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Yoga Camp - Day 23

Yoga studies today on your mat. Explore, use the breath, practice with the affirmation and see what happens today. Make this time on your yoga mat today. Take this time for yourself. It is important. Let's hop to it.

Share your experience down below and with #YOGACAMP

13 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 23”

  1. I really enjoyed the hard work of this lesson. We all enjoy the short lesson days but today was so worth it. Day 24-Ready.

  2. Adriene, thank you so much for today. Felt a sense of sadness and disconnect as I came home from work, without really understanding why. Further more, I've found my meditation practise really difficult, thoughts, judgment and analyzings kept showing up.

    Then, I did today's yoga camp. The mantra was extremely hard for me, but so helpful. when we lied down in X shape I started acknowledging what was going on. Obsessive thoughts and judgment are Ego signs for me (or Suboutures signs, for whoever read "Positive Intelligence").
    Thank you for helping me today. I'm very grateful for this practise.

  3. Today,my cat joined me in the star/X position and did a little "upward facing cat". Animals know how to find what feels good. 🙂

    Thank you for this practice and the whole yoga camp. It has been a real joy to practice the asanas and meditate on the mantras.

  4. Yo, Adriene! There are so many words that precede "my journey brought me to your yoga camp" but they are too many, so I leave it to you to feel those 🙂 As I practiced today, I felt it the right day to send you camp greetings. I am secure in knowing that whatever the outcomes, my journey is a spiritual one. Thank you for sharing yourself with us...and for any other campers out there over 55 may I say again...regardless of the outcomes, this journey is a spiritual one...may you all find safety, peace, happiness, joy, and ease in it.! peace n grace. Lee Anne Sunshine

  5. Hey, I just wanna say that I really love this yoga bootcamp. I've never really been into yoga before. I'm very inflexible and even yoga that was purportedly for beginners have been really hard for me. I really appreciate how gentle this has been and that you continually speak about alternatives and encourage participants to find what feels good for them. You mentioned in a video or a post further back that someone complained that these were not hard enough so let me be the opposite one and say, this is great! For people like me, this is just right and I have gotten a lot better from when I started. So thanks 🙂

  6. This mantra came on the perfect day, when insecurities were niggling their way into my mind & I needed to crush them! Thank you Adriene! As always, amazing, warming & beautiful! 😀 x

  7. For some reason I couldn't connect to the comments box yesterday, but I just had to say you had me falling over laughing when you surrounded yourself with 'PUPPIES'. Love it. X

  8. Thank you for everything you do babe. I found your videos only about 6 months ago and now I am finishing up your yoga camp . I loved today . As a correctional officer I always feel like I need to double think everything . But today’s lesson and practice really made me feel secure and ready for the day ahead . You are definitely an inspiration. Keep helping others I believe you really do make a difference .

  9. Wonderful yoga Adrienne. You make my day, really. Such a treat to do yoga with you. Love to you and all.

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