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Yoga For Self Discipline

As our first new video of the year (sans the 30 practices we did last month for TRUE), I thought it was only fitting that we start with a practice that reminds us of the power we possess when we practice staying with it and being true to ourselves.

This full length yoga practice provides you the foundation for a healthy tapas, or discipline, practice to serve you both on and off the mat.

This video does not mess around. It teaches us to see that the real discipline lies in simply continuing to carve out time and show up.

Lean in and find your focus.

It is the heated times that shape and mold us too, you know.

13 comments on “Yoga For Self Discipline”

  1. Your practice is great just wish could have app to go straight to videos like self discipline

    1. Our practice together is transforming my life. The strength and beauty gained as well as the appreciation for self and understand received by making it to the mat. I have been following your practice for several months now.Thank you for being on line. You are affecting my world in a positive way. Tamra

  2. Thanks so much, my friend! It was a great practice. 45 minutes well spent on my self love. A beautiful Sunday lies ahead. Namaste

  3. I took a few days off after finishing was good to feel the heat again!
    Thank you!

  4. This was my favorite video of yours I've watched/participated in. I was just talking to a friend earlier about how I would like to get better at being in each moment of a journey, rather than looking towards a goal. And to my sister about intuition.My intention at the start was to enjoy the moment and then I was like, oh maybe I should change it to listening to my intuition and then you said to go with your gut so I stuck with the first one. It all seems to be connected now anyway. Thank you. This practice for me today was extra special and empowering.

  5. Wow good practice! Happy to do crowl pose properly this time! Adriene is absolutely right : keep practicing!

  6. Thank you for this and for the line "to all the loves we lost, we bow to you." I lost my dad Sunday and am just now getting back to practice. It helps.

  7. I can’t put into words my emotions during that practise~it flew by ~there were tears welling up at times followed by huge kick ass grins that nearly split my face in two!I even did possibly the worst crow attempt ever seen but yet it’s wobbling awkwardness made my heart soar just in the fact I attempted it, after that I was chuckling out loud~in Dorset in England tonight the wind is screaming around my house, the wood burners are whumping away & rather than feel lonely my OH is away I feel centred & incredible & proud of myself & I know I will sleep like a log,from every part of me that is awakening I thank you x

  8. Thank you Adriene
    I started singing a millisecond before you made me smile
    I also reached the crow pose it was awesome
    First time I've been able to since I was 20 something. I'm now 60 something!!!
    I love and enjoy your practices every single day
    Been with you one year in May
    Its saving my life :))))))

  9. Occasionally whilst doing practices like this one I find there are some moves I can't do, especially ones involving pressure on the knees, where it feels that if I take it one bit further I'm going to injure something. I took up yoga through YWA just over a year ago at age 67 and it has made a huge difference physically and mentally,

    I would like some advice for people like myself who reach this point of warning about how to approach it and find an alternative without feeling we have failed or 'bunked off' as we British put it.

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