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Wild Thing Pose - Foundations of Yoga

Yoga With Adriene gone WILD. Happy Halloween! Get in the spirit and try Wild Thing yoga pose on your yoga mat. A little spooky inspiration to get you motivated towards your mat! Open your heart. Be mindful. Enjoy!!!! Mwahahahaha! #YWAWILD

7 comments on “Wild Thing Pose - Foundations of Yoga”

  1. Hi Adriene

    Thank you so so much for this video. This was the first time that I managed to open up and swing my arm at least halfway above my head. I'm not able to go all the way yet but this is a huuuuge step for me! Yay!

    Thanks so much!

    Many greetings from Germany

    PS: I love your videos, don't you ever stop! 😉

  2. I am just starting and I am having some issues with where to begin and pain in poses. My shoulders are so tight even the set up for downward facing dog hurts. Also in mojntain pose i feel pain near my sciatic nerve. I want to make yoga apart of my everyday and I LOVE your videos. Any advice you could offer would help.

  3. I love your yoga videos, and I adore your personality. Thanks for making yoga fun and for making jokes during those challenging poses. You really help this beginner learn and enjoy her time on the mat.
    Hopefully I will master this pose one day!

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