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Yoga Camp - Day 12

This 20 min practice invites you to the yoga mat to connect and develop your intuition. Ease into it by opening the shoulders, hips and heart. The Day 12 yoga sequence invites a strong connect to your center, assisting with building balance and stability, improving posture and welcome grace.

Trust your practice.

Trust your intuition.

Trust it.

20 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 12”

  1. Hi Adrienne!
    I always follow our videos - most days! Thank you for sharing.
    I am looking for yoga clothing. Would you be ale to share where some brands you recommend to buy from? Thanks!

  2. Am loving yoga camp but stopped receiving the emails on Tuesday! Missing it - please resend!

  3. Today I completed day 5 as I integrate my home practice with my trips to gym. Love working within your yoga instruction and the practice makes me more of a rock star at the group practice at gym

  4. Heart you, Adriene! Going through a tricky time right now and after this I feel fab, like I always do after practicing with you. xo Ali

  5. I can't begin to tell you how much I look forward to this time on the mat. I find myself everyday connecting more to myself. Thank you so much for your time and sharing your practice. Im taking the T into my day today..

  6. Adriene,
    Thank you so very much every day. I am so excited to be on this journey with you of discovering the foundations of poses that in the past I had never been taught. I have been hoping my life would lead me to a place where I would be able to make more sense of the 8 limbs of yoga. Your videos open the door more wider for this experience that I have been craving. As you have said in the past, it is so powerful to be able to connect with self-love while moving your body. Much love to all of the energy and time you have put into designing these camp days for all of us. xo

  7. Day 12 was really invigorating for me this morning. I trust that it's going to be a good day! Thanks for sharing these, Adriene. I've been following you sporadically for a couple of years, but coming back to yoga with this 30 day camp has been so good for me - mind and body. Thanks again!

  8. Adriene, I started following your videos a year ago and never stopped! Your classes are great, very complete to me. Today i've spent the whole day sitting in a chair, writing and looking at the computer, so this practice after all of it was just amazing!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    warm hugs from Brasil

  9. Every day I look forward to rolling out my mat and spending time with myself and you....many thanks and hugs

  10. A few weeks ago, I thought, "I should do a little yoga every day," and I just...did it. I've been an on-and-off practitioner for years, but this is my first consistent home practice. Yoga Camp is helping me so much - and this video got me into Crow, and I haven't been in Crow for years! It was always one of my favorites; it feels like magic. Thank you SO much, and "see you" tomorrow. 😀 xo

  11. Adriene,

    Thank you!!! Today I conquered crow pose for the first time in about 3 years. I am so stoked and can't wait to work on it more. Loving yoga camp, and I wish I would've found this in January instead of March.

    Thanks for all your time and effort. Namaste.

  12. Adriene I am in recovery and have been practicing yoga on n off for 2 years as part of my self care I am so grateful I found your videos. Yoga camp is amazing and helping me to reconnect to self! Yesterday was a rather stressful day and I RELEASE helped me profoundly. I sleep for the first time in a long time peacefully and at ease. God bless you and thank you for being you xx Namaste

    Majella from Ireland x

  13. Adriene, you don't have a man voice at all! Your voice and your videos are refreshingly down-to-earth (so much so that my husband is considering giving this a try). Don't change a thing.

    Thank you for this lovely series. A friend invited me to do Yoga Camp with her and I am so very glad I signed up. Such a treat to get spend this time on the mat every day. My gratitude runs very deep. Namaste.

  14. I trust you A!
    you've been my mentor since I've found you and your yoga videos. I've changed several behaviors and ways of thinking about life. You are my inspiration!!!


  15. Hi Adriene,
    I was wondering if you have any tips on how to build strength to better perform the crow pose? I am so close to getting the balance, but feel like I cannot find that balance--any tips? Thank you for making me fall in love with yoga!!


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