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Yoga Camp - Day 17

Time to focus. You have built a strong foundation here in Yoga Camp! It has been an incredible journey so far. Let's keep going. Go deeper. Notice where you are today and ask yourself if there is an area of your life that could use focus, or a refocusing? This practice will guide you. Peel back a new layer. Or battle a new level. Be patient. Connect to your center. Grow your breath practice. Marry movement to breath, breath to movement. Use this time to connect to your body and your energy.

Yoga Camp continues!

TRUST. Stay focused.

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15 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 17”

  1. Hi Adriene,

    I love your yoga videos. I started them last spring and enjoy them. You are so easy going and encouraging. I just had knee surgery (torn meniscus) so I have been side tracked for the last couple of weeks but I am looking forward to starting the yoga camp videos soon. I will be visiting Austin at the end of March beginning of April for a conference and since I value your opinion, I was wondering if you could recommend some restaurants in the entertainment district (there are so many to choose from!). I look forward to visiting your city and keep up the good work. Namaste.

  2. Fabulous, my whole body was tingling with energy afterwards.
    I love practicing with you girl.

  3. I would love to see your free videos, but am unsure where to find them. I'm yoga I feel like I have some catching up to do before I can take a live class.

  4. This was perfect, with the "I am focused" mantra.

    I just realized earlier today that I probably experience adult ADHD and it is genetic... have been reflecting on the implications on my life - how I can so easily meander...and also be creative...

    "I am focused" is really good. I will keep it well beyond Day 17!

  5. I love practising with you too! Never thought that yoga could do so much good! keep on making these great videos and thanks for sharing!!

  6. Thank you! After being superfocused all day I had time for yoga late at evening before going to bed and it was great. It consluded the day in the very best way. Good Night

  7. This was seriously the best vid you've put out! Mind feels amazingly good after this!! I love all your videos. Best recommendation I've had from a clairvoyant on 'skype' ever. You are down-to-earth and at the same time charming Adriene! Much appreciation from an Aussie living in Norway!!! Doing yoga has helped me turn a corner at this time in my life, really. Much love to you.

  8. I was a yoga newbie, but quickly becoming an addict after doing the 30 Days of Yoga & now Yoga Camp 🙂 I just love you, Adriene, and how you never forget to remind us to be mindful of everything in our body! One strange thing I've discovered is that I breathe "wrong"...I've always inflated my tummy on the exhale & inflated with the inhale! It's taking some practice to get it right, but getting there!

  9. I did some gardening yesterday so today my legs are crazy tight. I lay in bed this morning thinking "I'm too sore for yoga". What!? I got my mind on track real quick and said "I'm too sore not to do yoga". Thank you Adriene, you rock!

  10. I must admit that I got a little bored with the same little sequence in various poses in this video, but I tried my best to believe in the power of it and stick with it because you're the best yoga teacher i can imagine and I have trust in you! 😉
    Maybe I still have to get to the point of understanding this...

  11. I needed this practice today. We had some very sad news and I was upset so so upset but sitting through this practice and breathing was just what my mind and body needed it made me feel calm again. I will use this practice again I am sure. Thank you once again for managing to give me the practice I needed to help me through this sadness xx

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