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Yoga Camp - Day 9

Yoga Camp - Day 9. Tune in with the breath and cultivate strength with the mantra, I Am Bold. Use this practice to focus on process over product. Practice presence as you move through your yoga asana. Give thanks for this time for yourself. Way to show up! Listen to your body. You are your own best teacher. Be bold, own this time for yourself. Have fun!

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15 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 9”

  1. Awesome! Thank you so much for just being relaxed and playful. it allows me to believe that I can do this well over time and that I do not have to be perfect in my practice as a beginner! Namaste'

  2. I've been a yoga drop-out - flunkie; dare I say and have liked to dislike it for years; {for good reason and with no judgement}. I happened upon this web site via a friend on this day - in between NFL playoff games and yes grateful to say that I enjoyed Day 9 "I am bold" practice and related mantra. Up here in New England I figured "I am cold" might be just as fitting - tee-hee! I may be back - here's to my conscious choice. Bummed the Texans lost - they'll be back too! Rock on - Santone

  3. I love being able to access yoga instruction within the privacy, convenience and comfort of my own home. Thank you. You do an amazing job guiding (me) through your your genuine passion and knowledge of yoga as well as your cute humor...

  4. Tough to do since it's very cold in Chicago where I live and it's one of those days that you do not want to get out of bed on. However the program is such a joy you do not want to miss a day of it. Looking forward to Day 10z

  5. Thank you! I am 9 days late -- but not today -- what a day to begin! It wasn't the way I planned but such is life! I wonder hoe many health coaches starting a business lose track of themselves while in the process?? No judging. I'm back on track so thanks! Be BOLD! Love it and love your philosophy!

  6. Adrienne! You probably hate this question butttt where did you get these leggings?! I have been rocking the super cheap forever 21 leggings and want to step up my game! Thanks sending love <3

  7. I'm starting Yoga Camp late, and have not been able to consistently do it every day, but I wanted to say that, Adriene, you make me want to keep coming back to the mat. And I can proudly say that today, I was able to successfully do extended side-angle pose with the bind for the first time in my life. It is so rewarding to see the tiny bits of progress that come each day with continuing to do Yoga Camp.

  8. I was feeling very adventurous and bold during this day of yoga camp, so I tried closing my eyes as much as possible throughout. It was a cool experience. I thought it would be harder to balance, although to my surprise, I was more connected to my center and more mindful of my foundation (although I did sway side to side in the warriors poses much more, I kept my eyes closed). It actually helped me use the sensations of each pose to arrive in the right shape for me, rather than cranking into the most accurate yogi shapes for the satisfaction of my ego (for example, I always want to bend up way too far in cobra). Closing my eyes allowed me to pay attention to my body, stay focused in each moment, and use my ears to listen to Adriene rather that watching the video too much (usually wondering if I'm doing everything just right). Anyways, I just thought I would share that with whoever is listening ๐Ÿ™‚ Peace, Love, ~namaste'~ jess

  9. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying these yoga sessions, I stumbled upon Adriene in the first week of January when I googled 'yoga for a sore back' and since then I have completed 30 days of yoga and am now working my way through yoga camp. I do other forms of exercise but this is the one I truly look forward to. Being in my mid fifties, I only wish I had found yogawithadriene sooner, her approach is so fresh and fun, while still conveying some super important messages about self love and care and health awareness. It is like inviting a friend in to your home each day for a workout. I think I am driving my friends and family nuts with my 'born again' enthusiasm but they must have got the message as I am told that a new yoga mat is coming my way ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Yoga backslider, chose this to get my game on for my dropped out of classes a year ago. Couldn't even do boat!! Class is great, been practicing on and off all my life (56) and your style is open and kind, and i have learned things that are improving my experience in practice. Obvious that you are a genuine soul. May you feel safe, healthy, happy and live with ease! Peace and grace..

  11. I've been an off and on practitioner of yoga for the last ten years (I started at 13 yrs old, so my dedication wasn't always there) I used to be obese, until 3 years ago we had our son and I made a decision to get healthy, to be better role model, to have more energy, to look like the person I felt like. Starting yoga young helped my developing body with balance, form and posture. Even with long stretches in between practicing yoga, my body still found familiar places in the stretches and I felt healthier and more in tune with who I was inside (I usually felt alienated from my reflection. I felt like a thin girl, but I wasn't. Yoga made my feel light).
    I was coming back to yoga after a long two year stretch of absence when I found your youtube channel. It started with trying to find relief in the morning from my painful back and shoulders due to an old mattress that I could due before work. I loved yoga again! Then I started exploring your other videos and now I am on my 9th day of yoga camp in a row and my third week as a returned yogi. Thank you for the experience you invited me to be a part of!
    I have found I can find the full expression of most poses now that I have dropped my weight. I was 245 pre-pregnancy and am now 140-135 three years later. Taking weight loss slowly and healthily is IMPORTANT girls! Especially if you want it to stick. I was literally laughing during day 2 because of how GOOD my body felt when I found what felt good! I had never looked at yoga like that before so THANK YOU!!!!

  12. I have noticed a change in my body today. I have been sticking to every workout. I made it to day 8 and I am so proud of myself. I'm looking forward to finishing and going on to another challenge. I am bold!!!!

  13. Yoga Camp Day 9 on June 9, 2021. I am bold! I did it with 12 other people around the world at the same time. Start count 751,670 on YouTube and end count 751,682. Wonderful practice!

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