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Yoga for Self Respect

Yoga For Self Respect is an opportunity for you dial inward, connect and do something nice for your whole self. 20 minutes. Oh and will it fly by, darling. Find length in the spine, depth of breath and remember - you are worth it.

We are at our best and can be of service to others when we are alignment with who we truly are.

Relieve your stress. Focus on what matters most. Enjoy!

Let me know how it goes down below!

ALSO - what "EXTRA" thing did you do today?

60 comments on “Yoga for Self Respect”

  1. I keep trying every day to do my yoga routines and practise my breathing.
    I was involved in a bike accident yesterday and was trapped underneath the bike in a ditch and unable to move. I'm slightly claustrophobic and so was panicking! Then I remembered my breathing, so I closed my eyes and started breathing in for 3 and out for 3 then out fir 4 and in for 4 and so on...By the time I was released I was so calm and peaceful So who knew! Now I have pain in my back and left hip and practise my movements as best I can and find the stretches a great help.
    So glad I found your videos Adrianne x

    1. Janey, Thanks for sharing. I am inspired by your message. I am going through some tough times too. My husband is having cognitive decline and sometimes it is very scary. I am trying to breathe and make sure I give time to myself (body, mind & spirit).

      You are not alone ! We are in this together !

  2. Dear Adriene,
    two years ago I found you on the internet. Since than I am practicing almost every day yoga. Even my husband loves your videos and he is joining me almost every morning at half past five (before the kids wake up and day starts) to do your yoga lessons together. I tried as well other classes, but I always get back to yours. My English is not so good to be able to express how thankful I am for all the lessons, advises and everything you give via the internet. You are helping me so much! It is not only the physical part of yoga, but also the mind. And it seems there is a connection, because I received your newsletter with your beautiful words just in a right time - we have everything we need. You are so right. I wish you a wonderful and inspiring time in Mexico. Stay healthy and enjoy every day. Lot of love from Germany, Antonia

  3. Dear Adriene

    Wishing you a wonderful trip.

    This morning I was on the map with "Peaceful Warrior".

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these precious videos for ALL of us to choose from. They are these beautiful jewels in my life.


  4. Morning Adriene,

    Thank you for your emails! Getting your emails continues to push me to do yoga when I would otherwise let it go:) Thank you for all your videos! You are a wonderful instructor!!

  5. Dear Adriene you are an absolute inspiration! After half a century on this planet
    i came across this attractive lady with a really chilled lovely canine assistant (mutual dog lover)
    busting shapes on a yoga mat..
    As a yoga virgin i had a spare 10 mins that day and thought id give it a go
    No bs little aches and pains have receded my posture is better ,people would always say you need to be centered but now i know from experience what that means
    yours sincerely Arnie enjoy Mexico

  6. That was a beautiful practice. Thank you for all that you do for your yogis. My membership is SO WORTH IT! Travel safely. Love, love, love.

  7. Adriene, thanks again for the lesson! When you are in Oaxaca, look up Prana Yoga Studio in Oaxaca city. Nice people.

  8. wonderfully gently and loving Sunday morning practice. Your generosity is a heart- (and body 🙂 warming light in this dense material jungle. Wishing you a fantastic trip to Mexico.

  9. I love your work and am thankful I ran across you. I'm about 4 months in and find myself stronger. So, thank you for all you do. And Benji. Will you face time with him while you're out?

  10. Beautiful practice and I love the point you made about modifications. I always try the pose without the modifications first and am typically disappointed if I can't do it. I try to tell myself that I can't do it YET, that I will keep trying and eventually won't need the modification, but it still bums me out. Today you provided me with a good way to change a negative self talk to a positive, reasurring myself that I am supporting myself with extra love and isn't that a more important goal than a perfect pose?! Sure feels good to me!

    Thank you for all that you do, Adriene. Daily yoga practice has changed my life dramatically, in the best of ways, and your support is appreciated.

  11. Hi Adriene Good to day.
    So please for this Respect.
    I. Was. Waiting for this one.
    My little trip when we'll to the coast
    I. Had a look round lots of this I can do
    Yoga Art was good great big Art shop
    I am a painter. Hotel big pool warm
    Met some yogis in there.
    Asking. If I did. Element of the Sun ??
    No mat lots of towels.
    Have a wonderful time. While your young
    Life goes by so quickly.
    I Heared. A. Poem which if I can find
    Copy I. Will send.
    Love you lots. Love my yoga. Do I miss
    My mat Yes. Xxxxx

  12. Dear Adriene, thank you for this practice and all your inspirations.
    All the best in May in Mexico as you enjoy space, .. Akasha.. your is good.
    My words in January were simplicity and self care.. Namaste xx

  13. Hi Adriene

    Thank you for your e-mail, and I hope you have a brilliant trip. I've only being doing Yoga for a couple of months and wish I had started earlier. I've completed a few sessions of your yoga complete beginners session, but regularly do your flexibility exercises to gain more mobility. I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying yoga and your instructions. Thank you for making my journey in to yoga enjoyable

  14. *Just what I needed and going into my day feeling more grounded and whole- more to come and with you Adriene in your generosity and for all of us in community, NAMASTE!

  15. Dear Adriene, thanks for another Sunday practice, and news.
    Enjoy Mexico big time!!
    I’m planing to visit there for time; San Miguel De Alliende, very exited!

    All the best for you and Benji



  16. Adriene,

    It has been almost a year now since I finally decided to take the leap and try an at-home yoga video, wanting to start yoga but not being in the place to start classes. I started with a beginner video and practicing some easy flows from your youtube channel, and I immediately fell in love with the practice! Yoga has healed my mind, body, and spirit in so many ways, and I appreciate immensely your dedication to self love and self respect in every single one of your videos. Since starting your videos, I also began taking classes at my college's rec center, which have helped grow my strength and practice too. Modifications you provide for the poses have helped me so much to build a strong foundation and many of the ideas about the inner self and how yoga can cultivate that have helped me get in the right mind set and grow an open spirit. I have continued doing your videos and following along with your channel since last May and will continue to do so. I just wanted to say thank you, for being such a motivation and inspiration for me and clearly so many others as well. You are doing a wonderful thing, and as a side note, I think you're hilarious, and your videos always make me smile. 🙂 <3 Have a wonderful day!

    1. She really is inpiring. I have enjoyed Adrienne's yoga for several years. At age 60, I've been practicing yoga for 35 years and it is wonderful to be reminded that I have the power to give myself the gift of RESPECT. I respect you for beginning your yoga journey.

  17. I love your smile, your constant encouragement, your amazing videos that keep drawing me back. You have given me a tool to help me try to heal...and detox...from chronic lyme. I may never be healed but you are helping me to work through each day...and for that I am so grateful. I really appreciate you and all you do. I couldn't make it through this journey without you.
    Have an amazing trip.

  18. Adriene,

    Thank you for all you do. You are an inspiration. Your yoga sessions have been good for me as I deal with Hashimoto. I find them so calming. Enjoy your trip to Mexico and safe travels.

  19. Your videos have helped me return to the practice again and again. I’m so grateful for your channel and the wonderful energy you bring. Thank you, Adrienne. Sending you so much love back.


  20. I love tuning in with you on the mat Adriene. Thankyou for helping me connect with the true part of myself... Finding/learning my discipline without any punishment...only love. You are a great teacher...and I connect with you and feel your intension. Thankyou...xx
    With my love, Namaste...x

  21. a good reminder, self respect as a divine message to our bosy and inner soul.thank you for showing us how honoring the body! I will be my own rock! much love and light to you !

  22. Hi Adriene,

    I've been doing yoga with you sporadically for a couple years but am happy to say that after retiring at the end of 2017, I have done yoga every day in 2018!! I'm so grateful for your videos. Thank you!

  23. Lately i have been growing my own peppers for organic mole poblano- it takes time but is so worth the effort. Training a wolf cub is not easy, either but this practice should help! Earth Year for me : )

  24. Dear Adriene,
    It seems that you tap into exactly what I need with your beautiful emails and yoga practice. Thank you for reaffirming what it is that I am needing in my life. Even deeper thanks for presenting it as achievable.
    Love, Livia

  25. Hello there from Dallas! Just have to say thanks Adriene! Your emails literally make my day! You are so funny and always put a smile on my face. I don't do much yoga as I'm not as flexible as I used to be but I do try when no one is looking, but you are a great motivator. Thank you for making my day and have a great trip to Mexico. I look forward to reading about it. 🙂

  26. Thank you Adrienne. My time spent with you is very valuable, and helps me to regain my focus for my
    tasks at hand. Your an greatly appreciated!

  27. Damnit! I cried during that. I feel like I released some held in emotions and I feel reinvigorated.

  28. After letting our darling dog, Lulu, go to her own heaven, 10 months ago, I just adopted a 2 year old rescue yesterday and we began our own Benji/Adriene love affair. "Monty, Count of Flufferland" rested next to me as I joined this practice.
    How is someone so young so full of wisdom? Your kindness and honesty really change my attitude every day!
    Have yourself a magical time in Mexico and know that all of us will be here when you return .. just like Benji!
    ... Randy + Monty

  29. Hi. I have been doing your practice ( everyday since True in January ) 120 days straight. I loved yesterday's practice. This month I want to focus more on strength and weight loss. I saw you have a playlist on this in your channel. I believe there are 21 videos. I am so used to doing your yoga every day I would feel weird not doing it. How do you recommend I do this practice? Do I do it every day and start from the beginning when I finish day 21? I also run from time to time. Thank you

  30. Love you A, this will be my morning treat tomorrow. These videos keep popping up just when I crave/need them the most.

    Lots of Love from Sweden

  31. Adriene you're amazing. Going through a bit of a hard time at the mo and reading your email today was the first time I smiled all day - thank you 🙂

    I found your channel a few months ago and since then I've made a commitment to myself to check in with one of your yoga vids every day - some days I wobble and don't make it to the mat, but more days that not I'm there, giving myself some precious healing time - can't say thank you enough. Funnily enough, even my cat has even started to join in too 🙂

    So sending you big, huge love from London - from the happy cat and I x

  32. Thank you so much for your inspiration
    Have a good and safe trip to Mexico
    Love you

  33. This one might be my favourite yet.
    So exactly what I needed to be reminded of and done in such a beautiful way.
    Thank you again Adrienne

  34. Thank you! I love, love all your sessions! This helps me stay focused and get back on track!!! Life is good.

  35. Namaste, Adriene, and thank you for all of your love (and videos). April 22 was our one year anniversary. You have made such a difference in my life and I will be forever grateful. Many blessings to you on your trip - I'll be practicing along with you in Puerta Vallarta at the end of May.

  36. I am very much enjoying your monthly calendars now! Sometimes I look at the theme and follow the one that my body needs for that day instead of following it in order but I make sure to do them all each month.Then I pass the printed calendar on to my friends and family who also enjoy your shows. I am looking forward to starting to practice outdoors soon, we are getting our warmest day so far today, 20 C.
    Greetings from North Bay Ontario! Love the photo of Benji, what a lucky dog he is to have you!

  37. love this new practice! feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to tackle my day!
    Thanks Adriene

  38. Hi Adriene, thank you very much for your videos. I am 51 years old and going through menopause. I just started yoga last year and it has been helping me. I do get sore shoulders if I do too many poses on all fours, maybe I am doing something wrong? Love, Cleusa

  39. Hi, My son introduced me to your yoga practice this winter. I didn't think yoga was for me but found myself looking forward to it. I am 4 1/2 weeks post abdominal surgery. I had an appendectomy and gallbladder removal. My surgeon said 4 to 6 weeks recovery. I am feeling really good and wondered if there is a light yoga practice I could get started with again.

  40. Love love love your monthly calendars. I’ve been out of work for a while and discovered you and daily practice has kept me sane! Now I’m working again I’m making extra effort for myself to get up a little earlier to continue completing daily practice. And Benji’s guest appearances are the icing on the cake. Have a wonderful adventure in May. Thanks a million!!!

  41. Hello Adriene!!

    Thanks for your letters. Those couple of minutes are really a breath from everything.

    I read you are coming to Mexico City and what you want to do here. Well, I live here (I have had almost all my life) and I work in art and conservation. If you need any advise and/or suggestions of things, places, schedules, do's and dont's, or anything, well I definitely can help you with that. Also I lived in Oaxaca for a while, so I might tell you some things you might find useful.

    Have a nice trip!


  42. Sometimes I leave the connection with your channel but always return to it - you always find right words to bring me back:) Thank you!

  43. Thank you for your kind words! I am learning to have more self respect. You and your yoga videos are a big help in my fast pace world. Teaching me to take time for myself and breathe!
    Thank you again for being your beautiful self inside and out!

  44. Amazing as always Adrienne. I find great peace and focus when I do my Yoga practices with you. Thank you so much.

  45. What a genuine and wholesome practice! I've been neglecting my yoga for a week or two now and was feeling really down about it. This was one of the first videos that popped up when I rolled out my mat today and I'm so glad it did! I'm so grateful for you Adriene and this space that you've created. We have all the light within and around us! Thank you for the affirmations!

  46. This was my first yoga since two weeks, after I had a surgery. Felt amazing and I'm already feeling blessed and strong again. You are truly spreading an amazing energy across the globe. THANK YOU for this moment.


  47. Hi Adriene,

    Last year I took yoga instructor training. I have often come to your videos for inspiration. You have helped me become a better instructor and your philosophies and approach have helped me to develop personally. I have been going through some rough life changes and this self respect yoga was just what I needed today. I love your style of instruction. Thank you so much.

  48. Well Adrienne, I have been practicing yoga off and on for 4 years. Always with your videos. I am going to be 71 soon. Recently my husband and I moved onboard our 40 foot yacht. It is an unbelievable transition and just today I finally found a space to do yoga---on the aft deck, where my mat fits perfectly and there is a table to hold my laptop. You have brought me peace, confidence and healing through yoga. I love your notes to the group and your positive attitude, guidance and humor--especially when you "sing" song phrases that match your words. One important bit of advice you give "never be in any pain", modify to fit your need, and find what feels good. So now, after 3 weeks while moving, unpacking, etc. I have returned to yoga and as always feel great physically and spiritually. Thank you Adrienne

  49. Adriene,

    You rock! Thank you so much for giving out great energy and direction. You are down to earth and very funny making the experience awesome.

    With much appreciation,

  50. Adriane so glad I found your videos, thank you for giving hope, lots of love from Monterrey, México. ❤️

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