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Yoga for Connection

Hop on the mat for this slow and low to the ground 30 minute breath and body practice. This at home session will provide you the opportunity to circle back and connect to yourself when you are in need. This which will in turn help you connect to others and live a life that doesn’t suck but that serves.

Let me know how you are feeling today or how this practice went for you down below!


83 comments on “Yoga for Connection”

  1. Hello
    This was good after my 7km walking. Im 65 so I do the best I can. After my problem whid my back have your yoga help me so mutch. You are best. Thanks.
    Mvh Roland Svensson

  2. Thank you so much for the Love and Joy that you give with these yoga practice videos...I am forever changed, enlightened and connected because of your wonderful gifts and your willingness to share I love you and you're Awesome

  3. I cried the whole way through this practice! Releasing some squashed-down feelings, I think. Thanks so much for the lovely workouts.

  4. Really helped me recognise what I am feeling right now; which is weirdly exactly what this video was for. Sometimes I feel you already know what I need and that we have a connection despite being thousands of miles apart. Thank you Adrienne x

    1. I also feel as if you always give me what I need. This practice continues to help me through a rough patch in my life. Thank you Adrienne!!

  5. Dear Adriene

    Finally doing TRUE. What an amazing journey this is going to be. Thank you so, so much.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

    See you on the mat.


  6. This will be day 90 of my everyday at home yoga practice! I'm so proud of my inner work and thankful for YOU. Namaste.

  7. Dear Adriene,

    This is a beautiful practice - thank you.

    You have been a huge part of changing my life. Having been diagnosed with PTSD last October after spending most of my adult life feeling afraid, alone and never good enough, I began to do your yoga videos. I wasn't sure I'd manage even one full video when I started... and now here I am on my 148th day. I do one of your videos every day without fail and it calms me, energises me, gives me space to connect with what I am experiencing and provides a safe space and presence to return to whenever I need it.

    I am so incredibly grateful for what you do. Your generosity has, quite literally, changed my life.

    Sending you love and peace. Sarah x

    1. Good work Sarah
      Adriene helps us with our inner strength which gives us our very own safety net of we fall
      We've got our own back in a way
      She saves me too ☺

  8. I salute you Adrienne. Today marks 6 months for me of doing at least 5 days yoga a week and it just gets ever yummier! At the beginning, my wrists couldn’t take the weight of a plank at all and now they relish an hour long flow class.

    But the best of all is the fact that you help cultivate such a healthy positive state of mind and self-respect - no toxic thoughts on the mat! And that’s something I’m really focusing on bringing to my work as a musician!

    Many thanks and appreciation for encouraging us all to share in this - Namaste

  9. Doing the whole month this April, Adriene. Thank you! Loved this. The close to the earth ones really bring me peace and joy.

  10. Dear Adriene,
    Thank you for sharing your love and energy with me, with all of us. Thanks to you I am in a discipline of doing yoga every morning now for three months and my life is changed into a magical journey and indeed connection with myself. Sending much love and energy your way from NY 🙂

  11. Getting ready for a beautiful connection. Remember I CAN take my time and I DON'T have to go it alone. ✌

  12. aww yissss! what a great one today! here I was all ready to find a quick and strong video, maybe get some sweat flowing before I head of for the rest of my busy day and found this in my inbox instead. sometimes the universe knows what's best! I'm still struggling with quieting my mind and how not to beat myself up for its chatter, but getting really deep and connected to my breath is always a welcome pleasure. Adriene, I'm so thankful for these videos! they are really having a big hand in my self love journey. happy full moon in Libra and namaste friends!

  13. Great practice for incorporating mindfulness into our daily lives! Thank you!!!

  14. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Adriene, for taking the time to share this with us. I cannot imagine my day without yoga. Love and gratitude.

    1. Adrienne, I missed you this week, and got off my daily discipline with you. So glad to be back with you today! Thank you so much for your inspiration through yoga practices, and your words of inspiration to
      us all through your victory on the mat. This practice changes me as a person at all levels. I'm so happy to
      be working with you, and will challenge myself each day to be stronger, healthier, and change lives
      in my family, and outside relationships through balance. God Bless you! Happy Easter to you, and yours.

  15. Just love your videos and your sense of humor! I look forward to spending time with you! You're the best!


  16. I totally loved this one and it was exactly what I needed right now, battling myself with self-doubt about not fitting in and at the same time not wanting to fit in. It was a nice reminder that even though I do my yoga at home (mostly because I love being at home and do things on my own without anybody else AND of course because you are my favorite yoga teacher ever) I am not alone! I fit in! And there are probably many many other people out there that feel odd for liking the peace, quiet and solitude of their own company. This made me feel so much more at peace with myself so thank you so much!

    Gratitude from Sweden

  17. Bless you Adriene Thank you for your encouragement. It gives me new reasons to keep going. With much love always

  18. Adrienne, You bring so much to the mat with each practice and I take away so much of what you bring. Thank you so very much. Feeling awesome on this bleak wintery Easter up in Eastern Canada.

  19. Beautiful, beauriful. Thank you. i thank you, my child thanks you. Namaste.


  20. Learning to connect with the breath has given me a tool when I feel lonely or disconnected from other people. April goal = Yoga with Adriene Calendar.

  21. Happy Easter to you and your family.Doing the whole TIME since I know you, WHIT YOUR YOGA CLASSES MI LIFE CHANGE FOR BETTER. Many thanks and appreciation. NAMASTE 😉

  22. I didn’t complete all of March. But that’s ok! I’m here today with you and it was awesome. Thank you.

  23. I unsubscribed for some reason but I subscribed back do I still get the weekly letter?

  24. I have been doing Yoga for many,many years but have never looked forward to it until I started doing Yoga With Adriene! You have changed the way I look at Yoga and life! You are an inspiration. I love seeing Benji in your videos too. He is truly a "Zen" dog. Thank you Adriene!

  25. I've been following your videos for about 8 months now, and mah lady, this was awesome! I LOVED the guided breath work. Your videos are really honing it in (in the best way possible) as you refine your craft as a teacher. Keep on keeping on, helping us remind ourselves of our true north. Much love, thank you!

  26. Thank you very much, today was a good day to start, I need a lot of writing to do after this, specially because all the sensations that surfaced during today's practice: I felt searing hot and my body vibrating, and this isn't the first time, it also happens during Magdala ceremony and the world wide womb blessing so I am sure it has to do with me not knowing how to channel my energy.

    I hope everyone enjoyed this practice and thank you again Adrienne for this.
    Daph from Mexico.

  27. This practice was just what I needed. Coming to an end on my pregnancy and I have been feeling off, after this practice I feel so much better about myself and where I am in life. Thank you!

  28. I'm so glad I've found you and your yoga site! At 68, it's going to take patience and perseverance to get back to my long-ago yoga days. But I'll get there! Thank you and Happy Easter! <3

  29. Kia ora Adrienne, this is my first session for Autumn...what a beautiful practice. Thank you so much, for the space to find me again. Arohanui, namaste xox

  30. Thank you so much Adriene!
    It's just what I needed at the moment.

    Connecting with myself, opening my heart to myself and others.
    It's not always easy but it's definitely the best thing to do..
    Lots of love from The Netherlands.

  31. I'm doing the Yoga Revolution maybe 4 days a week but this emailed practice helped
    me get back to the mat. April showers outside calm practice inside. I've been feeling my body
    get stronger (I swim twice a week and attend a public yoga class once a week too).
    At retirement your videos were recommended to me by my daughter in the USA and
    her friend in the Netherlands. We are all so far apart but yoga helps to overcome some
    of the sadness. Thank you Adriene for your continued encouragement.

  32. Many thanks. I'm so happy that You with your yoga in my life nearly one year every single day . NAMASTE

  33. What a beautiful session! Love it! I don’t know what happend, but I just melted ❤️ Thank you!

  34. I just finished today’s beautiful practice...thank you! When I rose up at the end out of child’s pose and sat I DID feel that energy you spoke of .
    Your generous spirit is a gift ...

  35. In Afghanistan and I am very grateful for these sessions. They have helped in the past and continue to be light in my days. Thank you!

  36. Thank you for this. I will do the session this afternoon. Thanks SO MUCH for putting the quote out there. I have been thinking a lot about "character" this past week. Ju-ju! I will use the quote for today's calligraphy practice. I have been practicing yoga everyday for years now. I have learned more from you than any other source. Thank you!

  37. Adrienne, Thank you so much for this wonderful session. After yesterday's Easter celebration and family activities, the session was a wonderful way to reconnect with myself. Keep sending your surprise "gifts". I promise to keep opening and using them. Gratefully yours.

  38. This is a beautiful sequence and just what I needed. My habit is to push myself hard physically and emotionally. To have the opportunity to change this habit and slow down on the mat is the practice that I need right now. Thanks Adriene. Know that what you do makes a global difference. xx

  39. Just what I needed! Really felt great to take care of myself,and this practice was it.Adrienne,you're great.

  40. Wonderful class! This was my first after completing the 30 day challenge for beginners. I wasn't sure where to go next. Thank you! Namaste

  41. Thank you so much! I so needed this today! I am filled with so much gratitude for all that you do - creating and posting these videos ... Bless you! Namaste!

  42. Namaste Adriene...
    Thank you so much for this connection video. It has helped me to find my way back to staying grounded, remaining connected and being in touch with my inner self. I wish you lots of love and peace.

  43. Thank you so much for this practice, Adrienne! I felt so much love from the Universe, love that it is out there, but I forgot about it!

  44. Dearest Adriene, I did this practice after a 2.7 mile run and it was perfect. I am working on challenging some long held beliefs and superstitions I have about myself, the world. The practice helped me to feel centered, connected and grounded and aware of MYSELF through it all. Thank you. Namaste, Lisa

  45. thank you so much. Today I really needed to find a practice like this and here it is. Thanks so much for your work and being there every week.


  46. Thank you so much - this was awesome! It's amazing that - even though most of the times I hop on the mat I don't know what I'm looking for - I always find a practice that serves me the most. You are beyond amazing <3

  47. My cat loved the breathing practice so much he 'helped' by sitting on my belly to check the rise and fall....thank you as ever for a lovely relaxing practice

  48. Adrienne, because of you ,I am a much happier, calmer person. I watch most all of your videos, and love them. I found you on you tube a few years ago ,and I cannot tell you how much more stability, flexibility and confidence I now have. I love the way you communicate with your 'yogis' and how down to earth you seem. I do feel as if I'm doing yoga with a friend. I also love seeing Benji! He is SO cute; always brings a smile to my face when Benji is in the picture with you :). Love ya, best always,

  49. The last position was the best for my "child". I stayed in this position 5 min longer... and miracle happened 😀 Thank you! x

  50. I started this with much resistance. I wanted a vigorous, challenging sequence to burn the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety I was feeling this morning. Then, when tucked in that tight ball, focusing on my breath, and listening to your words of finding grace in a tight position, I lost it... the tension, the fight, melted out of me. I got it. I understood the connection with myself. That's all that matters. Thank you Adriene, for this beautiful practice you so lovingly share. Namaste

  51. That was not at all what I was expecting. I'm not sure it was what my body needed, but it was definitely what my mind needed. I certainly feel more connected with myself, and my cat who decided to join me on the mat. 🙂

  52. I really want to thank you for this Video Adrienne, It's supporting me as I move through some deeply held fear.

    I'm going to pass this on to friends I know who are working in the field of Trauma. I feel it could be a great support and resource to others going through it. And this is many of us right now..super big collective clear out going on!

    So much love and gratitude for all you offer.
    We're all in this together!
    Sarah xxx

  53. Not sure what I would do without your videos! I have been practicing with your videos for over a year now. This practice is transforming me from the inside out!!! Thank you!!!

  54. As usual way to start your day 🙂 Thanks again for this gentle and smooth practice !! Thank you !!!

  55. I have been following Yoga with Adriene for three years, thank you for the deep sense of well being your practice brings to people 🙂

  56. This is exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you for continuing to know exactly where I was in mind and body so I didn't judge myself 🙂

  57. Can I just say, " I LOVE YOU!!" I can always find just the right yoga practice I need for the day. Your practices are awesome and offer a wonderful variety. I loved the Connection practice today. Thank you so much!

  58. Thank you for helping me focus on the mind body connect. It is a process and today helped a lot!

  59. This practice came to me on the morning of my daughter's surgery. She is non-verbal special needs and doesn't understand life as we know it. She will be going to the OR today to have her 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed. I'm not concerned about the procedure itself but i have been consumed with guilt and negativity regarding her recovery. I really needed to reconnect with myself. Feeling this way will not help her and this practice has restored me to the Universe. Thank you so much!

  60. Thank you Adriene!
    You always make me feel better about myself in every respect.
    During the time, I've learned to enjoy and appreciate those calmer practices.
    Best regards from Israel.

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