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Yoga Camp - Day 21

You're legal! The mantra for today's yoga video is I Believe. A strong practice that strengthens and tones but also an opportunity to practice with your mantra and watch it unfold. Pranayama practice continues to deepen. Neck and shoulder hygiene, wrist love, hip openers, core work, hip openers, good laughs and a taste of freedom. How as your practice grown since day 1?

Share your experience down below and with #YOGACAMP

32 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 21”

  1. Another song with "I believe" -- Whitney Houston, "I Believe the Children are Our Future"

  2. A perfect day for me after a terrible Day 20. I can fly some more anytime. Looking forward to Day 22.

  3. Hey Adrienne! I love taking part in your yoga camp videos each day! I feel so much better!!! ---although still feeling a little sore after some days. I am a 63 year old grandmother (Marmi), who keeps 2 grands 5 days a week for Mom to teach school. My goal is to be healthy, limber, and strong. I'm also trying to get 10000 steps per I'm on a mission, which I hope to continue. I am a Christian and use your mantras each day in a biblical way. I God. I God. I am able...with God's help. I am so thankful for my health and ability to do these exercises and know that my every breath and strength comes from my Lord. I know I have a responsibility to take care of my body and mind and this yoga camp is helping me so much! Thank you for your precious and playful ways of teaching us. You make each session a pleasure, rather than a chore. I love that you give simple, clear instructions and make it "ok" to not be perfect in form. Thanks again! Looking forward to day # 22!

  4. I really like your practice. I found you on YouTube, but I love the yoga camp...even though I'm only on day six. I am overweight, but strong, and I love how yoga makes me flexible and feeling like I have engaged my whole body, not just numbed out while running or needed an I believe song? Theme from "the greatest American hero". From the 80's. Good mantras today. Not good songs, tho...I'm old school! Lol. thank you for doing this.

  5. Each day, new moves, more agility and body places and abilities discovered. I believe I can do this!

  6. Thank you Adrienne! I'm 73 and enjoying your videos very much, having practiced yoga off and on during my life, am back working for a true daily practice. I modify poses as needed.
    Tried day 21 today of your Yoga Camp. Maybe will do the 30 day challenge. I like your commentary.
    What a gift you're giving!

  7. Savage Garden Affirmation song: i believe in karma what you give is what you get return, , i believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul.... :)))
    love this workout, thank you so much Adriene

  8. Cue the music!!

    I thought love was only true in fairy tales
    Meant for someone else but not for me
    Love was out to get me
    That's the way it seemed
    Disappointment haunted all of my dreams
    Then I saw her face, now I'M A BELIEVER
    Not a trace, of doubt in my mind
    I'm in love, and I'M A BELIEVER

    I love practicing with you, thank you for always making it silly and fun. Inner smile activated. (:

    Love Emilee xoxo

  9. " I believe in a thing called love..." I can't think of the rest of the lyrics, but I couldn't get the tune out of my head! Love your yoga videos. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. I am an actor, too, and it helps me immensely to stay grounded, open, and accepting of whatever is coming next. Again, thank you! Namaste. 🙂

    1. "Just listen to the rhythm of the heart, there's a chance we can make it now. We'll be rocking till the sun goes down ooooh. I believe in a thing called loveee, oooh, GET DOWN!"

  10. An old song, sung by Elvis, Frank Sinatra, the Platters, Frankie Laine and more:
    I believe for every drop of rain that falls
    A flower grows
    I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
    A candle glows .....

    Thanks Adriene for being such an inspiration for physical, mental and spiritual growth AND just for the fun of the moment each time.

  11. Thank you for your videos Adrienne. My 6 month old daughter has been doing yoga alongside me the whole time. I am a little behind having started late and having missed a couple days with a flu-ridden two year old, but thank you. I am taking time for myself and learning my post-two-baby body and learning how to have more patience with myself than I knew possible. Thank you!

  12. I have a song!!
    We believe in God the Father
    We believe in Jesus Christ
    We believe in the Holy Spirt
    And He's given us new life
    We believe in the crucifixion
    We believe that He conquered death
    We believe in the resurrection
    And He's coming back again, we believe..
    ~We Believe~
    By: Newsboys

  13. Holla. I believe I can finish yoga camp. So glad to have found you and get to experience this journey. <3

  14. Adriene,

    I was listening to "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship when I opened the Yoga Camp email for the day. Such a crazy coincidence! Not to mention that I absolutely love your videos and always say aloud "Thanks Adriene!" after every practice. My boyfriend thinks I'm a bit off but you always know how to make me smile so thanks for being an amazing teacher and extremely relatable!

  15. Black as night- Nahko and Medicine for the People
    I believe in the good things coming!

    Hola Adriene, you're amazing and I love to practice and laugh with you 🙂
    Greetings from Poland!

  16. There are so many songs that remind us to believe. My current favourite song is "I Believe" by Soja, featuring Michael Franti and Nahko.

    Lyrics -

    I Believe Lyrics
    By Soja, featuring Michael Franti & Nahko
    from Amid the Noise And Haste

    I believe, I believe
    I believe, I believe
    No matter what you do
    I believe, I believe
    I believe, I believe
    It will all come back to you

    Stand up and find your own way
    Or sit down and wait for your turn
    Follow you vision blindly
    Or just become the vision of someone

    Remove the shackles right now
    You never really fit into 'em at all
    Or keeping running with that metal
    On your feet until you fall

    Everything that you say
    Become the things that you do
    Remember what you put out there is building you
    Remember everything is everything

    I believe, I believe
    I believe, I believe
    No matter what you do
    I believe, I believe
    I believe, I believe
    It will all come back to you

    I kinda been struggling
    The fire on my tongue's been challenging
    But even the wise ones be stumbling
    So pick your heart up here and walk tall

    Bright eyed deliverance
    Everything you say's significant
    So speak your truth, be spirited
    You're beautiful and bold, so carry on

    Everything that you say
    Becomes the things that you do
    Remember what you put out there is building you
    Remember everything is everything

    Everything is everything, every single day
    Remember this in everything you do, everything you say
    In everything you eat and all the people that you meet
    There is life, there is light, that's reflected back on me

    I believe, I believe
    I believe, I believe
    No matter what you do
    I believe, I believe
    I believe, I believe
    It will all come back to you

    Turn your speakers down
    And listen to the silence down below
    That's the messenger
    And that's the only one that really knows

    Turn my music down
    'Cause it's your turn now
    Well it's your turn now
    Oh it's you turn right now

    Remember all that you say
    It becomes all that you do
    Everything that you put out there is building you up
    Or it's breaking you down to the ground

    Well it's your choice now
    Yeah it's your voice now
    It's that same sound

    Everything that you say
    Become the things that you do
    Remember what you put out there is building you
    Remember everything is everything

  17. I believe in the Sun even when it isn't shining and I believe in Love even when there's no one there.

  18. Loving yoga camp. Here's another song made a hit by many people including Elvis: "I Believe (for every drop of rain that falls)".

  19. Any song could be from the 80’s television series, Greatest American Hero.
    Here is a YouTube music video with lyrics. Enjoy!
    I love playing it in the car and singing along.

  20. Day 81 of Yoga With Adriene for me. Loving it.

    ‘I believe in you’ - Kylie Minogue

    /Fredrik from Sweden

  21. I believe that this year we will have good coverage with the covid vaccine and that I'll meet families again and that I will have worth again,

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