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Yoga for Teens

Yoga For Teens! This is a great one to share with the teens in your life! It is also an awesome practice that is actually beneficial to non-teens too!

This 20-minute practice will light a fire in your core!

Roll out your mat today and wake up third chakra energy for confidence, strengthen the back for a healthy spine, and recognize the beauty within!

Practice self love and taking care of yourself! It gets easier with practice.

Let me know how it goes down below!

And let's make self love cool again!

40 comments on “Yoga for Teens”

  1. Hi Adriene,

    Will you be making any Face Yoga videos. It’s sounds like loads of fun and would be interesting to try.

    1. I really love this channel! She brings her fun personality to her yoga videos! I will recommend this to my best friend! 🙂

  2. Adriane just wanted to thank you for these wonderful Sunday yoga classes. I started doing yoga with you over a year ago and thanks to your passion and love for yoga, I am now proud to say I have added yoga to my regular excerise routine...

  3. Loved the time on the mat this morning
    Doing the practice in a teen “state of mind”

  4. Hi Adrienne
    I have been using your app for a long time now. I love it. Could you make some more advanced videos??
    And some yoga with kids videos. My kids are really getting into yoga and I would love to practice with them.

  5. Yay! Always looking for more videos to do with my students in class!!!

    I love yoga for the classroom, too!

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Adriene,
    I just signed up for Commune. I’m a bit lost here though. Do I need to travel to another state for this, or stay home on my mat? Also, in your store, could you please expand the sizes on your sweatshirts?

    Ps. You’re the best teacher I have had!

    1. Laura, the Yoga for All course that will be hosted by our neighbor, Commune, Sept. 10-23 will come to you each day in a daily email. So as long as you are signed up, you will receive the daily video in an email during the timeframe that the course runs.

  7. I remember my teens time, YOU LOAD WONDERFUL CLASSES, great time, NAMASTE 😉
    Yo recordé mi adolescencia, , tu subes maravillosas clases, tiempo maravilloso, NAMASTE 😉

  8. Wahoo! Just did this practice during a thunderstorm, and it was one of the most relaxing and empowering experiences I've is so special that way.

    Many thanks, and Namaste!

  9. Hi Ms A and sweet community. Lots of love from Cassie and family here in Burbank, Ca
    Of course I will try out this practice. Love ya!! Congrats on the new yoga fo everyone platform.❤️

  10. Hi Adriene, found you on youtube and now my days start with your yoga practice. I've found What Feels Good! Thank you for inspiring me. Ron - Port Macquarie, Australia.

  11. How about a practice for people who ride horses? Horses are so sensitive. They feel everything that's going on in their rider's body, so naturally they sense the subtlest changes in our energy.

  12. Hello Adrienne,
    I have been practicing Yoga with you fur a year or so now following TRUE. I am a 61 years young woman who has always tried to stay healthy and somewhat fit, but since doing getting in the bat with you, people continually tell he how great I look! I say...” must be the yoga” and refer them to you!!! Keep doing what you are doing d I will keep doing what you are doing!!! Thanks so much for all your love and dedication to yoga practice and sharing with others!

  13. Hi Adrienne

    This is not related to this video, but I would like to know if you have any videos to repair or strengthen a recti diastasis (tear of abdominal wall in pregnancy).

    Thank you

  14. Love this! Working at a desk as a full-time grad student means my stomach and back muscles need to be reminded to engage - this workout helps with that! Thank you.

  15. Just did the teen yoga. I am a school social worker at a middle school (6-8 the grade). Last year, I offered a yoga class for a few months to middle schoolers. I tend to make up the practice as I go and try best to engage them. They are a chatty group, and I had to accept that our classes are not going to look the same as classes I would be in. At this age group, it is about having fun for themselves and with their friends while teaching them about the benefits of yoga, how to move into the positions and hopefully, influence their love for yoga now and In their future. Thanks for this video!

  16. Adriene,

    Thank you so much for all of your inspiration, kindness and wealth of knowledge. The video was always 🙂 If it's possible, please could you make a video of how to do a handstand, Adhomukha-vrkshasana. Thank you, we love you are our shining light 🙂


    Bryony 🙂

  17. Hi Adriene!
    I adore your yoga videos and have been following them for a few years now. However, I have been a little disappointed lately because the videos have all been... well, so easy they've gotten boring. Is it possible to post a few more free sessions that are not at the very basic beginner's level?

  18. Thank you Adriene! I am a thirteen year old girl and this yoga keeps me super calm and happy! Me and my mom try to take time out of our busy lives to do your yoga! I love seeing you continue to post these videos, I need them so much in my life! I play sports and am busy and not very flexible, so your ideas do wonders on my body! I like to do them outdoors to center my attention at the yoga (since the outdoors are calming and nature filled). It also helps with the mentality of school and stress. Once again thanks, and keep up the good work!

  19. Will there be a regular September calendar. I have been completing as my new year resolution and love them!

  20. I would love to see a series for people with injuries. I had a partial knee replacement and there are many positions that I just can't do.

  21. This is my favorite yoga video of yours! I do it almost everyday and it always leaves me feeling strong and refreshed!

  22. I think Adriene is great thank you so much, everytime i do one i feel refreshed afterwards

  23. This is amazing I’ve never felt so relaxed . All of my muscles have unhinged and I feel as if I am more comfortable in my own body thank you soo much .

  24. I love these yoga videos. They are relaxing and a good workout at the same time. I love these videos! Thanks for doing awesome Adrienne!

  25. This yoga video makes me feel like I am actually someone. I love this video and do it every morning. It leaves me feeling strong and confident. Thank you so much Adrian!

  26. I love this video! I am a teen and going through a stressful time! This yoga video helps to calm me down. Very thankful for this video! Do it every morning!

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