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Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief

This video is under 20 minutes and can be done on the floor, in a chair, or even on the edge of your couch. Tension building in your neck from activities or stress? This video is the perfect remedy for that.

And if that is not enough, it also features Lauren Bacall and Benji!

So roll out your mat or find a comfortable seat and treat yourself to some neck and shoulder relief today.

Let me know it goes. Leave a comment below.

65 comments on “Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Relief”

  1. Hello. My name is Lin & I'm from Yorkshire, England. I would just like to thank you for your free yoga sessions. I am only watching at the moment, as owing to anxiety and depression I can't find the wherewithal to join in. I hope one day to join in as i feel very sluggish & know that it would do me good. I send you good wishes Adrienne.
    With thanks

    1. Hi Lin,
      Best of luck on your yoga journey, I hope it helps you as much as it has me.
      I'm watching this in Nottingham uk - not too far away!

      1. Sol glad yoga available to me on-line when unable to get to class. And it was gentle enough for my arthritic neck.

    2. Jump in - I can promise you will start feeling a new strength within your self. I don't remember feeling happier than when I'm on the yoga mat ( and I'm lazy and a first timer !) so I miss days and sometimes would rather lie in bed , but what pushes me out is knowing that I CAN do it. And it amazes me because I never thought this would be something I'd be able to and be happy doing and I am. !! Jump in. Adrienne catches you so so safely.

  2. Hi Adriene,

    I'm relatively new to your videos and they have become a daily part of my routine.

    I was wondering if there is a video you could possibly do for tight jaws? I'm not sure if you have been asked this or even if this is a possibility but I thought it was worth asking.

    Thanks again for your work!


  3. Just got home after flying back and forth across the us. This video was perfect for my poor neck after getting stiff from sleeping in odd positions on the plane.

  4. Woke up this morning with a headache. Saw this. Knew it was meant to be. Headache gone. Thanks Adrienne!

  5. Just what I needed after sitting around a campfire yesterday, way too long. Thank you <3

  6. Dear Adriene,
    I have a question and your answer to it may be important for other people as well. I'm allergic to several things like grasses, animal hair, etc. So my nose is often blocked or at least I cannot really breath freely through my nostrils most of the time. This is a handycap for pranajama exercises, for meditation, for yoga flows or yoga in general. (I guess this also occurs to people with a simple normal cold.) However I often breath in through the mouth and out through the mouth - which is not quite the right way to breath but the only way for me. Do you have any advise for people with this handicap? I would be really thankful just to know what you think of it.

    1. Did anyone ever reply to you? I've had similar questions about breathing. I too have a lot of allergies! Thanks.

  7. wow! i passed out for an hour after doing this great session. I think i must have been storing so much stress it just knocked me out and instead of being the get up and go girl i realized how exhausted i really was and stayed in bed all morning.

    thanks it was a good mirror reflecting my true state of being.

  8. Thank you so much for this! What a timely video – I have been having so much angst in my shoulders and neck and I'm so grateful for this! Also, I love that you included Benji – I love my furbaby too! Sometimes when I do yoga, she gets on the floor and stretches with me, lol.

  9. Is it possible to become a FWFG-member when you don't have a credit card? Thank you for all these great practices, your smile makes me really happy!

  10. Thank you so much for this Adriene! Was at a meditation retreat that had me sitting in practice for hours, so this was the perfect sequence to do after.

  11. Adriene- I love you and Benji! You are so REAL! Throughout your entire video, I always have a smile on my face. You just can't help but be happy. I forward your videos on to all my family members and friends. I wish the entire world would watch your videos. Our world would then be such a more peaceful place. keep up the good work. Never change who you are! Peace and Namaste -I swear I could hear Benji sigh too!

  12. Hola Adriene.

    Just what I needed today!!

    The is for another great video!!

    Love Natty

  13. Thanks for the weekly series with a theme, Adriene. I started doing yoga with your videos for my mental and physical health. Even though it's online, you make me feel like I'm part of the group. It's nice. I have a whiplash disorder and I think strengthening my whole body will help that. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work. Thanks, Kathy. Your veterinarian follower in Aurora, IL.

  14. I have been needing this for so long. I so appreciate the encouragement to find release mentally, not just physically. I've been trying to consider the line from the tail to the spine more often when I'm moving throughout life off the yoga mat. It can be challenging, but guides like this help me remember how to build support from within and remember that it's all connected. This is truly wonderful, I imagine I'll come back to it a lot. Afterwards, I did some juicy twists and threading the needle, now I'm ready to smash some homework! <3 Much love Adriene, you always know what we need!

  15. Hi Adriene:)

    I really felt this one! I know for a long time that my neck and shoulders are very tight and I always feel a big relief in that area after doing yoga. When my roomate was giving me a massage she said she had never felt such ''hard'' muscles before. But this sequence really shocked me. I almost couldnt do it. I felt so dizzy doing it and during the pose (when people on chair should have had crosslegged seat) I needed to stop and felt like I was about to throw up. My yoga teacher says that my pain in neck is connected to my middle back muscles. What do you think? I'm doing yoga for a while now but it is not going away. I know this area is connected to the emotions also but I do not know what to do about it.
    Do you have any idea? I am really keen on finding out and solving this:/

  16. Just want I needed after canoeing this weekend (my upper back and shoulders are sore!). Thank you!

  17. Dear Adrian,
    thank you so much for your great lessons and that you share all these things with us. Yoga became my medicine. I am from Germany. Sorry for my worth English. I have a request. Do you know a yoga exercise for making my heart lighten and that helps me to come in contact with my deepest mysef? I am searching for a way that helps me to find out which way I really want to go. Over the last years I lost my inner voice and now I don´t know what I realy want or what is just rationality. Thank you. Your mails makes me always smiling. Go on!
    Your Juliane

  18. Skipped this back to see Benji's sigh at the end - perfect timing! Thanks for another wonderful video Adriene, I was feeling a little off balance today so this was just what I needed (your yoga sessions always are!). Namaste 🙂 x

  19. loved this! I have been trying to kick-start my work-outs and yes, my neck and shoulders were killing me! thanks again!

  20. You know it's a good session when you burst into tears at the end from total release. 😉

    Thanks for all the videos; I love them!

  21. Hi there Adriene. Firstly I would just like to say thank you, you are a huge influence in my life and my love for yoga has grown immensely since I discovered your videos a year ago.

    I didn't know how else to reach you but I need to ask you; I seem to remember you mentioning in one of your videos that you had suffered an injury to your tailbone. I have just fractured mine and although I'm trying to remain positive, I am so worried abt it healing. Please tell me I will be able to practice yoga again properly, I know it will take time, I just need to know it will be ok again.

    Thank you again for shining your light for us all. Sending you so much love and have a great time at the retreat. Wish I could be with you!

  22. Thank you for all your yoga videos especially this one which addressed my "worry" shoulder spot

  23. This is just what I needed. I will be adding this to the rotation. I carry SO much stress in my neck and shoulders!

    I was so into it that I felt a big sneeze coming and for a half second thought, 'I don't want to interrupt her'. 🙂

    Oh and I did hear Benji sigh at the end I love when Benji joins in! Thank you for all you do!

  24. I really enjoyed this one Adrienne. Neck and shoulders were really tight and this gave me relief.

    Thanks so much!

  25. Hello Adriene,

    I love the way I can watch your yoga on the Internet. I try to give myself every morning a hour before work to do some yoga. I was wondering if you have some special yoga I can do for helping me to quit smoking?

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  26. Hi Adriene!
    First off I just want to tell you how much you've inspired me to hop on the mat each and every day even when I don't feel like it, I know there's a video that I can follow for any type of mood I'm in. You've seriously been such a blessing, motivator, mentor and friend that I can't wait to check in with you every day!
    I've done your root chakra and 3rd chakra video and I'd love to follow along to a 7 chakra series if you'd consider doing one! Namaste my friend!

  27. Thank you, Adriene! Discovered this at exactly the perfect moment as the fog rolls out over the Beautiful Atlantic Ocean to greet the new day and month of July. A family reunion to say our June farewells to my late mother at what would be her 97th birthday. Her Life carries on in the next GenLove!

  28. Thank you, Adriene, for this great practice! I did it together with Movement Medicine: Calm and it is sooo soothing!!! Loved it!!!



  29. Hello from Spain, Adriene. Thank you very much for your free videos. This was great to release neck and upper back tension I carry with me almost permanently. I have doing the 30-day yoga challenge and I am loving it.



  30. Adrienne, a heartfelt thank you for your free yoga videos and all your tips. I complement hot yoga at the studio with your yoga sessions and you are part of what keeps me sane! I especially appreciated this neck and shoulder session. I also second the fellow yogi who asked about tight jaws. Thanks!

  31. Hi Adriene! Thanks so much. That felt nice and left me wanting more! It's interesting too because, like you suggested, I just finished a super intense cardio/strength training program over the last 3 months. I tried to repeat it and my neck and shoulders are screaming at me! So I came here (and the chiropractor). I am going to wait for a little more release before I pick the intensity back up again. I don't want to hurt this bad (its making me nauseous)! Any suggestions for further work here on your station or otherwise?
    Namaste 🙂

  32. Thank you so much for this video! Just what I needed today to release tension in neck and shoulders and I think I'll make it the part of my regular practice. :-*

  33. Hello, question? When I do the neck & shoulders yoga bending down my head w/fingers laced behind my head, this makes my head hurt. Is this normal?

    1. Nellann, it shouldn't hurt. Try to not bend your head down too far and don't pull with your hands on your head. This is a gentle movement, letting the gravity be the only thing that is pulling on your head and neck. Don't bow as deeply as Adriene; bow to a point that is comfortable for you. Over time, you might discover that you start to bow deeper without pain. Don't push past the pain.

  34. I love this video! However, I deal with some major mobility issues in my shoulders -- I can barely make them lie flat in savasana without arching my back. Theyre always curled forwards and inward and I've tried chiropracty, I used to be a weightlifter, and I've tried regular stretching but I can't seem to make my shoulders stay rolled back where they're supposed to be. I've got perpetual chicken wing syndrome!

    Do you have a video for shoulder mobility practice? When my shoulders get really tight it makes it very difficult to keep my posture in inverted poses and even some twists! Additionally, it makes me put undue strain on my back because my body tries to compensate (and I try not to! But my shoulders are like immovable sloping objects and I can't seem to fix them). Please help!

    1. (I say I tried chiropracty and it did help with my back pain but I had to stop for financial reasons before we could really tackle my shoulders)

  35. Hi Adriene! You're the best! I've been doing your yoga videos for almost a year now, and im addicted! I recently got my wisdom teeth pulled (just three days ago), and now that I'm halfway through my recovery week, I am craving some yoga, some stretch. BUT I've gotta be careful with my face/teeth and going upside-down hurts quite a bit right now. This is kind of a funny request, but for myself and also for future wisdom-teeth patients, I was thinking it'd be awesome if you made a "Yoga for Recovery" or "post-surgery yoga" or even a "yoga for after your wisdom teeth have been extracted". Sending all of my love,
    Namaste <3
    -Sunday Holland (from Flagstaff, AZ)

  36. Hey Adriene!

    This is my favourite yoga video to do before I sing. It opens up my neck, shoulders and upper back. I find a great release in my rib cage and diaphragm as well. Thank you so much for sharing these free yoga sessions!

  37. I was introduced to Adriene by a friend that I ice skated with! We skated competitively and Posture and stretched muscles are key!!! I love the serenity this brings and will be a follower for sure!!

  38. This morning yoga for me brought me a great sense of release (which also aligns perfectly as a new moon practice for yesterday’s New Moon ✨) & I’m very grateful for your guided sessions. Definitely relieved some tension. I practice your vids often on YouTube & this is my first time finding my way to your website! Much love,

    May you be well
    May you be at peace
    May you be free from suffering

  39. Hello Adrienne and dear Benjie. I've just completed my very first session and I am so grateful to you for sharing your yoga and freely offering your gifts. I will be continuing and look forward to more of your classes. I love Bennie! What a handsome fellow (what breed is he I wonder?)
    With Kindest Wishes and appreciation during lock down........
    Dorset, England

  40. Honestly Adrienne, you are such a lovely teacher and so easy to follow, and humerous and your stretches for particular ares of the body are really very effective.
    Thankyou as always.
    Perth, Western Australia

  41. Just what I needed
    Shoulder pain getting me down but yoga with you and Benji really helped
    I love yoga
    And especially yoga with Adrienne x

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