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What Is Vinyasa?

The Yoga With Adriene community has questions! Today we tackle the many meanings of Vinyasa! Join the conversation. Go deeper. The journey is the reward.

7 comments on “What Is Vinyasa?”

  1. I follow the 30 day yoga classes. I'm at day 21! Now I found out what is Vinyasa. Finally...

    Every morning 6.30 I go with a smile to my new yoga mat. Thank you for all the insparation.

    X Anouk from Holland

  2. I am feeling like maybe it is time again to to give yoga another try.....But as tempting as vinyasa (or flow?) will probably work out best for me if I start out with the foundation series. My Reboot can come at a much much later time. New subject. Didn't think of this the other day.....Is there such a thing as a yoga warm up routine? Like what runners do before they run? I am thinking of something like the two movements you do at the beginning of the video along with maybe.....some mild stretches. These movements could probably be arranged in a flow. Seems that such a routine would be great to do before getting into the main yoga program or for those days that one is just out of sorts. It would be an excellent morning start to the day. Cheers.

  3. Vinyasa Yoga takes the idea of flowing breath and synchronicity to a new level. Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit word meaning, "flow," and the flowing movements from one position to another are the essence of the many forms that constitute Vinyasa yoga practice.

  4. Adriene,

    "We're not just yoga robots." You nailed it. I sometimes find snooty yogis in class...until they fart!

    Thought perhaps for the funny people like me, you could tackle the issue of inadvertent silent laughter which upsets our breathing, thus causing injuries?

    I hurt my left neck and upper shoulder today in the shoulder-stand (laughing at myself). How should I deal with the ache and get back on track again? What specific poses/stretches should I do?

    Thanks so much for your time.


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