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Yoga Camp - Day 25

This 28 min practice is fierce and fun and strengthening! Though we continue to tone muscles this yoga sequence also asks you to be strong in your foundation and strong in your breath. You have everything you need. Let's hop on the mat!

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22 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 25”

  1. Hi from San Antonio, Thank you for the camp, Adriene. It's been helping me thur a rough patch. A couple of videos back you mentioned somebody was not pleased with videos and I don't think they got the point but I do. You are definitely a humanist. love you Tammy

  2. I just found your yoga camp videos and feel so sad I wasnt able to start on the first of January. Will these videos stay on Youtube so I can do them even after the camp is finished? Thanks in advance. You really are inspireing!

  3. Loved it but was it hard work. I was pretty stiff in the morning from yesterday's work out so I waited until the evening to do it. Glad I did. I will sleep well tonight.

  4. This one felt more advanced than the others...not that I didn't do it, but the side plank thing is a bear! Thank you!

  5. Hey Adrienne - i'm a little bit behind - doing number 20 today - but totally loving it. I just wanted to say thank you. The vids are great - i think you're ace - and a big reason for that is I love the spirituality you openly and fearlessly incorporate. It's SO refreshing to follow someone who is clearly loving and genuinely desiring the best for her WHOLE self and that of others. The mantras have been incredibly poignant for me. So thanks loads Adrienne - and i hope you feel some of the love coming back! Here's to a truly wonderful 2016 :o) xx

  6. I had fun feeling the heat of the hard work today! And I felt that my vinyasa has become more juicy since yoga camp started 🙂

  7. Hi Adriene,

    I totes love love LOVE your yoga series. Your personality is infectious and so much fun. Yoga can be intimidating, but your spirit just lightens the tension and allows me to be me and be free. These past 25 days have been great because I am going through a period of transition and taking a semester break from my masters program. It was a very hard, but necessary decision. The different mantras each day help me keep my head lifted when I begin to feel like I have failed my self and my educational pursuits. It is great to have daily reminders that I am 'strong, supported, alive, bold, worth it, etc.' Thanks so much for helping my renew my spirit and self confidence.

  8. Hi Adriene!
    Hi from Moscow Russia!

    It’s winter time now and you help me to stay warm. There is no much sun these days and you help me to shine from inside. It wasn’t easy to get used to everyday practice, but I’m almost addicted). I like the way you guide people. Some participants keep saying that it’s too easy. I say, you do it well! You are mindful of the danger of sharp movements. It is so important, especially when you guide people from such distance. And I respect it. Thank you! In fact, even those who want to go deeper, can improve their practice if they would listen of what you’re saying during the practice. You are always encourage people. Maybe it’s time someone to encourage you. Please, keep going!

    Best regards, Julia.

      1. Adriene, then you should also go to Saint Petersburg in Russia too! When I was at the Yale School of Drama, I was lucky enough to participate in The Meyerhold Project. We went (in the middle of winter so I totally agree with Julia!!) and workshopped with members of the Theatre Academy and even performed in the Mariinsky. It was amazing and we saw a lot of shows while we were there...the theatre actors are respected as true stars. And the actors that we worked with were the most versatile and talented that I have ever seen anywhere. 🙂 Thanks for bringing up that happy memory.

  9. Amazing practice!!! Love how you are helping us slowly build a practice from the ground up and the inside out!!! Thanks, Adriene!

  10. I hadn't realized how strengthening Yoga Camp has been until today when I was able to hold my first side plank OF MY LIFE! Thank you so much for challenging me to embrace the best, STRONGEST version of myself through this practice and all the others. 🙂

  11. hi adriene,

    thank you for this practice. I am getting there thanks to your kind and loving approach to life. you are my inspiration.

    yummy and juicy one helloooooooo



  12. Thanks Adriene
    I did Day 24 & Day 25 in one session together...
    Crazy..but wonderful and satisfying!
    I'll come back to the two classes again and again I think
    Natasha (Australia)

  13. Every time I hear the music at the end of a video I get a massive grin across my face, 'YES! I did it. Another day completed!'
    I am loving this practice, it has helped me to balance and re-tune into myself.
    Thank you so much for your guidance

  14. I giggled through todays practise & the challenging parts. Its refreshing to be able to do that while looking after the mind & body. Thank you for a wonderful practise! x

  15. Thanks for the empowerment, today I did many MANY things I never thought I could do and so never tried and what a great feeling! I plan to use day 25's practice whenever I need a little pickmeup or strength work. WOW. Thank you again for sharing with everyone!

    Finding what feels good since 3/1/16!

  16. Feeling like a badass this morning. It's been a rough year and some for me, and seeing the progress my body has made while doing yoga with you is such a wonderful feeling. After years of saying to myself that I wanted to do yoga (but never doing yoga), I stumbled upon your videos and the magic that you radiate captured my attention and didn't let go. Six months and lots of yoga practice later, I can't live without it. The mantras are spot on for me and the energy is just what I need right now (and probably always). Side planks AND a super solid crow?? Yesssss! Thank you, Adriene. My life has been enriched in knowing you. Blessed be.

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