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Yoga For Beginners - 30 Minute Practice

In this 30 minute session for beginners, we will work with breath and other foundational elements to set you up for a sustainable and beneficial practice you enjoy! Set to a good pace, we will focus on form and function to increase flexibility, build strength, and regulate the nervous system. Repeat this session with consistency and watch your breath and body transform.

Yoga is for everyone! The hardest part is showing up.

This class is perfect for all beginners or anyone wanting to move more slowly and mindfully. You will move through breath work, poses for the spine, shoulders and core, as well as standing poses such as warrior two, and more.

Thank you for allowing me to guide you through practice.

9 comments on “Yoga For Beginners - 30 Minute Practice”

  1. This was a lovely practice for all levels of experience. One I shall return to. Thank you.

  2. Hello Adriene, I will be using this video to jumpstart my 30 days of yoga series for the 3rd time. Been practising with ywa for one year now!

  3. Hello Adriene
    Thankyou for the session spent time trying to find a good session yours was the only one I could relate to were you took your time explaining and not rushing through each pose. Will differently be back.

  4. I did this routine 8 years ago and loved it. I got away from doing it and 2 months ago started it as a way to avoid getting a pinched nerve in my neck that I had been experiencing off and on. I went to a chiropractor last year and got relief from it and he encouraged me to do certain exercises and also yoga. The pinched nerve returned 4 months ago and I rested and it went away and then returned and went away. Since then I have been doing this routine 4 to 6 times a week depending on what other exercise or commitments I am doing each week. I find that the routine significantly helps me keep my neck and shoulder muscles relaxed. I really appreciate the way Adriene explains as the routine goes along what to strive for. When I started back two months ago I could not sit up straight and the last few days I have noticed I can. This morning I was able to flex significantly more during certain poses and exercises. I recommended this to a friend and she started doing it too. Thanks so much! of our dogs, Bandit, is usually with me or close by when I do the routine.

  5. I have not done much yoga for years and this is a perfect re-introduction for me. Thank you so much. I love the way you teach; a gentle pace and and clear instructions.

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