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Yoga Camp - Day 20

This yoga practice offers neck and shoulder hygiene, hip openers and a yoga camp core check in. Use the alternate nostril breathing to focus on your breath today. Use your breath to find expansion. Build body awareness and cultivate self love as you increase flexibility and work to live pain free. Release stress and remove anxiety. In the next ten days we will begin to incorporate more pranayama, or yogic breath work. Welcome a happy mind and happy body - let's hop to it. Because you are worth it.

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13 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 20”

  1. Day 20 was a mess for me. Only my fault. My schedule couldn't allow me to do my regular morning practice so doing it after dinner became the only option. After the course is over I will need to go back over the lesson again do it after I digest my food. Ready for Day 21 in the morning.

  2. I have said in the comments here that I am going through a very rough time in my life. I cried through most of this practice today but I feel better and lighter for it. I am so grateful to whatever that lead me here to Yoga Camp right when I needed it most...

  3. Thanks Adriene! I've been doing your videos since last September, pretty much everyday, and its been an amazing and beautiful journey for me! You never get boring, its different and challenging and soothing in equal amounts and you are fun and funny... I've inspired heaps of friends to get into your yoga too (after a good friend of mine recommending you to me!) and often have other humans or animals join in the videos with me! 🙂 Your work is truly valued, thank you so much for sharing, all of the love, Arohanui from Aotearoa xxx Namaste xxx

  4. Today's practise was awesome! I love the mantras, they bring so much positivity to the forefront of my mind & it's an excellent reminder/ learning process for self esteem & love. I am so grateful to have found your practises! Thank you for doing what you do, it has had such a positive effect on my life. Can't wait to continue & I get more inspired & motivated for yoga every day. Much love! <3 xx

  5. I am enjoying every day. Not able to do some movements but am hoping that eventually I will progress on those. Thank you, Adriene, this style of yoga is closer to how I first learned, mindful, positive, and holding.

  6. I loved this video! Thank you Adriene for sharing your gift with us. God bless. Namaste!

  7. Thanks Adriene, as always. I sprained my ankle last week and haven’t done anything for 10 days so I was desperate to get started again. Unfortunately I simply could not assume the starting position so I did my own thing, based on your ever-present alternative ideas. Your funny, gentle, supportive ways give me the confidence to make my own judgement on what I can manage - without doing myself another injury! You are most worthy, my friend. Namaste xxx

  8. Day 20 was Such an emotional and intense day for me!! After 2 years of divorce, trouble at work, a new love and finding myself, I only searched for happiness and am about to find happiness in myself and my life!! And I am so worthy!! Thank you Adriene!!

  9. July of 2108.. This video found me today. I will now add this to one of my regular practices. The front body opening is exactly what I need. Goddess Bless!

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