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Yoga For Seniors | Slow and Gentle Yoga

Carve out some time on the mat for this relaxing and gentle 28 minute Yoga With Adriene practice. Relieve stress, cultivate a clear mind and a strong body.

This is a chance to connect to your mental health practice while still staying on track for that summer fit.

It’s perfect for tired or sore muscles, ideal for beginners, seniors or those seeking slow and mindful practice to balance out the bustle.

Yoga for all.

Share your experience and let me know how it goes down below!


75 comments on “Yoga For Seniors | Slow and Gentle Yoga”

  1. morning honey, Just a lovely day new moon throw me about a bit
    Leo sun Tarrus moon so I Have a lot a grounding to do this week
    Balance is the keyword
    Lovelight XXX

  2. That was Wonderful Thank You and i like the nice soft music in the back round nice touch. from North Dakota, Namaste !

  3. Hi, Adriene, and thank you for making yoga accessible to every body. I’m going to share this one with my patients. I work in a bariatric surgery center and sometimes the very people who need that connection to the body through self-love are the ones who have the hardest time approaching a practice. I appreciate your not leaving anybody out. ❤️

  4. Thankful for your posts and practice. You got me on the mat and embodying love and life and hope

  5. Hi Adriene,

    Ihan't done this video yet, I'm in France and I receive it towards 11AM.

    I want to thank you for all you do with such an profund investment that it is impossible that it does'nt touch us deeply..

    I'm an elementary teacher and I try to give as much as you to my children and it makes me satisfay also if I always try to do more. I tested with them when they are agitated or nervous, the alternative nastral breathing and it works !!!!

    I have a meeting every morning with you and i'm a fun addict !!!

    I understand the feeling after these thirty days in the culture of your deep roots because it does the same to me when I turn back to Italy, country from where my parents are. When I go there it seems a part of me that can expresse in france is living again!

    I just wanted to know if one day you could work on a yoga for menopause or for hormones.

    I'm almost a senior (:), 57 yearsold. I do all the normal yoga like everybody but i'd like to balabce these hormones and stimulate the one the become lazy..

    Sorry for my english., I wish I could express better.

    Take care Adriene, don't change anything and stay YOU !!!



    1. You did a beautiful job expressing yourself, Pascale. Thank you for sharing! I will add your video suggestion to Adriene's list of suggested videos too. Namaste.

  6. I miss you! I’ve been doing my own yoga/Pilates/yummy nighttime stretching since being in my second trimester, but this gentle sequence seems like my belly and I could love it. I will go for it tonight. Gracias for todos, you bring so much to me and the world. If you wish it, i wish for you to experience the miracle and openness being pregnant holds. Immeasurable. My Yoga practice makes being pregnant that much more magical. Xx B

  7. Hi Adriene,
    I did your true 30 day yoga journey and loved it!
    How do I continue and do all the videos on the June calendar?
    Do you have to be a member?
    I live in South Africa.
    Thank you for the gift of all these wonderful yoga sessions.
    Gill x

    1. Hi Gill, congrats on completing all of TRUE! The videos on the calendar are available on the YWA YouTube channel. There are three videos listed on June that are membership videos but for those days, there are also listed on the calendar free videos from the YouTube channel. Be sure to check out the Calendar page for all the details and the playlist. 🙂

  8. Such a sweet experience on this rainy morning. Began with all over pain and now delighting in feeling free from it. Thank you Adriene. I'm so happy your trip was awesome. Namaste

  9. Hi Adriene

    I live in the UK, in the county of Derbyshire, which makes up part of middle England or middle earth as Tolkien would say. The village I live in is called Tibshelf which is semi rural, we have lovely country walks nearby and weather permitting try to walk least once or twice a week. I would like to thank you for showing me what you can do!

  10. Hi Adrienne, I’m glad you are back home, and specially that you enjoyed Mexico so much.
    I am right now in San Miguel de Allende; so beautiful!
    Missing my daily practice though, missing you. Back to NY soon and to the mat.

    All my best,

  11. I have been following your videos since I had back surgery five years ago and though I can't always do everything, it is always inspiring! At 73, I'm fortunate to be able to do as much as I can. Thank you so much for...YOU!

  12. I left my fiance of 3.5 years two days ago, he moved all of his belongings out yesterday.
    We grew apart and weren't happy.
    I used to be an avid practicioner of your Yoga Series but due to depression in the recent months leading to the break up, I haven't had the drive to even roll out the mat.

    Now I am free and clear , but due to weight gain since I last practiced, I feel very sluggish and having deifficulty with simple moves.

    How do I get out of this rut?

  13. Hi there!

    I wanted to thank you for making this video, I'm 27 and live with chronic pain everyday of my life. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's disease at 21 and Fibromyalgia at 25 and now at 27 I've also been diagnosed with IBS and Degenerative Osteoarthritis of the lower back with multiple bone spurs and an impingement of the hip. Lately I've found it difficult to get back on the mat due to the amount of pain I've been in but today I decided to hop back on your Channel and 'start over' despite it all. This was exactly what I needed ❤️ thank you. Thank you for sharing yoga with the world because I believe it can heal those of us with ailments that effect our quality of life. Today my intention was simply- to try. Namaste

  14. It would be great if you could do a (at least) half hour practice for people with a hiatus hernia.

  15. I too have a rheumatoid condition and pain and was looking for a simple program to add strength and flexibility to my body and to reduce pain. I am thrilled to have found your blog, thank you for your guidance.

  16. I've been doing daily yoga videos with you since January, when I started with true as my new year resolution and I'm absolutely loving it. The mix of power, strength, flexibility and remembering to chill and respect my body is perfect and has really helped me with longtime body image issues.

    I have hyperflexibility so can suffer with other forms of exercise if I'm not careful. It affects my joint strength and digestion a lot, but is great for flexibility. Is there any chance you could do a session for yoga for hyperflexibility? It would be amazing.

  17. Thank you Adriene and Benji! I needed this nice gentle yoga today. We need to remember to be gentle with ourselves sometimes.

  18. Namaste Adriane!
    I can't tell you how grateful I am for this practice, I am following you for about 9months and practicing yoga has transformed me for the good (you and our community have been there for me every step) , i can't imagine life without it now. I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder.
    Just last week i was thinking about requesting you a yoga sequence for seniors for my parents to get a feel of it, I cant wait to practice this with them, Thank you so much for this practice. I am very excited and grateful how universe has worked and you uploaded this practice this week. Much love beautiful Adriane!!

  19. I'm a June baby who just hit a young 60 a few days ago with a shoulder injury of some kind (dog pulling me and lifting my little grands!?) I've done all of your 30/31 day yoga series, love being a member and feel super strong! This was exactly what I needed! Perfect healing touch! Thank you, Adriene!

  20. That was so nice to slow down,and really feel the poses.Such a healing and soothing practice...Peace and light to you Adrienne.

  21. Hi,

    I also have suffered from ehlers-danlos syndrome for a number of years. I get particularly bad hand and SI joint pain, as well as digestive symptoms and have an astigmatism due to it. Just wanted to let you know that Adriene has a brilliant digestive system yoga video and one for lower back that I have found useful. I think there's a yoga dvd out there for IBS by Sarah Harrison that I've heard good things about too. Hope you're not suffering at the moment.

    I agree these slow, gentle yoga videos can really help on low days.



  22. Thanks again...…...this was just what I needed today.

    Here's to an awesome weekend!


  23. Aloha Adrienne,
    Lift your heart and breathe are the words that are now etched in my mind for use throughout the day. Thank you!
    Also, cultivating balance is quite challenging on a moving ship off the coast of Africa - but we embrace the challenge of that. No injuries to report!

  24. I love this one! And today, for the first time, I sort of embraced the fact that I might possibly be a senior. Lol. And your practice for seniors was a lovely place to start.

  25. HI Adriene!

    Thank you so much for the yoga that you share with us every month.

    I travel around and currently don't have a yoga mat. The places I stay at are usually have tile or wooden floors. Any recommendations for mats that you can bring around when you travel?

  26. Hi,
    I've enjoyed watching and practicing the Gentle Yoga. Thank you!. Just a silly question, what does 'barabanda' mean?

    1. Not a silly question at all, Imre. 🙂 Adriene is actually saying "pada bandha", although it does sound very much like bada bandha. Pada bandha is when the soles of the feet are placed on the ground with the weight evenly distributed. It connects the body with the earth through the feet.

  27. Adrienne
    Can you recommend some of your yoga videos for older adult. I found the 30 day series too advanced
    Thank you

  28. Hello Adrienne, I used to teach martial arts and now because of falls in class and a car accident, I have discs out in my neck and lower back. My shoulders and upper back actually responded very well to your video for shoulders and upper back relief. I also seemed to feel great relief from your video for gentle yoga for seniors and have been doing both routines in the mornings. I have trouble being in downward dog for even five minutes because of previous injuries and was wondering if you might be able to do a special 3 to maybe 5 day series of gentle yoga for seniors or neck and shoulder pain that could be followed so that I'm not doing the same thing everyday? I went through the gentle yoga playlist and there seem to be a lot of different things to do but I feel that having a multi-day regime built by you to help prevent neck and shoulder stress would help me improve my strength and well-being without getting hurt. I know I'm asking a lot, but I have a feeling I'm not the only one who could use the help. I found your website by searching specifically for gentle yoga. It's such a wonderful place to start, I would like to continue to get stronger so that I can move on to your 30 day yoga sequence. Thank you for all that you do to help so many people find balance, strength and a reconnection with their souls. Toni

  29. Here with the May 2019 calendar, playing catch up but know why, that was perfect for the day i have ahead of me

  30. Love your videos that I can do at home when I don't attend my yoga class. I am a newbie and have a long ways to go. I am a runner and have very tight muscles, hips and hamstrings and hardly no flexibility. I know your videos will help me take better care of myself and my body. I am looking forward to doing all your yoga videos.

    Question, I don't have a lot of hard surfaces (tile flooring) in my home. Is doing yoga on a carpet with a yoga mat doable or should I always practice on a hard surface? Namaste, Susan

    1. Hi Susan! It's just a little harder with a mat over a carpet as the mat doesn't stay down as well but you have to work with what you've got! 🙂

  31. I have been doing your slow and gentle yoga for about a month and love it. I am a senior and it is a great beginning to better flexibility and core strength which are both lacking in me. I was wondering if you have any other specific videos to recommend to someone just beginning as I am. Thank you.

  32. Thank you Adrienne! I was just starting to feel things were a bit slow for me when you said “trust that you’ve chosen the right class today”. So I slowed down my mind and body and thoroughly enjoyed the session. Namaste.

  33. I am 61. I had back issues and hip issue. Never through I could get rid of chronic hip and back pain. I used to do yoga in my youth and was athletic in my earlier years. Prior to covid, I was stiff and had inflammation and afraid of exercise due to chronic back pain.

    I started very slowly and did the 30 day challenge and have not stopped since. I do yoga at least 5 days a week. EVERYTHING CHANGED FOR THE BETTER. I got in better shape than I have been in 10 years. No more stiffness, no more back pain. My flexibility is about as good as it was 20 years ago!!! Miracle transformation in my body, mind and spirit. My flabby stomach is no longer. My core strength is back. I did not think that would be possible from just YOGA. I can't tell the Yoga by Adriene community how much I love yoga now. Adrian you changed my life. I am so grateful for Adriene. I am your biggest more grateful fan and I know you have a lot of fans!!!! I am so glad I first saw you on the Today show! Your my Covid Hero!

  34. Thank you so much for this wonderful gentle yoga practice.
    I look forward to it and am grateful for your gift to us.
    Happy day

  35. Thank you so much for this post. Living with chronic pain and neuropathy in my legs, making it impossible at times to stand with balance, these gentle excercises give me a way to exercise again in ways that ease the pain and give me a little more freedom again. You are a blessing. Loved the music in the background. Makes it easier to relax and focus.

  36. WOW.....So thrilled we found each other Adriene! I have been procrastinating FOREVER to get reconnected with my body and you have been the catalyst for this. Loved today's session and so grateful and thankful....Michelle KZN SA

  37. Adriene, you are a delightful yogi, NAMASTE. I began to slow my yoga today after beginning when the pandemic began, I must be easier on my chronic pained body and this was my beginning again. My knee pain is getting worse and must changeover to your elderly yoga practice. Well I am 63 wearing the body of a 90 year old. Thanks for being you and making yoga work. Love you and your beautiful ways.

  38. Thank you so much Adriene for the gift you give all of us who take your gentle yoga class. I look forward to it and it sets a tone I try to keep for the rest of my day.
    Happy day to you

  39. This has been such a blessing thru this pandemic. I miss my pure and simple yoga and have searched for something similar,I am so mind and my body thank you!

  40. I am looking for input. I am a 67 year old woman of normal weight and decent physical ability. I'm noticing loss of strength and would like to know the best yoga video for seniors looking to build strength without having to do some of the riskier moves I've seen for regular strength/muscle building videos.

    Thank you.

  41. More videos like this with gentle yoga that support development of flexibility and strength with less kneeling/on the floor moves would be helpful for beginning a body health journey/recovery. A ‘30 days of’ series would be gratefully welcomed.

  42. hi
    I really enjoy the yoga for seniors and would like to continue with other videos that are similar. I have difficulty with my left knee so some exercises are difficult however, the Yoga for seniors works for me. Are there other videos with Adriene you can recommend

  43. can you recommend more videos for seniors (as per the above note) to develop flexibility, strength and less emphasis on knee bending. Similar to the video - slow gentle yoga for seniors
    thanks Denise

    1. Hi Denise. I suggest going to the YouTube channel and taking a look at the created playlists. There you will find playlists of Seated yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative, etc which are all great for what you are looking for.

  44. Being stiff achy knee joint lots of lower bad pain, and just frankly feeliling like shit,
    I am acitive doing yard work love my flowers and the joy they bring bring me everyday,
    I hate yoga because My mind is with it
    Too busy!

  45. Thank you...I have long covid and have been unwell for 8 months. I did the Yoga for Seniors this morning and it was just what I needed.

  46. This was the first yoga with adriene video that got me hooked with your chanel last march 2021. I also used this as my getting back to the practice after having covid last june 2021. A nice gentle practice for everyone.

  47. This is just what I needed today. I have been really stressed/anxious and this practice helped me slow my roll! Perfect!

  48. I am 78 and your classes are not slow and gentle for me. If I got on the floor I would have to get someone to help me up. Also as you get older your balance is just not there so doing anything on one foot is a no no.
    When I was your age and your size I did anything I wanted but now just getting around is unsteady. Guess I will try something else.

  49. This was just what I needed this morning! I am always going and this allowed me to be present! Great restorative practice.
    Thank you Adriene

  50. Hello Adrienne,
    I just sent a message to the support team. I would like to sign up for a course as a senior (77) who is active: I walk and swim and did yoga for years but stopped in 2021 due to acute anxiety and the studio too far to drive. I did your senior gentle yoga this morning and would like to continue. Not sure how. I have osteoporosis and there are certain poses I need to avoid: triangle, ending over to touch toes, twists. I could adapt if I had a class to follow.
    Please advise.
    Thank you,

  51. I love your yoga videos, but the music on this one throws me off. What I have always loved about Yoga with Adriene is the absence of hype. The music takes away from concentration on your words and my inner experience. Music has a certain rhythm that impedes finding my own. You don't need to jazz up your wonderful yoga sessions. Music detracts.

  52. Perfect balance of stretch and relaxation for we older bodies. The session is delivered at an ideal pace with clear visuals of the moves.
    Importantly, your soothing voice gives clear direction. Top Class !
    Thank you Adrienne.

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