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Yoga For Climbers - Flexibility & Balance

The title may say Yoga For Climbers, but this is truly a great 30 min yoga practice for anyone who wants to cultivate more balance, coordination, flexibility, and stability! A great practice for both the body and the mind. Roll out your mat and try this practice today.

Invite a friend to join you. Let me know how it goes down below.

19 comments on “Yoga For Climbers - Flexibility & Balance”

  1. Hi Adrienne!! I am studying performing arts as an actress and would love to see more yoga for actors!

  2. Hi Adriene! I just need to say that because of you, I have found my love for yoga again. For a year, I was primarily doing buti yoga and I started to feel as if I was just doing another workout rather than yoga. I was constantly comparing myself to other women and feeling disgusted with my body. One day, I had a sudden urge to return to the kind of yoga that makes me feel good and I stumbled upon one of your videos. Instead of thinking "I'll love myself when I lose 10 pounds" and worrying so much about eating a paleo diet (which is highly promoted in the buti yoga community) I started to crave my practice on a more spiritual level, I've been intuitively eating the kinds of foods that serve me, and I took a look in the mirror and saw a girl who is finally learning to love herself. Thank you, Adriene. You have changed my life.


  3. I get a lot of looks when I wear my FWFG t shirt to yoga class. Good quality, comfy t. Washes well. I loved the class with you in Houston thou crowded it was great experience. I may just have to be part of the membership. Love ya girl 🙂

  4. Hi Adriene!

    I have been following your free yoga for about a year now. My intention is to follow your practice every day, and lately I have been fighting to fit this into the spaces of my daily life! I’m getting closer to full dedication each week.

    I wanted to let you know what your videos have really been helping me with! While the yoga byproducts of relaxation and focus have been really helping me, I’m mainly into it for the fitness and body awareness benefits.

    I’ve been riding horses since I was young, but just recently set my sights onto a lifetime goal to compete successfully in eventing. Eventing is an English riding sport with three phases: dressage, riding a specific pattern with an elastic and following horse (much like yoga for horse and rider!), cross country, riding with speed over natural obstacles in the field, and show jumping, a speed round jumping over rails in an arena. This sport requires an athletic, bold, and focused horse and rider pair, with the connection to be elastic and accurate at the same time. My fitness needs A TON of work for me to enter this sport! Focusing on your videos when I can’t ride, since I don’t have my own horse, is incredibly beneficial and I’m grateful that you have so much free content.

    Now that I’ve explained, an idea for a new “Yoga For...” video is Yoga for Equestrians! An odd topic that most of your followers probably won’t understand at first, but if you do some research on the muscle groups that are taxed to the limit when riding, especially with the sport of eventing, you’ll see that riding and yoga aren’t so different!

    Thank you so much for continuing to do what you’re doing!


  5. Yes! Trust you implicitly!
    Excited about January!
    And chakra practice!
    Linda aka Lj ❤️

  6. Yaaaassssss...a new year is almost upon us...will this be the year I break through my self imposed mental blocks...maybe baby! I can't wait for the ya Adrien. Mwah!

  7. Yes...absolutely trust you Adriene.

    I can't wait for your new 30 days video!

    Now it's time to get on the mat for the Yoga for Climbers Session!


  8. Yes! Trust you and love you and your joy and enthusiasm! Loved doing this climber yoga today! Now, I might have to check out rock climbing!

  9. Dear Adriene
    Namaste from the heart:)..You have been my yoga guide for about a year now. There are no words to express my gratitude towards you. Your videos have become my soul saviors. They have given me lot of physical and mental strength and also peace to handle every situation with a sense of balance. Can't thank you enough. Sending you tons of good wishes for happiness and health. And would like to meet you and thank you in person one day..May God bless you always:)

  10. Hi Adriene,
    The student trusts the teacher to teach the truth. The teacher trusts the student to learn and practice. The 7 day chakra class is outstanding! Grace and strength brings hope. I am grateful for your work.

    Kindest regards,
    John C

  11. Dear Adriene, thank you for giving me an inspiring reason to wake up every day and continuously find what feels good. It is a practice and you give me strength with your love and positivity. Seeing your journey over the past few years, I am amazed to see the physical, and of course mental and spiritual, transformation in you. Do you mind sharing how you managed to become more radiant, toned and leaner? I am curious to discover what your daily movement practice is like 🙂 What else do you do besides yoga?

    Lots of love to you and all beings,

  12. Hi Adriene... I am a faithful daily yogi with your videos; however I have injured my right shoulder and am unable to put any pressure on it.. so no down dogs or planks. Can you suggest a yoga practice I could do wouldn't involve my shoulder? I hate to not do yoga while healing!! Thaks.Betsy

    1. Sorry to hear about your shoulder injury, Betsy. Have you tried Adriene's Hands Free Yoga video yet? A few other YWA videos that are hands-free are Yoga for Loneliness, Revolution Day 7, and Revolution Day 22. Those might be helpful during this healing time too.

      Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.

  13. I love this practice. It could just as easily be titled Yoga for Equestrians because it stretches everything that needs to be stretched for riding.

  14. Hi Adriene, this is fantastic! I'm committing to practising every day now. Thank you for your efforts in specialising programs. Could you perhaps come up with a video for kayakers? I dislocated my shoulder a few years ago so plenty of scar tissue and many of my friends have RSI injuries of the forearms, wrists and elbows. Often we are suffering continual tightness in the latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, subscapularis, and teres minor regions. Whitewater kayakers also give all the muscles of the hips and groin a fair bit of hard work as well. Thanks again.

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