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Yoga Camp - Welcome Orientation

Yoga Camp Orientation video! The prologue, the preamble - the video watch before you dive in to your 30 Days Of Yoga Camp with a big open heart. You can. You will. Watch this whole video before you begin.
Let's rock.

Happy New Year my friends!

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24 comments on “Yoga Camp - Welcome Orientation”

  1. I'm soo looking forward to this! The mantras in the calendar are so beautiful and I'm so excited to start this year with some loving yoga!

  2. I'm seeing the video but not the registration or any link to it other than the original 30 Day videos. What am I missing?

  3. I ended 2015 the way I started it - with 30 Days of Yoga. I look forward to continuing with Yoga Camp and I am excited for the great things this will bring for 2016. Thank you Adriene!

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled upon you this morning. I want the physical and mental fitness journey. I'm in!

  5. Hurray for downloads!! Thank you so much!! Will it be donation per video or for the whole lot like last time? Thanks again!

  6. Wow! This is what I need! I got back into yoga last month and I make sure that I meditate everyday. I started reading books like The Power of Now and The Miracle of Mindfulness. I stared paying attention to my thoughts and live in the present moment and it feels good! I'm looking forward to learn so much more! Yoga Camp is right on time! I now truly believe that we are all connected. How did you know that someone, somewhere faraway needs this? Thank you Adrienne!

  7. Feliz Año Nuevo, Adriene!
    Thank you for showing us that each person has their own unique yoga style & how to FWFG in 2015! I'm excited to try the emotional/ mindful approach you address in your Yoga Camp orientation videos... Looks like it will be a good 2016 for YWA!
    Na'maste with YWA! 😉

  8. Hi Adriene! i'm writing from New Zealand, just to wish you a Happy new year, hope life brings you back all the blessings you give to people by doing this you do.
    I love your goofy style and i have been following your videos for a couple of months and it has been wonderful!
    Please let me know if you ever come over to the land of the great white cloud AOTEAROA



  9. I accept... that being in the UK means I'll be doing this a day behind everyone else if I want to practice in the mornings. Loved 30 days of yoga. Looking forward to the new style!

  10. Happy new year!
    I'm so happy to be joining this as it is running 🙂 well excited!
    Last year I stumbled upon your videos through the 30 days of yoga and it truly has been life-changing. I feel so much more balanced physically and mentally since I've started practicing yoga regularly, and your videos have really been the ones I feel most comfortable with. Thank you so much for your generosity!

    Lots of love from Germany,

  11. NEVERMIND! Sorry, hah I found it. Thanks for doing this for us, I'm really excited to give it a try. Just finished 3o days of yoga last month. You're the bees Knees <3

  12. So excited to go to camp! My three young daughters (5 1/2, 4, and 2) all call you "mommy's yoga friend" and that's just how I feel about you! ...hope that doesn't seem creepy... anyway - so thrilled for a new 30 day adventure with all of you!

    if you ever considering heading to the east coast there's always a place for you to stay in Washington, DC!

  13. Thank you Adriene! I have just finished the 30 days of yoga, and I am now joining this new challenge! Your 30 days of yoga (with ad hoc addition of your weight losing series) have helped me losing 2.5 kgs last month. Its really impressive as I did not change my dietary habit at all, and more importantly, I ENJOYED the workout process! Yoga practice is also helping me to soothe my anxiety and stress. Thank you for doing this, your programmes are life-changing.

  14. Hi Adriene

    Are the yoga camp videos still available for download? When I click the link it says page not found. With limited internet access it would be great to have them to hand 🙂 thank you for helping me find my strength again!

  15. Started with 30 day challenge and then revolution. I am now starting Yoga Camp. Did Day 1 today. I will be traveling and hope I can keep up with daily practice as my streak is now 62 days. I'll sub a short session for travel if time is short. Thing is once I start I want to add more.

  16. Hi! I started with your calendars during our Canadian lock down that started in March. I was teaching from home and used your videos to break from my screen at lunch break. I am now addicted and don't miss a day. I even started a little local facebook group to check in each day with your videos. I was wondering if you could recommend a series or calendar that pushes me a little harder? I love the relaxation and stretching, but I'm looking to build strength in my practice with longer, more intense videos. Looking for your favorite playlist in this regard! Thanks for everything you do, and for literally changing my life.

  17. I totally love your video's! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I started with the first 30 days session and now enjoying yoga camp. I feel much better in my body and my mind, soreness is gone, gotten stronger and more flexible really quickly. Also, you are very funny, I'm laughing out loud with almost every video. Thank you so much.

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