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Yoga Camp - Day 8

Let your hair down, take a break off the arms and wrists. Rejuvenate and restore. The mantra today is I Choose. A subtle but powerful practice, this stretchy, soothing, healing yoga will leave you feeling balanced and open. This half hour yoga practice will assist you in practicing simply being present, focusing on the breath and on where you are at today. Find What Feels Good. Slow it down with this relaxing sequence for the whole body. If there has been anything that is stressing you out or worrying you, choose to let go. Don't hate, meditate, feel great!!! Happy Day 8!

23 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 8”

  1. A day of rest but more of a stretch then one may have thought there would be. Good day. On to day 9.

  2. This was perfect for me today as I didn't manage to fit my yoga in until bedtime. My cat also enjoyed sitting on me in most of the positions. She wasn't so keen on the gomukhasana though, hard to balance on top of that one! Thanks Adriene!

  3. Thank you for a blissed out practice today. The manta in your email was just so inspiring - I choose - to mindfully participate in my day.

    Loving this boot camp - thank you!

  4. Hey there,

    I've been searching for a way to send a message through and don't know where else to post this.

    I'm up to day 8 in your Yoga Camp (Loving it!) and have been reading the emails everyday before I do the practise. But my emails stopped coming after day 7.

    Hoping you can see this and are able to fix the emails, as I love reading them before practise.

    By the way, your yoga videos make me really happy and I love keeping up with a video each day. Keeps my body and mind feeling refreshed and energised for the whole day after practise.

    Love, love, love Yoga Camp.

    1. Same here! I'm really enjoying yoga camp, I'm on day 7 and emails stopped coming after day 6 🙁

  5. Thanks Adriene! I am new to Yoga Camp and at Day 7... Just love your attitude, presentation and lovely aura....oh, and sense of humor! I live in Maine where it is 'wicked' cold right now and enjoy my yoga in front of the wood stove. I have two daughters, one named Adrienne! My other daughter teaches Kundalini yoga. I attend her classes but she is moving so having your camp is a nice transition for's all good! Namaste, Dona

  6. This Yoga camp is a life saver!! I love every day and every mantra!
    and you, dear Adriene, are the best Yoga teacher I've ever had!
    Thank you!!

  7. Thank you for that wonderfully relaxing session. My lower back has been hurting from working at a desk and the cold here In MN. Enjoying Yoga Camp; you are a great yoga teacher. Blessings to you, Adrienne.

  8. Thank you! Perfect way to end the day, and such a beautiful instrumental song at the end. Is it available to download? Love Yoga Camp!!

    1. Yes it is! If you receive the emails, there is always a link at the bottom for downloading by donation! Not sure where else to download. Check her website! 🙂

  9. Great session. I really needed the slower, gentler pace today so great timing! Thank you so much!

  10. This practice is really helping me get back on my feet. I've been feeling better than I have for years and it isn't some euphoria, it's a leveled, thorough kind of "better".
    Thank you!
    And I l love that you are normal and make fun of yourself - I miss that with spiritual teachers often!

  11. This was Just perfect for me! Só happy and grateful that I found you! Thank you so much for this journey. This was one of my favorites session!

    With love,

  12. Hi Adriene,
    thank you for another exquisite day of practice! 🙂 It is like eating a cupcake, l love it!
    I was wondering if you ever considered doing also meditation videos? I know it s meditation and everyone can try by themself, but l think a guided meditation with you will give more motivation and fun to all your Kula! I am l right? Of course! 😉
    Thank you

  13. Thank you again I love every practice whatever it brings. Thank you a
    Adriene for your time xx

  14. Oh, Adriene. What have you done? I never do affirmations, too hippy dippy for me. But 30 Days of Yoga worked really well, so I thought I might as well try Yoga Camp. Tonight I found myself crying when I made my affirmation. I choose contentment. I choose to be happy. I choose to let go of anxiety. But my best choice was in following your videos, Adriene. I’ve never had such a great teacher, even though we’ve never met - affirmative! Namaste xxx

  15. Thank you for your thoughtful video guidance. Each day this far has been uniquely and precisely fitting to my needs. Kind of crazy but I was meant to reset myself on multiple levels and this has been an important part of my journey. I worked hard yesterday demoing our bathroom and this, this is what I needed today!

  16. Adriene - you are a beautiful human being. I am so blessed that I was guided to your online yoga classes. It is important to me that my yoga practice helps me connect to my true self, the energy within. Thank you so much. Namaste.

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