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Yoga For Stress Relief - 7 Minute Practice

This amazing 7 minute Yoga For Stress Relief is perfect for the holiday season and a wonderful way to release tension in the body. Let go of stagnant energy and refresh with Adriene's Hatha Yoga & Kundalini Yoga blend - in under 10 min. Use it when your schedule is tight or allow this practice to focus or re-focus your energy in a way that serves. Perhaps, pre run, walk or work-out? Do something nice for your mind and body to keep your spirits bright! Don’t forget, a little goes a long way!

Let me know how it goes down below!

12 comments on “Yoga For Stress Relief - 7 Minute Practice”

  1. I'm so glad life brought me to you. This past summer I was in back to back car accidents (about a month apart) where two separate texters smashed into the back of me while I was sitting at a red light (accident 1) and a stop sign (accident 2). I've received so much chiropractic care and active release technique, etc, but my flexibility in my front was 100% non-existent anymore. I lived with a turtle shell, as you call it. My hair dresser randomly told me I should try yoga to get some flexibility back and so I came home, youtubed "yoga" and found your videos. For the past month I've been stretching with you morning, noon, and before bed! And it's so refreshing I could cry. My muscles are loosening and they're no longer yanking on my skeletal system, pulling everything back out of alignment. My chiropractic adjustments are beginning to really stay in place. And I touched my toes for the first time literally ever about two weeks ago. So I just wanted to say that you were truly a gift. Thank you so much for having these videos that are gentle and great. I couldn't sit without pain when I watched your first video and now I'm pretty sure my hips are about as flexible as they've ever been haha Anyways, sorry for the long message. I just wanted to say thank you and seriously thank you. Thank you.

  2. Hi Adriene,

    I was wondering where you got your top from your latest stress relief 7 minute practice as well as the top you are wearing in the video where you promote your 31 days of yoga.

    Thank you so much.

  3. Adriene! The knocking on heavens door is hilarious and so relaxing all in one! Thanks for this super quick video - I'll definitely remember this one the next time my kids are driving me bonkers!

  4. This works! Period. I live rural with a long daily commute, hectic job. I've been very wary of Yoga unless I really could feel credibility and true understanding of my lower back issues from a Teacher, which would hopefully ease my commute pain and respect my age of 57. I needed a short video or something I could trust and get easy with at home. Of course, the dog closed the deal. Thank you so much for being accurate and real!

  5. I love your videos! You have covered a lot of different specialized yoga teachings, like yoga for stress relief or even yoga for a broken heart. I recently broke my foot and was thinking that there are likely a lot of people like me that feel crushed by a foot/ankle/leg injury because we believe we can't do the things we love. A routine, no matter how bref, that can be accomplished on one leg would be a massive boost both physically and emotionally and a great way to slowly work towards recovery.

  6. Ahhhh, just what was needed! Panic setting in over an assignment due (yep, New Years Day) I couldn't get the brain in gear..... Yoga helps! This is a lovely, helpful video! Thank you so much for sharing... And yes, it has been shared with my friends too!!!

  7. Perfect amount of silly! Loved it! I had no time excuse because it was short and sweet and it felt good!!! 🙂 Made me discover yoga with Adriene and I will be back for more!

  8. Tai chi is a safe, low-impact option for people of all ages and fitness levels, including older adults and those recovering from injuries. Like yoga, once you ve learned the basics of tai chi or qi gong, you can practice alone or with others, tailoring your sessions as you see fit.

  9. Adrienne,

    will you please tell us where you get some of your shirts like this? I appreciate how in your earlier videos you talk about how you don't want to but pushing brands or the yoga look just show up in comfy clothes! But I just love that style of shirt and need them in my daily life 🙂 I don't know what to call that style. but like a true tank top, not a womens tank top. Thank you so much for all the humor, goodness, and respect you put out into the world.

    much love,

    Aimee Lynn

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