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Yoga Camp - Day 24

Hop on your yoga mat as our journey continues! Use your yoga practice learn about yourself. Delicious yoga for the spine, yoga for tone belly and strong back. Synchronize with the breath, work with slow and controlled movement and continue to grow your practice with Adriene. Today's practice is YUMMY and guides you to take responsibility for own happiness. Write your own story!! Notice how you feel today and tend to it. Enjoy!

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14 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 24”

  1. Dear Adriene, I did miss the point! I was just looking for the physical i guess. Being winter and all. So now I get it and after having company for 7 days and a minor hand surgery, I have hopped back on the yoga camp train.So on your day 23 or so I am now on day 10 as best I can with one hand. Thanks for being there for us. It was plenty physical. I will stick with it. Lorri ( Too Easy)

  2. I did last year's 30 Days of Yoga, but it was months later and not every day. Now that I have been following them on a daily basis since day 1, I am a little sad this is our last week! Thanks for a great start to my year, Adriene! 🙂

  3. Hi Adriene!

    I came across the yoga camp a little late but decided to go for it! I am in day 4 tomorrow and loving it so far. I've been trying to get back into shape and started working out again because I wanna be strong and healthy. However my biggest motivation is my wedding in November!

    Also , you mentioned a yoga camp calendar with the affirmations, how do I get that?

    Thank you!!


  4. Hi Adriene,

    I love your videos, thank you so much for doing them. I've been enjoying yoga camp...seems like a silly question, I just found out I'm pregnant and was wondering if your yoga camp videos are still okay to do? I'll obviously ask my doctor too.

  5. lovely!! it is a fantastic feeling.. I couldnt do crow pose when I was doing the original 30 days of yoga series .. but today ...YES!!! 🙂 Thanks a lot Adriene and your entire team!! Lots of love

  6. I'm where I'm supposed to be: Day 24th and enjoying Yoga Camp so much!! It is how I start my day ❤️
    Looove Lizard pose today. Enormous thanks for all your giving Adriane!! ✨✨
    Cynthia from Mexico City

  7. A particularly wonderful class today Adriene...a great mix. Thanks!
    (I've got to it well after 24 days, but that's how things are rolling at the start of 2016!)

  8. Developing a daily practice through this time with you has made such a difference in how I feel and how I feel about how I look. The mantras have followed me through the day and supported and empowered me like no other affirmation trip I have tried thus far- and i have tried plenty to deal with anxiety that has been a real struggle for-ever. This is helping me deal, and giving me a way to positively begin each day. I will begin it again as I complete the 30 days- thank you so very much for providing this experience. Your down to earth attitude with just the right amount of sass makes me feel I know you- (and I like you)- thanks

  9. Every day I am finding it easier to connect to the mantra, my mind is more open to receiving it.
    Thanks again Adriene! <3 x

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