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Yoga For Celebrating

We often come to yoga, meditation, and breath in hard times. But this practice is here to remind us that movement can carry us through the high times too! This practice is designed for all occasions of celebration, big and small!

We are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Yoga With Adriene and its worldwide community. A decade of free yoga videos! A decade of international connection and practice. Thank you for being here.

To celebrate this special moment, I designed a yoga mat, block, and cozy bolster! (Two actually!) For the first time ever, I am offering a curation of mats and a few choice props in partnership with Manduka.

Click Here To Shop The Manduka x Yoga With Adriene Collection (while supplies last)

4 comments on “Yoga For Celebrating”

  1. Happy 10th Anniversary Adriene and Chris! I found you 4 years ago. This was another great practice. Yoga has helped me physically and emotionally. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I LOVE exercising with you every day. What fun you make stretching and helping me to be more flexible. Thank you for all you do for so many people around the world.

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