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Yoga Camp - Day 26

Step on your yoga mat to honor your body and thoughts and words for this full 40 min heart practice. Find expansion on the mat today. This yoga sequence is great for digestion and great for anyone suffering from back pain or discomfort. Practice being present with where you are at today.

12 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 26”

  1. I struggled on those forearm planks, for real!! The shake was unreal! But instead of getting upset aND discouraged about it, I held it for as long as possible and laughed when I collapsed. Thank you for teaching me how to let go of those toxic thoughts.
    For my mantra, I said "I attract light and love", and during the middle of the practice, the sun busted through the clouds and was shining all over me and my mat. I just wanted to share that.

  2. Whew!! This practice was so challenging to me (and my shoulders) but you're guidance and openness about loving the journey and being mindful of our bodies is so helpful!! Yoga Camp is seriously fueling a self awareness I have never reached before both physically (heyo left side weaknesses time to join the party) and mentally. Thank You for your skilled, open, and sometimes silly guidance it is such a blessing.

  3. *------Dear Adriene,
    day 25! And i'm still on the mat. Every day ... Never thought it would realy happen, although i felt intrigued by your first lesson.
    So that's the secrete. Every day a lesson about half an hour keeps me going. And having real fun with it!
    Yoga courses i have done in the past where always over 90 min. I understood why, but it wouldn't happen very often on my own. So it always felt like i failed.

    Thank you so much for your very comforting and mindfull lessons.
    This is the best Yoga-feeling i have ever had: I keep on keeping on 😉

    With the best wishes from Cologne/Germany,

    Majon Burger

  4. This practice was lovely, different, and surprised me. I am currently applying to some highly competitive graduate writing programs. So I chose to be bold and focused my mantra on "I attract acceptances." About half way through the practice, during some of the standing work, when we revisited the mantra, I suddenly got the mental image of a single penny shining underwater. You know - like a shiny penny in a fountain? These programs get so many applications. This image just came to me of being the shiny penny in the fountain and I focused on that. Some kind of magic happened, at least in my brain. Hopefully in the universe too.

    You're the best, A.

  5. Thank you Adriene!
    I've been with you through Day 26 and enjoying the practice so much. I really loved today's work. It was challenging and rewarding. I'm so thankful for your approach and the dedication it must have taken to make this camp/channel/practice happen.

    All the best,

  6. Hey Adriene and community! First of all I'd like to give a huge thanks for all your efforts and the fact that I get to harvest and benefit greatly from the results of your work! Thank you so much! I wish I could give back as much as I feel like I'm getting from you Adriene, your crew and the community. I'm on my third (or so) round of yoga camp and today's challenge has always been a tough one for me. I do believe and am willing to (most days at least ;)) accept that what you give is what you get and in adult life it is easy to apply this rule in everyday situations. The exception sometimes being big life altering events such as losing a loved one to soon. But my hiccups whit today's practice is mainly my childhood. I am having major problems understanding what to do with this rule of life when none of it seems to apply to my early days of existence. I try to not take responsibility for what grownups did or did not do that was not okay, but I struggle. And as far as I know, the grownups involved does not. I don't get it. Did I deserve abuse? Did I attract this? Some part of me understands and screams that of course not, stupid, but another part of me cannot seem to get past this feeling. And the evidence stands to this day that I bear the consequences and they don't seem to. I don't mean to dump negativity, and I am
    certainly not looking for sympathy. But I am curious as to whether someone has thoughts around this that could help me past this annoying bump in my logic. So I'm reaching out to people I know are on a journey and are embracing a process of change. I can only hope someone answers. 🙂

    1. Anne's comment was written so long ago that she may never read this, but nevertheless... I was struck by the comment 'of course not, stupid'. That idea that she should have processed all by now is just as much an inner tyrant as the idea that she was responsible. Neither are true of course, but having experienced these thoughts myself, I found that I needed to find a kind nurturing thought character inside who stands up to these tyrants and fights your corner. Sounds strange, I know, but the more you listen to the kind defender, the bigger they grow, and the more the tyrants diminish. The tyrants may never go completely - they may show their miserable little heads from time to time - but your defender is always bigger if you feed him/her regularly, and maybe has a voice like Adrienne!

  7. I am totally blown away and amazed, I’ve been following adriene for about 3 months now and have to admit that I hit the big 60 today! When I started my balance was abismal. I couldn’t stand on one leg without falling over for more than 10 seconds. Today I not only balanced but maintained pose for more than 75% of the time. I am over the moon. Thank you adriene your amazing xxx

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