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What Should You Wear For Yoga? VLOG

I have been getting a lot of great questions lately!

Thank you to those who take the time to write and to those who are brave to ask questions! Sometimes you just want to ask someone where they got their yoga pants and how much did they cost, right? Also, perhaps you are not in public classes and you are practicing yoga from home (with Yoga With Adriene -duh) and you need further explanation on what she means by tuck your pelvis or brighten your feet.

Here we tackle: Yoga pants, Yoga Anatomy and even a little Natural Remedy for the summer skeeters.

Hope you learn a little and enjoy this episode of the Yoga with Adriene Vlog! Be apart of the conversation, send your inquires and questions in!



11 comments on “What Should You Wear For Yoga? VLOG”

  1. Hello Adrience! I'm 17 this year and im somehow new with your channel but i feel very comfortable after practising the yoga series with you!! It doesnt fail to make me feel good for sweating after a good workout!! I'm trying to shed few pounds:( I'm 161cm and im kinda chubby, roughly 55kg>< I would like to shed off 6kg of my weight:( So i have qn like how much calories does it burn for (this video) and (this video)? and how would you suggest me to schedule my workout for a week? Approximatey how many times a week or is it really up to my freedom?:) I would really appreciate it if you could take time to reply my comment^^ your channel is amazing^^ and i would definitely continue to practise the yoga with you!:) THANKS IN ADVANCE!!/

  2. Hi Adriene,
    I love your website. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    I really like the flow videos but I have a bad right knee that howls at me when I try to do the runners lunges. I have tried to adjust my stance, bending the knee less, bending the knee more, no avail. (It also bothers me in the easy pose but there I'm able to adjust with pillows to sit comfortably.)
    Do you suggestions for what I can do instead of the lunges and still use the flow videos? I am coming back to the mat after many years and I am quite frustrated that I have to stop and wait for the next asana so I don't end up in constant pain after coming off the mat. That sort of defeats the flow, if you know what I mean...Your help would be appreciated.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Adriene

    I am 53 and started practicing yoga with your videos about 2 months ago. I have a job where I stand up all day and am finding that, I guess due to gravity, my lower back is really sore by the end of my shift. My shoulders and chest are really sore and stiff sore also. When I get out of bed in the morning I feel like I am 100 years old. lol What kind of yoga exercises can I do at work to help with all the stiff and soreness without having to get on the the floor to do them. lol Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    1. I am 56. Besides regular maintaining a regular Yoga practice, doing planks and back stretches to keep your Core and back strong, I also recommend wearing Dansko Shoes. I wear them 12-13 hours a day as I work in a hospital and am on my feet for most of my shift. They make huge difference. No back issues.

      1. Yes I too wear Dansko Shoes and have for over ten years. I work 12 hours at the hospital (walking 90% of my day) caring for patients. I also wear them in regular life. They come in great patterns and because they last for years without breaking down, unlike typical athletic and walking shoes, they end up being a better investment. My knees and hips don't hurt when I wear them all day.

  4. Hi Adriene, I want to thank you for all that you do. I never enjoyed yoga until I found your videos. I hope you are always willing to share because they are a gift. I also love your yoga pants ;). I figured I should invest in some now that I enjoy yoga. Can you please tell me where you get your pants? I've been scouring the Internet!! Thanks.


  5. Hi Adriene,

    I'll start with my question and then tell you a little about myself because I feel like I know you from your videos and so it's only fair that I share something with you, too. Not that it matters. But that's how I feel since I run around the world talking about "Adriene" like you're my best friend. My question is: Where DO you get your yoga pants? I admire how neat and original so many of them are in your videos. Where do I go to get nice yoga pants that don't break the bank?

    As promised, a bit about me and how I found your practice: I have been practicing yoga for about 8 years or so and I was using Dave Farmar's power yoga podcasts for my home practice until I discovered you in May 2015. I originally thought that your practice moved too slow for me (I started yoga-ing a couple times a day beginning in 2012 after I got a nasty stress fracture in my tibia and so I was trying to do a fast-paced hard-core super duper power exercise to replace my 60 miles a week--ha!), but I came back to your channel one day when I began adjunct teaching and was so tired and time constrained that I felt starved of exercise. Then you saved me from going off the deep end. I quickly came to love all your videos and I even continue with my own thing when your videos end... I just keep going, making up whatever I want. I think that's really special that you can get people to do that. Huckleberry, my dog, always comes and lies by my yoga mat (or on it) while I am listening to you so I think that's a good sign too.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping me sane.

  6. Your not chubby. And even if you was that is not a reason to practice yoga. I started out practising as a means of working out but the years has tougher me that that is not what yoga is about. Get to know and love that body of yours through all her cycles. Get to know and use your breath. Go within girl, your beautiful ❤️

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