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Yoga Camp - Day 15

Yoga Camp - Day 15. We are half way there! This yoga practice works both mind and body inviting you to connect and create space. Celebrate meeting the halfway mark by opening yourself up to something new. This practice strengthens and lengthens. Open your heart, open your mind, open yourself to all possibilities. Strong attention to the breath in this sequence and a strong return to self exploration. Stick with it! You are doing something challenging and awesome for yourself. Celebrate the half way point and dive in!

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23 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 15”

  1. I love your yoga video's!' My 12-yr old daughter and I do it every day together. We are now at day 7. I love it so much! Never thought I would like it this much. You are a great teacher! Keep making those great vide'os! Thank you!!!

  2. Hello Adriene,
    I love your yoga videos. I do it every day with my 12 year old daughter. We are on day seven now. You are sa great teacher, never thought I would like yoga so much! So keep making thesae great videos 🙂 Thank you!! Love, Carolien

  3. Thank you so much for this yoga camp! I always want to make a New Year's resolution to lose weight and eat healthy. This year I decided not to make a resolution and to just start your yoga camp instead. It has saved me from my usual seasonal depression and winter physical funk. I have so much energy at work and it has improved my job performance because of it! I am really working on focusing on your mantras to improve my self love. I'm not looking forward to Yoga Camp being over 🙁

  4. Hi Adriene,
    I just started your yoga camp 2016 and I already started feeling great. Last year i did your 30 days of yoga in january and I fell in love with yoga and you since then 🙂

    You are a great yoga teacher. This year i am going to continue your online classes after this camp.

    Take care

  5. Dear Adriene,

    A friend, for whom I'm ever grateful, told me about your 30 day yoga challenge. I'm loving every second of it. I've been a student of yoga for over 20 years, but I am recovering from a shoulder injury, and have done very little yoga this past year with the exception of a home practice doing lower body work (no downward dogs, or Chaturanga, etc). I'm not back to where I was, but I am back and even doing downward dog with care (with blocks). You bring joy, hope and delight to my days! I look forward to your lovely and loving presence, along with your excellent explanations, clarity, humor, kindness and skill as a yogin and teacher. You are a gift!. You should know that my dog, a very eager Springer Spaniel, loves doing yoga with me. He's very good at downward dog, of course, but mostly good at hogging my mat and giving me kisses and making me laugh! Nonetheless, I love the luxury of being able to practice at home--even with my dog! Every day your offerings are perfect. Thank you for this very special gift of 30 days of yoga and your gentle and sweet presence. Blessings to you, my new found friend. Thank you, thank you!

  6. I can't thank you enough Adriene! What an AMAZING TEACHER you are and can't believe how much you have helped me in 15 days! I have done a little yoga before but have always felt very inadequate as everyone else in class appeared to do the postures so easily ! You make me have the confidence to try everything at my own level....... And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yoga sessions and can't wait to get on my mat in the mornings knowing I have now the belief in my self ! I am fast approaching my 62 nd birthday and can now honestly say I've never felt better in body, mind or spirit ! THANK YOY ADRIENE what a wonderful gift you are. Namaste

    Caroline from Yorkshire England

  7. Thanks so much Adriene!! You are amazing as always. I am a bit behind with the yoga camp but I am sticking with it. The best part about your teaching is that you seem to know exactly what is going in my mind whenever I attempt to do any pose. You are wonderful! Thanks so much!

  8. Thank you Adriene, my friend! I'm loving yoga camp, Day 15 was lovely, great stretches and also new challenges. I always learn something new from you with each practice and I'm so glad you are willing to do this for all of us!!

    1. Agree completely! I finished day 15 today! I haven't missed a day! I put everything on hold so I can do my yoga! I feel better inside and out. I faithfully did yoga revolution for 31 days and then started yoga camp. I have made yoga a priority thanks to Adriene's amazing lessons!

  9. I just did day 15 today and it was amazing! I am training for a marathon and did a half marathon training event today and I was so stiff and achy but this yoga session has sorted me out and my legs are feeling awesome now. Thanks so much Adriene! Xx

  10. Dear Adriene,

    I take advantage of this Day 15 and its mantra "OPEN" to open up. I discovered your website two months ago, started slowly with the 30 Days of Yoga and then, shifted to this Yoga Camp.
    For me, it has been a life-changing, inspiring experience. I chose to soak up the mantras, light and benefits of all the sessions. I chose to leave my job, that was no longer in line with my aspirations. I adopted clean eating habits (who would have thought I would love chia seeds at breakfast). I roll out the mat each day. My body and mind thank me everyday for this encounter with Yoga.
    Now I have fresh perspectives and I hope for a better life for myself. Most importantly, I am FEARLESS. Somehow, I know I'm on a path to truth, truth to myself.
    You do have "real friends out there". I guess I just wanted to THANK YOU for what you - maybe sometimes unknowingly - bring us all. I hope to attend to a "real live class" someday.
    Take good care,

    Daphne (from France)

  11. Dear Adriene!

    Everyday I am looking forward to get on the mat with you. I feel how my body is waking up and mind finds more peace. I feel more awake, confident and happy. It's been amazing to be a part of your YOGA CAMP!

    I am very thankful,


  12. Yo Adriene...LOL
    I have been trying to get into Yoga for years... You are AMAZING! You really have found a niche and are such a FUN and INSPIRING teacher. I love being a part of your YOGA CAMP!
    I am very thankful for you!


  13. I overall like the yoga mantra and practice. It has helped me develop a more calm and happy mindset. I have suffered with depression and anxiety all my life. But I think the teacher talks and jokes too much sometimes, and distracts and bothers me a lot. But still thank you for developing these yoga practices.

  14. I stopped receiving emails for the yoga camp. it stopped at day 15. can you please send me the rest.

  15. I'm traveling a lot for work in this period and it's difficult to keep up, but even if sometimes a few days late I keep showing up. Thanks Adriene for having brought yoga into my life. Not only the fantastic practice, but most importantly the philosophy. It's having an impact , it's helping me everyday.

  16. THANK YOU ADRIENNE!!! Today's 1/2 way practice was great (missed a couple of days, but I am already feeling the fruits of returning to the mat after a long time! Day 15 - I AM OPEN TO ALL POSSIBILITIES WAS PERFECT!!! I have a long journey to go, yet being in process with you and Yoga Camp is an awesome start to 2018!!!! Namaste!

  17. I have had a sore wrist for nearly 2 years and “breathe into it” as Adriene suggests. I visualize a flow of energy/oxygen swirling around in my wrist and it’s amazing how it works! Thanks Adriene!

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