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Yoga for Grief

Yoga for Grief is here to support you, wherever you are today. Made with love, this gentle and nurturing 26 minute session is here to serve you.

Adriene guides us through this special session and uses the tools of pranayama to calm the nervous system. This session is designed to hold you and comfort you during times of grief or sadness. Guide the mind and the heart to the present moment so you can relieve stress caused by trauma and bring loving awareness.

All you have to do is show up, press play, and take it one breath at a time.


36 comments on “Yoga for Grief”

  1. Thanks Adriene. What great timing to wake up to this after getting side swiped last night. Unfortunately I am going to be without internet for the next week but look forward to doing this session on my return.

  2. Love how you’re always in tune and always give us what we need. Love it, you do an amazing job! ❤️

  3. I was just recently searching the FWFG site for a grief support video and even considered writing y'all a message requesting it. Thank you for creating and posting this practice when I really needed it. I am so grateful for everything YWA has done for me over the years. You all are truly making a difference. Namaste.

  4. My best friend died in my arms yesterday. I am inconsolable and then in my inbox, this practice.
    Thank you,

  5. Thank you for this wonderful practice. The tenderness was such a transformative gift.

  6. Thanks, Adrienne! I had just lost my "best friend" for almost 15 years (my Labrador Retriever), so was a welcome yoga practice. So I cried a lot while doing yoga but felt better afterwards.

  7. Thank you for this Adriene! I would love to see a "Yoga for Jealousy" video. I'm currently in law school, and damn if that comparison and toxic jealously isn't rampant, even for me as someone who tries to be conscious of it! Any tips?

  8. March brought my wedding and my dads metastatic cancer diagnosis. My birthday brought my dad experiencing anaphylaxis during his first chemo treatment and two ICU admissions in four days. His companion of 31 years is scared and angry. Though she needs me here, she just glares when I come home. As I fear I am losing them both, yoga for Grief and constantly reminding myself I am not responsible for her emotions is keeping me from losing all grace with her. Thank you Adriene. Namaste

  9. Hello Adriene,

    One day it so happened that I casually landed at yogawithadriene on YouTube and life was never same again. My perspective towards yoga changed completely. I have never seen a teacher so perfect, so patient and full of love. When I play those videos I feel as if you are directly talking to me. Thank You so much for so many good vibrations.
    I am from India and I am a student, preparing for the entrance exam of a top level government service. I aspire to work in the Indian government and touch many people's lives like you are doing.
    I want you to pray good things for me.

    Please don't forget to ping me when you come to India and need a place to live. I live in southern India. I would love to have you as a guest (though I may not afford star hotels for you). Hope our relationship stays strong with lots of positive energy exchange.

    With Love,
    From India,

    1. You & I share the same love for Adriene! I’m in Longmont Colorado ❤️ I think of her EXACTLY like you do!! I’m 59 years old! Good luck on your tests!!!

  10. I have had a very unhealthy relationship with my body. Recently, I had to climb two flight of stairs at work. I had a tough time to control my breathing after that for almost seven minutes. This was a rude awakening. I have two little kids, 7 and 3. I cannot imagine not seeing them through high school. I have been doing yoga with you for the last two weeks. I must admit I feel very light. I have started making healthier choices. I am more mindful. Thank you for the service that you do. Mothers like me who are on a tight budget and time constraint, really need this space that you offer.

  11. I am losing my hearing, almost completely at this point. The transition is hard, and a grieving process. But God has truly blessed me along the way. I have been following your foundation videos through the process for the last few months as I learn how to navigate this new state I'll be in. I look forward to it each day. Thank you for this beautiful, universal gift for the world, as a special tool to help so many.

    1. The captions are indeed well done! I'm hard of hearing (or deaf with a cochlear implant), and they're helpful.
      I hope you figure out how to manage your hearing loss so you're comfortable with it... ❤️

      1. I am hard of hearing and use the close captions too!
        I wish you well on your journey. I hope you find peace with your hearing losses.
        Never blame yourself for other people taking a long time to understand or adapt, some people really struggle to be deaf aware. I have found it to be a good filter in life. People with the sensitivity to get what I need -just look at me when they are talking, fill in the gaps if I miss a chunk of conversion -they are my kind of people!! Everyone else can catch up when they are ready.
        Lots of love xx

  12. My dog died unexpectedly on the 8th. Knowing your relationship with your dog makes this practice mean even more to me. I was also surprised to see that it was just posted. I feel like it is my healing practice. Thank you.

  13. Thank you Adriene, I lost my wife three weeks ago and two very good friends Tom and Amy who use your videos everyday have been here to provide invaluable support. They've now continued with their travels and I've now started using your videos beginning with grief. Great help generally and will help me more on the rocky road. thanks Stephen

  14. I have adored you since I first found you in YouTube...I’m one of your members, but typically practice via YouTube videos because I can access easily on my smart ant rate, I LOVE your guidance, cues, words of wisdom... I am so blessed to be a part of your world, our kula‍♀️❤️ Sooo many times I am thankful for your guidance because you & our yoga have seen me through so really tough & some really wonderful times... YOU Adriene are my life therapy ... eternal gratitude to you from me - honestly I don’t know what I’d do without you ‍♀️

  15. My first time with you. Thank you. A lot of stress in my life right now, this was so much needed.

  16. Reading your email with this video only this morning, as I wake up so much saddened by Notre Dame I saw burning from my window. I try to read the message behind this and I can’t help hearing my grandma’s voice who passed away 2 months ago. And now you, Adriene, with a yoga session for grief! Universe is telling us something ?! I hope this session will help me accepting more easily that we are all passengers in a material (hence fragile and mortal) world... baisers de Paris !

  17. Thank you for this one. My dad passed a couple weeks ago and I finally am getting back into self care and trying to work out. This was a great reminder entry and so soothing.

  18. Thank you Adrienne! I have done your 30 day yoga challenge, which was great, and was happy to find and do the yoga for grief session. My beloved dog, Indy, died unexpectedly at the end of the summer and I still miss him greatly. My mom, who battled Alzheimer's Disease, died in February so I have had a lot to deal with lately. Your videos, your sense of humor and your wonderful spirit have helped with the healing. Thank you again! Blessings!

  19. Hi Adrienne,

    You have been super, for so many reasons.

    Thank you in advance for your continued support and encouragement.


  20. This video came out the day after I put my 13 year old dog down. I do yoga everyday, but I could barely move and concentrate, but something kept telling me to get up and do some yoga. I stumbled upon it after typing in yoga for loss. I had done a couple of Yoga with Adrianne videos and was familiar with Benji being there. Sure enough, I turn on the video and there is Benji sitting right there, so I burst into tears. This video truly helped me for the week after Marley left me. I want to thank you Adrianne for making this video at the exact moment I needed it, your kind words helped to heal me from a loss of my big olde fur baby. I am usually doing intermediate and advanced classes, but this video truly is what I needed to heal. Yoga with Adrianne is more than just yoga, it’s a journey though the self, to the self and of the self. And for that I send you love and light.

    1. Two days ago, we lost one of our dogs - he was almost 15. I knew it was coming, but then it just happened all of a sudden, and I am devastated. This video gave me a sense of peace for a moment, and I am so, so grateful to Adriene for that.

  21. I am into the second week of grieving the loss of my beloved husband, after a lengthy illness. This helped me so much. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these videos.

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