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Yoga Camp - Day 16

The second half of camp begins! We are taking a day to tap into the joy of yoga in preparation for the next two weeks. This stretchy yoga sequence is short and sweet. Stretch the muscles you toned and strengthened yesterday. Tap into the breath and choose to enjoy! You are doing GREAT.

Share your experience down below and with #YOGACAMP

27 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 16”

  1. Hi Adriene, I have been following your videos for a long time and I am loving your yoga camp. "Find what feels good" is a major part of my motivation and it's always something I think of through the day.
    I would like to pick your brain about doing yoga whilst having a medical condition called Fibromyalgia (which basically consists of being painful to the touch all over my body but mainly pressure points and joints, having a very sore back ( I have a flat spine but sitting up right, laying down just hurts and isn't something I can do, having little movement in my joints) as well as having something similar to arthritis in my right hip (although doctors don't know if it is arthritis) it's always painful, even to the touch, I can't lay on my right side and it's only been recently that I've been able to even walk with my heel on the floor so my hip flexor muscles are very tight, and I don't have a huge range of movement or strength in it or my entire body and I am really wanting to work on that.
    No one else has seemed to know anything that I can do, physiotherapy doesn't work and I really need to get in shape and build strength as I am hoping this will help with my joints and overall quality of life.
    I am 23 so not having the range of movement or strength that normal 23 year olds have is really starting to affect me and I just want to be able to do yoga and workout and not constantly think that I'm going to do more damage or be in bed the following day because it hurts so much.

    I really hope you can give me an idea of what you think would work best. If not then never mind. If you could drop me an email and let me know I would really appreciate any advice or tips you can give me. Or if anyone else has any idea I would really appreciate it.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hi Sophie,
      I know what you're talking about. I have got Fibro too. (over 15 years) I found that Yoga (specificly the way Adriene is doing it, by Find what feels good), is a great way to help.
      The knowledge that there is no way out, but living with it right and find what is right for me here and now is very important for having fun living. 🙂
      And above all, work with your mind, find what feels good there!!! I saw (me and many more) that THE WORK of Bayron Katie helps a lot!
      Being at peace with the way I feel, I found my self doing things I could'nt do. try it!
      And in the bad (and they are ones...) rememmber they do'nt last forever and you allways have your mind! play with it! brith in to your pain and smile with the tears 🙂
      Take care,

    2. Dear Sophie,

      have you tried getting on an all sugarfree diet?

      The first couple of weeks will be a little unpleasant since you really have to change your eating habits: lots of veggies, salads, different nuts and seeds, cocnut, fish, lean meat if you're not a vegatarian and NO rice, bread, pasta, beans, lentils etc. and no fruit :(... Nop fruit is the hardest part, I think (red berries and watermelon are ok though since there is very little sugar in them). BUT: cutting the sugar helps diminish the inflamations in your body and joints that are responsible for the pains you describe.

      Anyhow: you lose nothing in trying for two months or so and if it is of no effect then stop again.

      Good luck to you,
      sending good vibes,

  2. I am primarily a runner, if I do say so myself. Recent events in my life has forced me to be more open and mindful and take stock in my life on a daily basis. With running I was always looking for that next win, that next accomplishment with little regard to recognize what I have just achieved.

    I realized that I needed to take time to slow down and be more present in order to enjoy this one life that I have here on Earth. To take time to breathe, laugh, love, and live this life to my full potential. Your yoga videos have allowed me to do just that. Yoga for me isn't about how far I can stretch of what pose I can hold the longest in. It about finding what feels good to me and FOR me. I thank you for shining your inner light on me and the light within me honors the light within you.

  3. I enjoyed it, like every day, but it was way too short!
    And thank you for all the videos. It really helps me to get back to me, myself and I. They were lost for some time.

  4. Hey Adriene

    Really enjoying doing yoga camp with you.
    Thank you. Helping me through a tough time too me thinks....
    with love from Sunny South Africa

  5. I love your spirit, your spunk, your energy - and even your goofy asides. Your yoga sessions leave me feeling like I really did do something to start my day off right!

  6. Perfect for me today, Adriene--I cannot find words to thank you enough for this camp. Love the postcard, too!

  7. I am so happy that I found you and your videos Adriene! I made it up to here and am so happy. That was what I needed to find my way back to my daily Yoga practice 🙂

    Since the first, na the 2nd video, I think, I try the transition from dog to lunge (sp?) I*m still not able to BUT, beside actually doing it, I do the transition in my mind every so often. To me this is necessary. If my mind knows what the body should do it can give the right signals, no? In the meantime I build up the strength in my upper arms which need to hold me far away from the mat *lol*

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love & namasté
    Andrea, Frankfurt, Germany

  8. Dear Adrienne,
    I am loving 30 days of Yoga Camp. I thank Katrina Kenison's newsletter (celebrating the gift of an ordinary day) for tipping me on to you! I am a seasoned yogi (and weave it in with my work with cardiac patients in their rehab) however a recent injury (picking the ice on my driveway left me with some serious tendonitis in my right wrist) kept me from my regular classes. It's kind of funny, I know what to do but have never made the discipline of getting to my home mat for 30 days straight. I love the idea of your very reasonable 30 minutes (about) per day and it's not doing 10 sun salutations! So, my mat greets me and I have happily stepped on to it at different times during my 16 days (I guess I live in yoga attire!). As I reflect from your post today, it is like camp....I'm not sure where you will take me on any given day but I trust and I enjoy. I am happy to take it easy or ramp it up. Namaste.

  9. I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed yoga camp so far. I am just beginning my practice and have been doing a weekly practice at a studio. This series has helped me to bring yoga into my daily life by guiding my practice at home and I find myself looking forward to this time I have for myself. I also think your instruction and the format of this series is helping me to improve my practice and to deepen my understanding of yoga and of myself. Thank you.

  10. I can't tell you enough how much I am LOVING your second edition of 30 days free yoga (aka yoga camp). You & your team are doing such AMAZING things for SO MANY people around the world!! Never forget how impactful one tiny decision can be for the entire WORLD (also the "us" & "I" if you want to go deeper ;-P ). Thank you for your commitment to your practice & the sacred ancient practice of yoga as well. It's an honor & a privilege to be taking this journey with all of you "To the world you may be but one person, but to one person you may be the whole world!" <3 Namaste

  11. So great, Adriene, thank you.
    I really look forward to Yoga with Adriene each day to start me off before my meditation practice.

    Thank you and your team for sharing your time and enthusiasm.

    Love from Ireland

  12. DAY 16! WOOOO! I really flipping ENJOY Yoga Camp!

    Doing my happy dance.

    Thanks Adriene 🙂

  13. I really needed this today.

    Just want to take a moment to encourage you and tell you what a fantastic job you are doing and how inspirational your videos are.


  14. Some how you always know what I need. Sometimes I need more and do another video of yours.
    I tell a lot of people about your yoga videos. They are much better then going to a class because they are on my time. They also are planned systematically. When Yoga Camp is done I'll have done all three 30 day series. Guess I'll start all over again. Hope you do a new series for 2018. Yesterday was day 76 in a row for me. Just hate the thought of missing a day but it's bound yo happen I guess.

  15. Day 16 of Yoga Camp - my postcard home

    Hello mutha,
    hello papa,
    I'm having fun here
    at camp for yoga

    We've come so far together, me and my friend Adriene. She really motivates me to be the best me. I've been doing yoga with her every day for the whole summer - even while camping. My body feels so much better, my spirit soars. Yoga Camp has been wonderful.


  16. Awesome recovery after yesterday's intense practice! Thank you Adrienne... I've answered all the questions and created my Haiku!

    "Awareness is growing

    While body is moving
    And breath stills our soul"
    -- Barbara Leigh, Curaçao

  17. I love you Adriene.. I write a page of affirmations everyday from the theme of the day. The affirmations are becoming really creative and expanding. Thanks for Yoga Camp and your sweet smiling non stop energy and love ❤

  18. Adriene!! I just want to thank you for taking me on the journey of doing yoga for a consecutive 365 days! I ventured off of your videos occasionally but you were always my go to! I have enjoyed your classes so much! Thank you again. I am continuing on this journey with you by my side!

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