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Yoga For Abs - 6 Minute Abs Workout

A quick and mindful Yoga for Abs Workout! You can do this sequence alone or before or after your regular yoga practice. Connect to your center and learn to move from the inside out! Build strength in your core, find a supportive posture and relief in your lower back!

12 comments on “Yoga For Abs - 6 Minute Abs Workout”

  1. Hi Adriene,
    Great video, thank you so much!
    I have a video request: might you be able to post a video of yoga for people with a sprained ankle? I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and I am really struggling with my absence of exercise. Could you give me some suggestions on how to stay strong, fit, and healthy through a yoga practice that doesn't put too much strain on my ankle? I know it's a challenge, but maybe you can help me!
    Thanks so much,
    you be you,

  2. I would LOOOOVE a "Yoga for Butts" video. I have been trying to tone my butt (or should I say lack of butt lol) for the longest time, but have found it to be quite a struggle. I feel that my body responds best to yoga and the like, so I would love to see a routine centered around toning the glutes, please and thanks! Keep up the good work and thank you for all of your help and direction!

  3. […] Internal massage: This is a great yoga move for massaging the digestive tract. Sit cross-legged with your hands on your knees. Rotate your body from the waist up in one big round circle, inhaling as you come to the front and exhaling, pulling your chin into your chest, as you rotate toward the back. Repeat this several times before reversing your direction. This feels amazing! Still not sure how it’s done? It’s the first move in this yoga sequence.   […]

  4. Hi Adriene,

    Love the videos!

    Is there any chance you could do one for toning the triceps please? Would love to get rid of the wings!

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Love the workout! I would love to learn how to tone my stomach and keep it tight with not a lot of belly fat.

  6. This is one of my favorites that I do when I don't have tons of time or to tack on to a longer workout. Thanks Adriene!

  7. I been doing your 30day yoga ,just love it ,it’s relaxing and dose good , i’d love to tighten my abs any yoga pointers

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