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Yoga Camp - Day 10

This yoga practice is what it is all about. Practice presence. Focus on the sensations and get to know your body, well. Recognize your thought patterns. Dive in with the breath. The mantra today is I Am Present.

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9 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 10”

  1. Day 10 and I'm feeling kinda Zen. My favorite lesson so far. Am enjoying the whole program so much, looking forward to the next 20 days. Thank you Adriene for making this series and for putting them out there. - Namaste. = )

  2. I think I'm enjoying my new yoga practice as much as my cats are. Tonight every downward position resulted in a cat grabbing onto my braid. I may not complete every position, but I laugh a lot. They definitely kept me present.

  3. Adriene, I think you are WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you for taking your
    TIME to serve all our needs. I am wondering if it is at all possible for you to help me focus? I have tried turning off the volume but then I lose what's going on. However, for me to concentrate it's really hard when you start and you talk through the opening session. I really think you are great! But it would really be helpful, if you could reduce your monologue in the beginning. I know you have a million or more viewers ...cause we love ya! But really, it could really help. Thank you.

  4. I enjoy each one of your classes. I am a yoga lover because for me is the way to boost my energy every day..
    I promote your classes will every one I have contact. I have the privilege to work with newcomers to Canada and I think that yoga is a valuable tool to deal with the stress of settled in a new country.
    Thanks so much for all your kindness

  5. A change of pace doing the lesson in the evening. A great way to calm down after the work. Think I will be a bit sore tomorrow morning in the upper legs.

  6. Awesome practice for Day 10! I love the mantra, I've saved this video among my fave ever!
    Thanks for sharing all this with us! Namaste!

  7. Pure awesomeness! But, I was sorry to hear about your "wreck"...? I was in a car accident about a month ago and taking care of myself afterwards is part of what lead me to this practice with that I adore and is truly helping me with SAD too. I hope you are well, Adrienne. Merci from France and Namaste.

  8. Agree with all the above. Is there a best ever? Only every time! But I couldn’t feel fully present as I was staying with a family member, so will repeat this one when I get home tomorrow. After a long drive in the car, I’ll really be looking forward to it. Thanks again, wonderful Adriene, for helping me to unpack. You know what I mean. xxx

  9. Hello Adriene! I'm writing you from french province of Canada to send you my gratitude for your generous Yoga journeys! It is pure wellness!

    With my baby at home, it's the best. Even when I have to stop the video for a diaper, food or a big big hug. I cross the finger that soon she will make Yoga with me on HER mat! The cutest thing is that sometimes, the "almost-two-years-old" girls is already making the dog and other figures too!

    Merci beaucoup!

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