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Yoga For Stress Management

Bridge the gap between mind and body. This 32-minute yoga practice session is great for those needing to find balance and calm. This practice is also GREAT for preventative care. Take care that you are not burning yourself out! Use this next 30 minutes to breathe, find your center and fill your cup.

Trust that this time is valuable.

48 comments on “Yoga For Stress Management”

  1. Dear Adriene,
    I love you're practice and it has helped me through a very difficult period, in the last few months. I wonder if you have a specific practice for loss/ bereavement that you could share?

  2. Adriene... just finished a flight from KCI to SYR... was curious if you’ve ever made videos for different times of our lives... like as we’re flying!... especially for those that have lots of transit time (i.e. while in a car, plane, train, boat, or even in a chair at the airport).

  3. This is a general comment rather than specific to this video but ‘Yoga with Adriene’ has really changed my life. It is the one thing that I can do every day - and helps me focus mentally as well as stretch me physically. I wish I had discovered it earlier in my life but in the spirit of YWA, I look forward and celebrate all the positive things I am discovering now and in the future. I tell all my friends to explore, particularly those who need some healing. Thank-you!

    1. I want to second that. Adriene your personality (goofiness, song references, kindness etc...) brings peace to my life. With you I have learned to raise to downward dog without pain. You have helped me through one of the most complex times of my life (and my life is a passionate intricate journey) These are the best words I can come up with but if you ever need someone. I want to be there for you to.

  4. You have such Wonderful energy Thanks for sharing that wonderful energy and providing a place a Home for all of us to share that wonderful energy. and i have been waiting 51 years for this video it's going to be my go to video Thanks to You and your producer Benji.

  5. Great.!!! England. Very hot. All week
    So yes Stressed. Out
    Or. Water. Bloated not quite sure
    Amazing. You hit it right on
    Keep to the light. Xx

  6. Dear Adriene

    This month is my birthday month, I will be 71. I started Yoga about 1 year and a half ago and can't think of my life without Yoga. It's been a blessing doing Yoga with you almost every day and my birthday resolution is to do Yoga with you EVERY day. Thank you for ALL those precious videos...they are truly a treasure in my life.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    1. We must have started at roughly the same time, Emerise, January 2017? That's when I began with the 31 day Yoga Revolution, and I feel the same as you --a daily blessing for which I am so grateful to Adriene!

  7. I really liked the written words of introduction here as they reminded me to connect with the flow of life. The most powerful part of the practice was to put my hand on my belly. Thank you.

  8. I have always liked your energy and flow. Sure it’s taken me about 3 years to get it but I can feel it. I’m more in tuned with my body and how to go with the flow when practicing yoga. I have epilepsy and MS so this helps a lot in every aspect. I use yoga techniques for everything especially the breathing it helps. You are the best teacher out there. I like the convenience of being able to take the yoga with me wherever I go. Thank you, thank you, thank you....

  9. You are AMAZING! A friend pointed me to your YouTube channel back in January! I have been working with my body and mind to include a yoga practice into my life. It took a while, but thanks to you and your beautiful yoga practice, I do yoga on a daily basis, while listening to my body! It is a wonderful world you are creating! I have done yoga and various fitness training in the past as I am a kinesiologist, no longer working in the field! But you help me lots in my life journey. I wish I could say thank you in person or more directly! But this will.have to do! Thank You Adrienne for helping me gain control of my life and enjoy my personal life journey and gaining more then I could expected! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Namaste

  10. Hi Adriene
    I would like to say BIG Thanks for you are here! I live in United Kingdom and do yoga at home with you on YouTube every day. I have a dream to meet you personal one day! You are such a good person Have a lovely day!


  11. Adriene, your videos and you vision are so pure! Thank you for sharing this with the world. I'm so grateful you guide daily with an amazing yoga session. Also your emails are always interesting to read. Keep up the good work!

  12. Yesterday was a big Nope for this kind and body but I was able to stay on the mat, letting your voice comfort and encourage me as I did cat, cow, extended baby, etc for the 25 minutes. Today was a godsend. Thank you Adriene for being here for me, with me in so many ways. Namaste

  13. I left my stresses behind to fertilize the ground. Seriously, this breath makes me feel so good! Thank you for sharing so much goodness❤️

  14. Superb, I feel amazing. I love you Adriene, You've changed my body, my mind and my life xx

  15. Adriene, Thank you for this space of peace. After the week's tumultuous news, it's wonderful to find another way to serenity. Lovely gift. Thank you.

  16. Just what I needed today! Thank you Adriene for sharing your gift with the world. You are AMAZING at guiding us in what feels good. I tell everyone about you. Wish I could have met you in person this month at 1440. You are on my bucket list!
    Big XOXO's
    Dina 🙂

  17. Adrienne, you have helped me more than you will ever know . I tell people about you and your wonderful yoga practice every chance I get!

  18. Dear Adrienne,
    Thanks for such a a great practice today! I've been doing yoga rather erratically for the past 3 months, but have committed to everday practice since today. 😉
    We're in the middle of winter here in Argentina and I was wondering if the July calendar would still be OK for me. Or should I look for your winter calendars?
    Thanks for the enlightment you bring to all of us.

  19. Thank you Adrienne...really needed this practice especially today and for next few days. This, along with a number of your yoga sessions, will definitely be my go to for yoga treat and relief. Thank you for sharing your energy and wisdom.

  20. Hi Adrienne. I have been watching your You tube videos for 18 months and love it. Unfortunately the last couple of months I seem to have overstretched my hamstrings and now have to avoid those stretch poses that would make it worse while I try to recover. I still want to do yoga but don't know which ones I can do that don't have those in them. Your thoughts would be appreciated. High hamstring tendinopathy or sit bones are the issue

  21. Thank you Adriene for helping me find my way back to the mat. I appreciate you - Namaste

  22. Adriene, you are a true friend to sooooo many. Including me. Maybe a mural of about four million faces would be good to remind you of all of us who adore and appreciate you so very much. Much love and thanks for your work. You changed my life.

  23. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you for reminding us that lots of stress is self induced. I have been saying "I approve of myself" a lot, reminding myself to love myself wholly. I am 6 months pregnant and feel very cellulite-y and heavy. But I love and approve of myself!

  24. Hi Adrienne, great practice. Please what practice would you recommend for lover back ache. i have been battling this for years.


  25. I’ve had a pretty stressful end of week at work. Now I am at Lake Michigan camping and doing yoga up on the deck looking at the lake. This video and that view, what a great stress reliever! Thank you!

  26. Wow - I feel like a pad of butter on the counter on a hot summer afternoon. Pour me on a waffle!!! LOL

    Thank yout!!!

  27. Wonderful! Yoga with Adriene has changed my life! I am amazed at how much emotion bubbles up when I practice with Adriene. You are such a blessing! Thank you!

  28. Hi Adriene! I love your videos, you've really changed my life sweet lady. 🙂

    I just wanted to share a quick thing about how we conceptualize stress because I think you'll be interested. I would have loved if the email had been about how to make stress your friend instead of stress being labeled an enemy. There's updated research on stress that is really important and groundbreaking: stress is only harmful to your health if you perceive it that way. Isn't that wild?! I was shocked. So, since that is the case, I've made an effort to help people in my life with re-framing how they think about stress. It could just save their life! Here's a Ted talk by the woman who did that research it's really amazing.

    Thanks for all you do, Adriene!


  29. Thank you for this practice today. My best friends husband suddenly passed away last week. Now today as things are supposed to return to normal life, it's gut wrenching. I hadn't been able to do a yoga routine since last Monday before things turned. I forced myself to do one this morning before returning to work. Saw this episode and knew it was right for today. And it was. It felt so cleansing. My shoulders are a little less heavy and the ball of stress in my gut feels more tolerable now. I would ask my friend to do it with me but I am afraid of the corpse pose. If you have a couple other videos to recommend, I would love to gather her up and to do it outside today or tomorrow.
    Thank you for all that you do! You have changed my life since I started watching your videos early 2017. Lost 20lbs and believe I live a calmer, non-stress life.

    1. I'm so sorry your best friend's husband passed away, Jackie. What a hard journey she is on. I'm glad she has a good friend to walk it with her. Remember to keep taking care of yourself so you can continue to support her. You might want to preview some videos from the Yoga for Healing playlist or Gentle Yoga playlist to find the one that you think would be the best for her today.

  30. i am a devoted follower. just finished my 200 hour teacher training. my husband and I are coming to San Jose to see you!!!
    can't wait for such a great adventure @ 1440 University.


  31. Happy 4th of July,from Maine!...A hot but beautiful sunny day...So blessed to live on the coast by these beautiful beaches.This practice is a great one.I suffer from anxiety and depression.And I'm a believer in the practice of Yoga.This practice made me feel that all will be well,and giving me strength,and to feel good about myself...Thank you,Adrienne! NAMASTE and peace to all of you.

  32. You are magic, you are a magic teacher. Since long you are part of my life, feels like family. big love and keep being magic, Blerina <3

  33. Sometimes the Universe brings to me what I need. Or should I say it always brings me what I need but I sometimes recognize my met needs as a Universal gift. This particular practice came to me at a perfect time. With incredible gratitude....Sharon

  34. I was so stiff with stress that I thought I was going to snap. This practice has truly helped me unwind. Thank you x

  35. Thank you for this much needed practice today - stress is such a tricky part of life but this practice entirely centred me. Thank you so much again Adriene for your awesomeness - Day 7 #ywaACTION, Day 402 of daily practice with you - Namaste & Peace

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