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Yoga For Dancers

Yoga For Dancers offers a blend of fire and grace for the whole body while offering guidance for peace and clarity for mind and heart. Tone and build strength in the arms, back, core, glutes and legs. Stretch through the torso, legs and feet to release tension and increase flexibility.

Use the breath to cultivate a strong and mindful practice that will serve both mind and body. Roll out the mat, press play and DANCE like no one is watching... except for Benji. Let me know how it goes down below!

6 comments on “Yoga For Dancers”

  1. Hi Adriene! Do you think you could do a video for rock climbers? Something focused on shoulder openers and building strength. That would be awesome!!

  2. Thank you for always inspiring me to take a moment everyday to be present on my mat. You are a leader of peace and love. You are silly and real which keeps me tuning in. Next time PLEASE come to Boston( (that's a song you can sing in one of your videos.) We are here..we are here we are here!!!

    Namaste dear Adrienne

  3. Hi, Adriene. My 8yo daughter and I lI’ve your videos, especially when Benji makes an appearance. I really loved this yoga for dancers video. But I struggled a bit because I found that my legs were not warmed up enough by the time we got into some of the more challenging poses. I know that I could do a warm-up video before this one, but I wonder if you could Incorporate a bit more warm-up at the start of this one? What do you think? Thank you for all your fantastic videos!

  4. Why does it hurt me so much to stand on one leg while leaning forward with my other leg lifted towards the back? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just my arthritic old hips? Or is it just a question of needing more practice? MF

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