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Yoga Camp - Day 13

Yoga Camp Day 13. It's your lucky day! Join Adriene for this blend of yummy gentle yoga. You deserve it. Cultivate awareness and find something new through this supportive yin like practice. Tap into your inner smile. Refresh your body and mind with this solid guided home practice. You got this.

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17 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 13”

  1. Nice one today!
    In the "cheer leader" the goal to have both butt cheeks on the mat?
    And of that is not possible it OK to support with a block or towel?

    1. I have a similiar question! I feel as though I'm leaning to either side when doing this pose and I'm wondering if it's more important to be more upright in the pelvis and chest or is it a more important to get the legs into position? Thanks! I'm loving this whole series!

  2. Hello Adriane!
    It is almost my 1st year Yoga Anniversary!! I started and keep doing it when I founded you!! Such a blessed day!! Thank you SO much for all the countless gifts you and yoga bring to my life!! Sending you Lots of Love from Mexico City and I'm loving Yoga Camp!! I'm at day 5 so fare (Christmas vacations at San Francisco haha) but I started doing it there when I can, so back home, and catching up!! Send you all my grattitude!!

  3. Love what you're doing with your voice guidance, I hardly need to watch the video. On another note - could you PLEASE do a video on yoga for infertility? That would be so awesome. Thanks!

  4. Hello Adriene!

    Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring Yoga Camp. I have been going through some depression lately and am finally in a place where I want to practice yoga again, you are making it so enjoyable. Is there any place on your site where I can find adaptations for pregnancy? I am starting to get a belly and cobra on my belly is not advised when I have a big ol' bump. I am easing up on my twists as well, but would love any suggestions for some stomach moves. I doubt you will respond, but it is worth a shot! Peace and love.


  5. Hi Adriene
    I am loving the yoga camp so far, thank you. Do you have any videos you could recommend to help with repairing separated abs from pregnancy? The gap has significantly shrunk over the past year from doing yoga but would like to improve it more.

  6. If I had it my way this would be 365 days of yoga!! I love how u teach yoga so very much!! Thank u for all u do! It's been a little over a year since I've been doing yoga and I truly enjoy ur videos. Today was so yummy!
    Idea maybe do a monthly calendee with ur videos u suggest for each day? Thank u for considering!

  7. I deserve this Yoga practice.
    "Tap into your inner smile" - I really like this sentence.
    Thank you

  8. Hi Adrienne, I have never commented or thanked you for your wonderful practice. I have been following you since I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about your web site. I have started to concentrate on a home practice in order to play more golf. Although I love my yoga classes I have given them up for more strength and weight training. You have been a real blessing to me. I'm 60 years old and your class has made all the difference in my golf game because you have taught me to calm down! It's all between the ears in the game of golf and your practice is such a good mixture of temperament in yoga. Thanks your the best. Julie

  9. Hi Adrienne! Perfect day for lucky 13 and "I Deserve " as a mantra. Drove home in near blizzard conditions here in MN so "easy-peasy" was most welcome! Love Yoga Camp! Thank you for being an inspiration to me.

  10. My first yoga practice after 3 weeks of bronchitis AND a sprained toe; I could not have asked for a more perfectly designed practice. A, you are the best.

  11. I wanted to leave a comment to let you know how much I love your videos. I used to take yoga classes but then moved out of the city, so taking classes was no longer an option. I looked online for a long time for different options and none of them felt right until I found your 30 Days of Yoga series. I completed the program and love that you have a download option. I'm now working thru Yoga Camp. Taking some time each day for a yoga practice is so very nourishing and peaceful. I have to admit that the Yoga Camp series is a bit slow moving for me, so I am taking this opportunity to really listen to my body and be present for the full body experience. So while I may not find it physically challenging, I am working on the mind body connection. Thank you so very much for putting your videos online and creating the YWA community.

  12. Not sure if this is the place to put this but this is the yoga day I am supposed to do today but I am unable because I just finished a half Ironman and can barely move. I was wondering if you can maybe make a post triathlon / marathon yoga class for when you really need to stretch a sore body but would have to basically crawl to the mat to do it.
    Also you are amazing and I am so thankful that you have posted these yoga challenges. I have firbro and an s curve in my spin and this has been a life saver.

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