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Yoga Camp - Day 1

Yoga Camp - Day 1! As we begin the journey to connecting to our body, trimming up, shaping up and loving ourself for who we truly are - we start with the Day 1 mantra, I accept. Ease into it. Enjoy.

And we are off!

76 comments on “Yoga Camp - Day 1”

  1. Hi! So excited to start the yoga camp! Loved day 1! And your precious 30 days which I just finished dec 31 🙂

    Just curious when day 2 of yoga camp will be posted?!

  2. Hey Adriene! First of all, thank you very much for creating the Yoga Camp program 🙂 I am grateful that I found your youtube channel, it's just awesome!
    I subscribed for the Yoga Camp but somehow I haven't received any email yesterday nor today (maybe it's normal but I just want to be sure).
    Much Love 🙂

      1. Wow - I've not seen someone else with my name, or the exact same spelling, before. It is unusual!

  3. That was awesome, Adrienne and Chris! Thanks so much for giving this to everyone. I am excited to continue. I have been really looking to expand my yoga to give to my SELF and not just to my body. The whole package!! You have hit the nail on the head and much gratitude to you!

  4. I've just finished a 30 day challenge today and I thought that I was not going to start anything new for a while as I really have to have a strict focus on my life now. However, I checked back to your channel and saw #yogacamp. I just couldn't miss tuning on for the first time, finally, live for this experience. I'm truly hopeful that this will support me on my new path. Thank you, Adriene, I loved today's mantra, the exercise for the body and a mind, your newsletter and the calendar! I trust you! I'm coming back tomorrow! 🙂 <3

  5. you're wonderful!

    I've been practising to your videos for more than a year now and i love it.

    love from Switzerland

  6. Hello,

    lot's of love from Belgium! Because of the time zone difference, I was planning to follow this yoga camp with one day delay, to be sure to have the mail and the video in the morning, to start my day with. I was waiting all day for the email to come, but didn't receive it (yet?). I didn't know where to ask otherwise... is it possible to check this out for me? I really enjoy the emails as an 'extra' to the yoga, so I would like to have them both... I look forward to start tomorrow morning!

  7. Loved the first video of yoga camp! Truly felt like i connected to the body and soul :)Cant wait for tomorrow!

  8. was so nice to slow down and the mantra was just what I needed to today so thanks looking forward to 30 days with you

  9. Thank you so much for putting this together Adriene! You really make yoga fun and educational! I have been recommending everyone to visit your website since I started following you last year.

  10. I love how nourishing this is. Most yoga videos start off so hard and it's all about progressing. It's nice that this focuses on mindfulness, compassion and acceptance. Can't wait to learn more about myself through this process!

  11. I re-did the original 30 day programmevent in September and totally loved it but it's great to have something new to get stuck into! Great way to ease back in to yoga after a break (since end of October eeeek!). Hopefully the 30 days will help to recreate the habit. Thank you Adriene x ❤

  12. Thank you so much for this amazing journey ahead of us.
    My boyfriend just left on New Year's Eve for France for 5 months and I want to take this time to focus on myself and what feels good physically and mentally. I'm a yoga beginner but I feel like I can do this and I want to embark on this adventure with you. Thank you for sharing with us and and supporting me for this next month. Looking forward to it!

  13. It was a great video today! I just started following you 2 weeks ago and I am new to yoga. Let me be honest, I'm new to a daily exercise routine as well. But I want to change which is why I am doing YogaCamp as a start. Since I started doing yoga I have experienced some lower back pains. I did you video for this and it helped a lot, but there is still minor pain. Is this just because I'm new to yoga and I am now using muscles that I'm not used to using? Does anyone have any advice on this or how to ease the pain?

  14. Thank you. Today's yoga, Day 1, was wonderful. I'm looking forward to doing this series with this wonderful community.

  15. Great first day! I am so excited for setting time aside for myself every day. What a great way to usher in 2016!

  16. Can't wait for 2nd day of yoga camp, peace and love to everyone involved from little ol RI! <3

  17. Thank you.
    I loved doing it .I am curious what I may discover during the next 29 days : )

  18. I have never done a yoga challenge but looking for a way to motivate me to bring my practice out of a studio and into my home and in life in a bigger way. The mental part, is always what I have trouble with while practicing at home so I was so happy to find that is a part of practice with yoga camp. Thank you for being thoughtful and sharing this with everyone. I think it will help a lot of people.

  19. Started a day Late, but this was such a peaceful beginning! Looking forward to the next 29 days! Feeling grateful! Thanks Adriene!

  20. I have tried yoga in the past and have always felt out of place...this made me feel amazing! I am looking forward to this series with you.

  21. Thank you Adriene. That was my first yoga video ever and you made it fun. I like the pace and I like being able to follow your voice without watching the video the whole time. I appreciate you posting these videos! Is there a special diet that you recommend to compliment yoga?

  22. This was amazing :D! I am looking forward to the other 29 days together! Lets start 2016 perfectly :)! I feel so happy, so alive and o-so balanced. Guys, lets hop on the mat together again. See you tomorrow.

  23. Hi Adrienne
    Thank you!
    Just wondering if the yoga camp daily videos can be released earlier in the day for the benefit of those across the Atlantic?
    That would be great!

  24. My 13 year old stepdaughter and I are enjoying this 30-day yoga practice. IT's a special moment of the day for both of us. Thank you Adriene, looking forward to practicing with you again today as we are a few hours ahead from you. Cheers from Sao Paulo, Brazil!

  25. Thank you for the 2016 program. Last years program was wonderful. I had such a void in my day when it ended. The Yoga Camp is a great way to start off the New Year and get everyone over the post Holiday blues.

  26. Thank you so much Adriene. You are truly and awesome human being. Much love and gratitude to you ❤️ xx

  27. Loved this video. It was a great way to ease back into yoga after not having practiced in a while looking forward to being in this journey with you and the FWFG community.

    Peace, love and happiness!

  28. Blessings to you Adriene! My best friend Cheryl told me about your yoga camp, and I love how it is keeping me aware of body and breath! You are fabulous! Thank you Adriene!

  29. Just finished the Day 1 video. As a complete first-timer, I actually found this to be kind of enjoyable. I was worried that my wrists and shoulder wouldn't be able to cope, especially after a few minutes in (both have been surgically repaired), but it wasn't so bad. Any recommendations to ease the wrist pain though when on all fours?

  30. Ahhh! I had a 4 day break from my practise over new years and your new challenge is the perfect way to get back into a daily practise! A yummy fresh start! Thanks so much, Arohanui from Aotearoa!!! <3 xxxx

  31. Dear Adriene! I loved your 30d yoga introduction. It was so inspiring and rewarding. I finished it in December and was a bit worried about how to continue my yoga trainig. So it was such a nice surprise that you're now doing a sequel! Thank you very much! You are awesome and it's really a world-changer for me to be able to go on this on-line journey with you.. I don't have the time to go to a gym, but still want to learn as much as possible about yoga.
    So thank you very much!

    Best wishes from Victoria (from Sweden!)

  32. My Adriene, how you have grown this past year! Your cadence is smoother, your voice calmer, your instruction clearer. Thank you for a wonderful reintroduction to Yoga with Adriene.

  33. I also just finished the 30 day yoga with Adriene course. loved it, and recommended it to friends. I'm looking forward to this new challenge and am very grateful for your teachings and friendly style. Thank you.

  34. Hello! I came across your videos yesterday then signed up for the 30 day camp and am so excited! I am going through a hard time right now and your positive energy is so encouraging. Exactly what I need right now...thank you so very much for all that you do.

  35. Hi Adriene, I've just done day one of the yoga camp. I am so excited about the next month! I've had a tough time this last year and your videos have helped me a lot but this time, with the mantras, I think I'm going to really make some personal progress that I have been needing. Thank you for all your hard work! Best wishes from Barcelona!

  36. Hi Adrienne! I am from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia - hyped about this Yoga Camp....For various reasons I haven't been able to jump in in January.... Will I be able to do this in Feb? I really hope that the answer is YES!!

    Much gratitude for your amazing gifts that you share ..... You are utterly inspirational & I loved the 30 day program so much last year that i kept it up for 6 months!!

    If you can let me know - I would be thrilled xoxo

  37. My dear,
    In the midst of hate, I found there was, within me, an invincible love.
    In the midst of tears, I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.
    In the midst of chaos, I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.
    I realized, through it all, that…
    In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
    And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.

    Truly yours,
    Albert Camus”

    Indeed, Adriene, you enable me to find my own good heart. Thank you from Malawi. Namaste

  38. Loved the workout. I am looking for something to supplement my weekly lesson and this is perfect! Thank you.


  39. Hello, I just started doing yoga today. Because I was looking for a way to help me be more relaxed and help me be in better shape for my kids and for my wedding. I also, been having a lot of back pain since my daughter was born last year and my son was born in 2014. I know I am starting late on the yoga camp but I just heard about this today. So far by doing day 1 I have felt more relaxed than I have been in 2 years.

  40. I just started the 30 day Yoga Camp today and I ❤️ it can't wait to see what day ✌️ has in store!

  41. Just completed the first day....this video is amazing! I have tried yoga several times but could never complete an entire session. I was able to do this and I am feeling very much accomplished! Thank you so much. I am looking forward to the second day!

  42. Just completed day one, really feeing good to start gently after a knee injury...really noticing the changes in my body and accepting where I am. Namaste

  43. Hello Adriene from Australia. I'm so excited to find this amazing yoga challenge. Many thanks for this opportunity - lets get bendy. 😉

  44. Hi Adriene! Also connecting all the way from Australia following the Slow Your Home podcast. I started Yoga Camp a month or so ago but got distracted... so here I am to start again! I am loving all your vids and snippets online - you are incredibly generous, full of gentle wisdom and just so much fun - thank you for being awesome you!

  45. Hello Adriene,

    I love, love, love your videos. I am 52 and went back to college a couple years ago. I needed one credit to meet the full-time course load and saw a yoga class as an acceptable choice. I was so excited and absolutely loved the class. The teacher was amazing and encouraging with a sweet, calming voice, like you. After a couple weeks of class (1 hour sessions x 2 per week) I was amazed at the results I could feel in my body. I actually felt stronger just walking and doing every day things and the sore shoulder I had been battling, which I thought may be a hindrance to my success in yoga eventually became stronger and pain free. I accomplished touching my toes in only a couple weeks. And thrill, of all thrills, I eventually conquered an unassisted back bend and head stand! I couldn't even do those things as a child! Our final exam was to lead a 10 - 15 pose session which I loved and rocked it! My teacher actually encouraged me to consider getting licensed to teach.

    That said, I have been searching for 2 years to find yoga videos to do at home with no luck. They were either super annoying voices or what I have dubbed "yogaerobics!" If not that, it was complicated positions like they were showing off what THEY could do, not try to teach you the art of yoga. I was taught in class to hold poses and focus on breathing while you are holding them. These videos out there were horrible!! Ha!

    That is when a friend on Facebook posted a connection to your videos. Now, I wish yoga could help with procrastination... 🙂 because it has been a few weeks since I found you, but yesterday, I promised myself I would start you today...and I did. I am doing your 30 day yoga camp and it was PERFECT for this old lady to get reacquainted with yoga and her not so up to par muscles again.

    I am a Merchandising Assistant in a major retail store and the stress is what has gotten me to finally, literally get off the couch from watching Netflix, and take care of my body. I am stressed, tired and ache from head to toe. I am only 52 years young and will not accept this condition in my body any longer!! 🙂

    Thank you, for making these available, for your dedication to yoga and just for being you! I look forward to working through your 30-day yoga camp and then continuing on with your other videos.


    Your newest fan, Julia from Jacksonville, North Carolina

  46. I actually enjoyed every single second of that session. That never happend for me before in yoga. Thank you Adriene, you rock.

  47. That was lovely and inspiring. I'm looking forward to the next days. Thank you so much for giving this wonderful practice.

  48. Just completed Day 1 after having Adriene recommended by a friend who suffers from an autoimmune disorder, as well as anxiety, just like myself. This was very calming, affirming, and centering. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  49. Aloha Adriene!
    For a long time, I have been trying to make yoga part of my daily routine. I have been in and out of the yoga journey for a few years. I am trying once again to adopt the lifestyle and not quit this time. I am fully enjoying your practice. I really like the movement you make part of the poses. Thank you for making yoga accessible! _/\_ Namaste

  50. I am very excited to be embarking on this journey with you tomorrow. I have been following your morning routine for the last week, and am excited to start feeling even better. Thank you Adriene for being able to motivate me every day! 🙂

  51. I am so very pleased that you were recommended to me.
    Your videos, easy going nature, and fantastic teachings have helped me change my life. In January I will turn 40, a number to which I have been prisoner, for a decade. I am a wife and mother to four with a new grandson and an aging, dependant father. Life has been difficult for the last 5 years as we deal with my father's ailing health, and the riggers of everyday life.
    So, feeling I needed some peace and tranquillity in my life, I started looking for that change. Your videos are helping me achieve my goal! Wanting to do yoga, but being overweight and having limited time and space I always found an "excuse" not to start. My grounded, sweet, soft souled friend told me about your videos and convinced me that my time is NOW. So I took her advise & started with your beginner video. And imagine my surprise when I found a passion I had no idea I wanted or needed in my life!
    I am 3 months in now, and even my husband has noticed a difference. He says I am calmer and more at ease with our very hectic life.
    I started your yoga camp today needing to push myself. The first day "I accept" is EXACTLY where I now am in my life. Thank you Adrienne for being a part of this peaceful and healthy new me. 40 is just a number after all. 😉
    Namaste friend.

  52. Adriene, thanks for sharing!! Very excited to start. Question;my right arm is approx . 4 in. Shorter than my left arm due to annold injury. I find it difficult to he in alignment. Any duggestions? A block is to thick!

  53. Thank you Adriene. What a beautiful start to the day. You video was so soothing and motivating. I am looking forward to this journey.


  54. Bonjour, je viens de terminer le yoga revolution . Je commence donc ma première journée du yoga camp. C'est super. Merci

  55. I've just finished YogaRevolution and I was delighted when I figured out that I can continue with YogaCamp. <3
    I can tell positive vibrations are all around! 🙂 Namaste Adrienne, you rock :**

  56. You are a rockstar Adriene. I just turned 58 on Saturday, Jan 20th and began searching for your 30-day Yoga and came across YogaCamp and said "Whoo hooo!" Although yesterday I accidentally did another yoga video of yours... also great... I have started Yoga Camp Day 1 -- I Accept today! Calendar printed and ready to check of our daily practices. I love what you do and how you do it... your connection through video to your audience is awe-mazing!!! Looking forward to the Yoga Camp journey (as my tight and twisted and soft muscles so need to be connected once again!) Thank you from the heart and soul... you were born for this!!! <3

  57. I am 66 years old. I have done quite a bit of inner work and have tried yoga before but it didn't ever stick. Now, however, after completing the 30 Days series and starting on this one, I seem to be stuck with you and appear to be unable to leave!! Sooo happy about that and send this with immense gratitude.

    With much love and thanks from South Africa

  58. Lovely practice. It is so revealing to start this series again. After almost a year of practicing with you, I was surprised to see how much my practice has improved in the past year. It was also surprising how much a slow, seemingly simple practice like this first session still challenges me in many ways.

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