I'm at! 🙂

    You have a wonderful disposition and a very warm, calming presence. It feels like I'm learning yoga from a friend. Thanks again for all that you've shared. Can't wait to learn more!


    P.S. I'm so glad to see that your surgery went well. I'm a music teacher myself and I know how annoying/scary it can be when you lose your voice (and your job depends on it)! I always reach for chamomile or mint tea and enjoy with a little honey when my voice needs it. Again, so glad you're doing well. Take care! 🙂

  3. I just love your videos they keep me inspired to keep moving forward with my goals. I could still remember the days when I used to be so overweight and how depressed I was with my life. Today I stand proud after losing over 65 pounds which you can read about here on my blog I love my life now and the amount of energy that I have thank you for everything.

  4. Hi Adriene,

    I found you page last week when I was researching how to do crow´s pose. I´m relatively new to yoga, but I really enjoy your videos. It is great that you always say what you can do as a beginner or to make the practice more challenging. And your happy attitude is really nice, it makes me feel happy too!

    This particular session is great, but it could have been longer. Maybe you could mention in the end which oneof your videos would be good if someone wants to continue to do a longer practice!

    All the best from Berlin, Germany!

  5. Hello Adriene,
    thanks for all your great videos and I greatly enjoyed your June playlist. I've taken yoga to another level with you and need my yoga fix every day now!
    I would like to put in a request for a cooling practise for Summer, when it feels too hot for anything, a cooling routine would feel great!
    Best wishes to you and I hope you are fully recovered after your surgery. Have a great Summer,

  6. Each video and practice you release is amazing! I really prefer doing yoga at home and seriously look forward to each new video you put out. Each one somehow is exactly what I need at that moment! Ever since I found your site yoga has become my life!!!! I love the way you walk through each pose and have appreciated these "classes" more than any public class I've taken.

  7. Love you Adriene, you always have what I need to move up the ladder.Its magical how your videos fall at the right time always, I really wish we can meet some day! This has been added to my wishlist which is a long one but I know i'll make it! Thank you love you!

  8. This is for my sister Stephanie. I would like her to learn balance strength, and love for herself.

  9. Hi Adriene Thank you so much for this video I am new to yoga and discovered your 30 days of yoga a few months ago. I completed that once and am doing it again. I ride my bike to and from work every day and have found that yoga breathing has helped with the hills too. I am stronger already. You are amazing can't go to bed at night without my yoga fix. helps me sleep. Glad to hear the surgery went well and your voice is back. I hope you enjoy your summer. Cheers Joan

  10. Thank you for all your amazing and fun videos! I love them and your wonderful spirit that goes with them!

  11. Hi Adriene,
    As an overweight woman with ME I find most forms of exercise too intense but I have fallen in love with your videos.
    Many times now I've had a headache, restless legs, insomnia or just been so pissed off and stressed out with myself that I've got myself stressed but now I just head over to you tube and you seem to have practice for all my needs!
    I'm forever raving to my friends about how good I feel now I have you and yoga in my life.
    I am very great full for your dedication to yoga and all that it has done for me, I just wish I found you sooner!
    Keep up the awesome work!!

  12. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have practised different aerobics in more than 30 years (i am 65) but with your help yoga has come into my life. Been practising with you a couple of months now. A lifechanging experience! Really! My aching back is nearly gone, I feel strong and your yoga and lovely person leaves me in such a good mood every day.
    You have rescued me from a life with pain and no movement. I can't thank you enough!

  13. Howdy Adriene,

    I am commenting to you from Alberta, Canada. 🙂

    If ever you are at a loss for an idea for a video, could I please throw out there..."Lower Legs".
    I have annoying calf muscles and shins that delight in causing me grief.

    Thank you for your time and your videos...they have helped me a ton!


  14. Adrienne. You are simply wonderful. Your authenticity and style is refreshing and I find myself energised from the minute I press play!
    Thank you.
    I'm so glad you found what makes you feel good so that we can all benefit and do the same.

  15. Hello Adreine,
    My names is Thomas Nguyen,i had a local Television station based in Westminster, CA serving the Vietnamese community.
    I saw that you have a Yoga video posted on youtube.
    I would like to ask you permission to use the Yoga video footage to broadcasting on my TV channel.
    please contact me thru my email, if you would like to share your video with different viewers.


    Thomas Nguyen

  16. I have sacroiliitis, and this is a GREAT practice for when I'm feeling especially sore and tight. So glad I found YWA!

  17. Hey, i need to ask you a question. I'm pretty confused. If i do the hips & hammies + arms & abs workout for weightloss and keep a check on what i eat, how long do you think it would take to start seeing the results (even if they are minimal)?

    PS you're the best and i love your energy and workouts! ❤️

  18. Hi adriene, I love your videos and always recommend them! I love to be able to do yoga when I want to!

    Just a little comment, in your yoga for weight loss series, the hips and hankies video starts in a strange place, it's as if it has already started. I hope this can be fixed and sorry if it's a problem with my divice. All the best Natalie x

  19. I am in love with your videos, Adriene! In fact, I might be downright addicted. Would much rather work out on my mat at home than at my classes, and I can always find something that targets just what I need.

    I'm on a cancer medication that makes my muscles and joints so very sore, and I need yoga just to be able to walk. Thank you for this gift, Adriene! You are a blessing in my life! When I am limping, my kids ask me if I need some time with Adriene LOL!

    I get so excited every time I see new videos, but I fear I'll never get through them because I keep going back to my favorites!

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