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Yoga for Kids

A special Yoga with Adriene for Kids!

For this video, Adriene joins a friend in the park where they practice together. This practice will have you hopping like a frog on your mat, connecting to your breath, and moving in a way that feels good. Use your imagination as you stretch your body and calm your mind! Then fly like a crow to test your limits and reach your goals!

This practice is for the kid in everyone!

ALL are welcome to join Adriene's sweet and talented friend and Adriene on the mat for this special 30 minute session!

50 comments on “Yoga for Kids”

  1. This is such a beautiful video, explaining the poses and breathing so that anyone can understand and join in. I've been looking for a good video for kids' yoga for years, tried everything I've found on YouTube with my two kiddos, but the fast pace discouraged them every time. Thank you, dear Adriene, for making yoga practice accessible to everyone!

  2. I love you for this (okay not JUST this, lol)! Just last night my daughter in law, a pre k teacher, was here and I was scrolling through your YouTube videos trying to find a kids yoga video for her to use with her class. She told me she had found a little yoga game and you immediately came to mind. This morning this came in my email from you! Awesome! Thank you, be safe on your trip! Namaste!

  3. This video is perfect for the children in my pre kindergarten classroom. An excellent way to start the school year.

    1. Suzanne! So glad to hear you are also doing it in the classroom. Have you heard of Breathe for Change? It is a yoga certification program for teachers. I just went through the program this summer and it is amazing! Check it out!

  4. Your energy is so great and so wonderful Thank You Thank You !!! Have a Safe trip and i will be seeing you on the mat. Namaste !

  5. Thanks again Adriene for another great practice! You found a great young yogi to accompany you!
    Just wanted to wish you & Chris HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrate, enjoy and be blessed! Breathe in love, breathe out love, God is love.
    In His love, Roxanne

  6. After I subscribed for Yoga for All I notice that an email will be sent to me wih the new video link daily. But will the video be available in youtube? Since I am used to open your video in youtube directly on my tv, I dunno how it works if it is not on youtube. So hope the mode is same as usual! Thanks!

    1. Tracy, it is my understanding that the course and the videos for the course will be on a website for the course, not on YouTube. You should be able to play the video on your computer or smartphone. You might even be able to airplay it from your device to your tv, depending on what electronics you have. If you run into any problems, please reach out to Commune at [email protected]. They are hosting the Course and might be able to offer more specific help if you need it.

  7. This is eaxcatly what I was looking for to start making Yoga with my tween.

    Thanks Adriene.

  8. hello hope your birthday when while it was mine in August
    so pleased you have a friend it bits of help you have such a good soul
    you got me moving loving yoga so much again happy safe on my mat I find

  9. This was so much fun, and this young man is awesome. He certainly enlightened me today! Thank you!

  10. Hi Adrienne ....have you explored Ho'Oponopono ?

    I've been practicing Yoga for about 20 years and with you daily since last March when i returned from a Hawaii getaway...i participated in your 30 day sessions and have added your youtube yoga to the start to my day after a morning sit ( meditation)...thank you for being You

    love you

    Edmonton Alberta Canada

  11. How I loved this lesson! Great kid, great teacher! And guess what: I managed to do the crow for the first time !! Thanks to the focus point. You are great!!

  12. Anybody watched this video and not a little bit in love with Kyriacos? A really fun one! 🙂

  13. I'm 55+ so when I saw Yoga for Kids I thought, "Nah, I'll skip today." Then 4PM rolled around and I thought "I'll just take a peek at what she does with the kids" and soon I was on the floor rockin' and rollin' my afternoon blahs away. AND I got up into crow for the first time! Limits + Goals = Success. Thank you Adriene and Ketiacos! (Spelling?)

  14. I have tried 4 times to sign up for the "14 day free yoga for all" starting September 10th. I am told that an error has been made on the form. How can I sign up?

  15. This was awesome! It really helped me to turn around a rather crappy day. I was so uplifting. Loved it 🙂

  16. Hello Adriene, this is simply wonderful, so perfect for kids! Hats off to you!! Not easy to make and your interactions with this lovely boy were just so appropriate for their age. I know, I have 12 yr olds. And hats off to your young client! his attitude is amazing and so cute!!

    And a huge thank you to you, I love all your videos and your amazing adorable disposition!! Best wishes, Sunitha

  17. I love love love that you are including Yoga for Kids! I am a first grade teacher in Niles, IL. I just became Yoga certified this summer and I will be hosting some workshops for my colleagues in the next couple of months. The staff is very interested in incorporating Yoga in their classrooms.

    As you can imagine some of our classrooms have over 20 and close to 30 kids sometimes. So it becomes challenging to do some yoga moves in the classrooms with all the furniture around. I have been able to modify some moves so that we can do some in a chair or just at a standing position (i.e. cat/cow and sun salutations without the vinyasa on the ground)

    Do you think you could create a couple of videos with suggestions for Chair Yoga in the Classroom so that our kiddos can still enjoy and benefit from this wonderful practice even in a small and perhaps crowded space?

    Thank you so much for all that you do!


  18. Hi Adriene,
    I started this year with YWA and followed the calendar without missing a day until 4/22/18 when I found my Dad deceased. I just haven't been able to get myself back to it. Now it's September. My birthday month... I'm back and jumped in September 1st... Thanks for being here. Happy birthday to you, Chris, YWA and me!!

  19. Thank you for sharing your videos, your positiveness and your wonderful soul. Your videos have help me going trough some difficult road. Today I am good and my day is complete with yoga. Have a great birthday and a fantastic Stockholm stay.

  20. I just did this with my 10 year old son and he loved it. He was so excited when he managed the crow pose! Please do some more yoga for kids videos!!!

  21. Thank you so much for making this practice available on your app. It was sweet, fun and greatly appreciated. Gave me a glimpse of what Yoga for All will probably be.
    Unfortunately I'm afraid it's the only part of this experience I will have access to. I signed up on COMMUNE and Lauren Schiff nicely welcomed me to it but on my old IPhone 4S, the only device I have, I can't watch any of the videos nor install the Mighty Networks app that might help.
    Oh well, I'll follow the September calendar and the playlist on your app.Thanks for this by the way.
    My birthday is September 24th. So happy to share this with you guys!
    Thank you again for everything.
    Jai Namaste

  22. This was so encouraging to me. The little fella has the most lighthearted spirit...totally refreshing. Y'all really seemed to be having the most fun. Thanks for the reminder that yoga truly is FOR ALL!

  23. Thank you for this video, and the many others you have shared over the years. I stumbled upon one of your you tube videos several years ago, and haven't looked back. Yoga has changed my life in many ways since I started practicing. You have a gift as a teacher (and your humor is awesome!), so please keep the practices coming! I'm honored to be a part of the community you're building.

  24. Adriene,

    You are simply fabulous! I thank your guest for his insight as well. So profound!

    With much love,
    Sharon Bailey

  25. My kids and I loved this video! We wished you had a few other choices for tween kids so they could have daily focus. Thank you so much for your encouragement and sharing your practice. We happily watch and practice daily!

  26. Hi Adrianne. My name is Marita. I have been practicing yoga for almost two years. I have a 16 months old baby now and I want to start practicing yoga with him Any advice?

  27. Would love to see a collection dedicated to kids right around the age of 10, I would buy it and many others surely would as well. I tried doing Adriene's videos with my son but it was a little too complex for a stiff beginner.

  28. We would love to see more! My hubby and I are now doing yoga and I was able to get my 10 year old excited with this video. More, please!!!

  29. Thanks for this video! My 7-year-old Everliegh loves doing yoga and this video was the perfect one! My daughter and I do this together and love it so much! My 1-year-old Posie loves it too. Thanks again.

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