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Yoga Camp - Day 19

Mind and Body. We don't call these videos yoga for hips, yoga for spine. Yoga Camp takes a whole body approach! Check in with your body and check your thoughts. An approach that requires you to think big picture and cultivate self respect. Go deeper. Build on yesterday's practice. Respect your inner wisdom and hop on the mat!

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6 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 19”

  1. What do you do on a daily basis to prevent your allergies affecting your life, is it a mindful technique and yoga as opposed to medication?

  2. I consciously began my yoga practice about a year and a half ago with a form of yoga I would describe as a more "power yoga". As an athlete, I was drawn to the conscious movement of body, mind, and breath, in a fast "workout" type form. After 8 months of doing this series 2-3 (sometimes 4 or 5!) times per week, I burnt out on this practice. I slowly drifted from yoga altogether, practicing with some videos at home every now and then, but feeling pretty uninspired by what I experienced in the modern yoga world. Knowing that part of this was also just my mindset, I decided to start off this year with a dedicated practice, in which I would focus on just listening to my body. Coincidentally, I also learned about your #yogacamp, and was excited to give it a try, since I've enjoyed your videos from home before as well. What I've discovered in this camp so far is something that speaks to me as "truth": I don't have to power through a practice to feel good about myself. For me, slow, mindful movements with moments of rest interwoven mean more to me than "looking cool in (insert yoga pose here)" or feeling like a badass cause I finally hit that handstand (which was true for me before). And mostly, what I've learned is that, for me, yoga truly is inspired from within: I can build more heat now in mountain pose (here I also have to give a shout out to Qi Gong, which taught me just how much fire you can build within, while still appearing almost motionless from without), than I could before at the height of my practice in boat pose or handstand or crow (etc.). #Yogacamp has been awesome so far, Adriene. Thank you so much for the journey.

  3. Adriene,
    I hope you're feeling proud and respectful of yourself. You've done an absolutely amazing and beautiful thing for the yoga world with your 30 days of Yoga Camp. Congratulations!!
    I just finished Day 19- I Respect. (Loved the Aretha Franklin reference ;)) it's an important thing to learn how to respect ourselves before we can start to expect others to respect us too.
    Be proud. You're fantastic and we all love you, too! 🙂

    Lots of support from me,

  4. I respect. Myself because I know I'm getting stronger through these practices. I will be back tomorrow

  5. I respect my quarantine! Thanks Adriene for giving me a moment away from this Covid-19 madness!!

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