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TRUE - Orientation

Here we are.

Here we go.

You are here because, for whatever reason, you signed up to go on a 30 Day Yoga Journey.

When I really pause to think about it I realize how incredibly awesome it is for you to say “yes, count me in.”

To open your mind and commit to this at home yoga practice is to open your mind and commit to getting closer to your true self.

This experience is designed to take you on a journey.

Your job is to drop what you think you know about yoga and keep showing up.

Today is orientation day! A day to get organized, commit, and prepare to begin your new at home yoga practice tomorrow.

I’ve invited everyone to tell us where they are from and how they are feeling in the YouTube comment section today! Drop me a line there and say hello to your fellow yogis across the globe.

Tomorrow’s theme is motive - we will get clear. So use today as a “free day” to do some housekeeping, tell your people what you are doing and respect your commitment to this experience.

Orientation day check list:

  • Subscribe to the YWA YouTube channel if you haven’t already.
  • Join the private online community here for accountability, inspiration, and laughs. There is a dedicated circle for the 30 Day Journey!
  • Write down a little intention, if you like. Remember, showing up is the hardest part. Once you get on your mat - I got your back.
  • Download your calendar.
  • Share with your friends! It’s free, it’s fun, and it connects you to your true self while connecting to humanity. Beautiful.

Use #YWATRUE to share your experience!

New year, true you.

The message is clear. You don’t need fixing, you don’t need to waste energy searching for tools to help you get what you don’t have. You have everything you need.

We have already begun.

Your humble friend and faithful guide,


PS: Got a little teary as I write this and as this project launches. It is made with so much love and I hope you can trust me, trust yourself, and lean way in to feel the deep love you deserve.

66 comments on “TRUE - Orientation”

  1. A couple years ago I was going thru a rough patch in my marriage. And I feel like doing your yoga challenge help me in ways I didn't expect. Well now two years later we are doing well. But I'm feeling like I've lost a little of myself, with doing all my kids activities. I want to find me again. So here I am. 🙂 I'm from North California

    1. January 9th and just did day 1. If I make it through this, I will be doing previous 30 day challenges.
      I just read an article on how starting resolutions on Jan 1st rarely work anyway. So excited to begin.

  2. Hi! Signing in from the uk! Three days into the new year but already watched a few of your videos- THANK YOU!

  3. Waterdown, Ontario
    So far so good.
    Was introduced to YWA while on a golf vacation in Palm Desert California with friends.
    Enjoying the challenge and setting myself up for success and peace.



  4. Thank you for the fresh new videos and calendar! My fiance and I started practicing with you last summer and cant wait to dive back in for 2018! This will be a great way to start the year humble and focused on practice.

  5. My New Year's resolution after a 2017 full of loss and heartache: become an even better version of myself, for myself. Thanks so much for your support, Adriene <3

  6. I'm just now starting January 4th. I started my yoga journey with Adriene in August, when I developed health issues. Now I am still doing my yoga challenges and I started lifting weights as well. It all started with yoga. Thank you Adriene for your yoga challenges. I'm looking forward to more yoga this year!!!

  7. You are a beautiful soul Adriene. Thanks for sharing this. I just had the first day class and taking and honouring your guidance with gratitude for the other 29.


  8. I recently moved to a new country, an opportunity I’ve been hoping for for a long time. But now that I’m here, living it, I’m struggling to find the meaning behind it, and my purpose. Hoping to find some patience with this practice- to be content not always having the answers and to trust myself and what lies ahead.

  9. I did one of your 30 Day Yoga series in the past, and I loved it! Already feeling more grounded in myself after Day 1. Thank you Adrienne!

  10. Hi , it's January 5th I am starting a little ate. I saw you on Rachel Ray and loved your energy. I have never done yoga for more than a couple days at a time. I like the way I feel after I do it so I am looking to being a part of this community and following your 30 days of yoga calendar. Thank you for sharing this opportunity.

  11. Starting a little late, but that’s ok with me 🙂 I’m doing this because for the last few years, my time has been dedicated to helping my husband’s career progress, now we’ve finally reached our goals and it’s time to give back to myself. And I’m very much looking forward to this journey.

  12. Starting late, but excited! A friend from the UK told me about you about a year ago. I did a few videos and loved them, but then got off track during the rest of 2017. I just thought "what can I do to start my daily yoga practice"? Came back to your website and found this challenge- PERFECT!
    Greetings from a very COLD Chicago! 🙂

  13. Hello from Boston! Thank you for all your wonderful videos Adriene. I love yoga and it always leaves me feeling calm and centered. I've never gotten into a regular rhythm, though, and I'm hoping to build the discipline to do yoga daily. I'm coming in a few days late but happy to join in in on the journey!

  14. Hi from Brisbane, Australia.
    My wife and I start the day with your Yoga Journey ... PERFECT
    95 °F here during our January days so early mornings are better.
    Thank you Adriene...

  15. Hi Adriene,

    I've been learning from you for a few years now and so appreciate the freedom, sense of humour and authenticity you bring to your work. Jumping on board (albeit a bit late) to commit to finding my way back into my body (first year classroom teaching...need I say more?)

    Thank you for sharing well, you, and your practice with all of us!

    Melissa (Canada)

    1. Good for you Melissa. I teach pre-school in New Zealand and YWA has helped me so much, in attitude, fitness and mental and physical health. All the best for your journey, Nikki x

  16. Hello from Nicaragua!!!

    I just want to say thank you Adriene for all what you do.


  17. Hello from a very rainy Washington!!!

    I'm in my second year at Western Washington. I've been watching your videos for about a year now and I've never looked back. You're incredible warmth and welcoming presence has ensured my yoga practice is always a safe place. No matter what is going on in my world my practice always grounds me. Starting pretty late, day one for me! But none the less I am very excited to learn and explore more about who I am throughout this journey.

    Thank you so much Adriene!

  18. Hi joining late too from New Zealand. Was hanging out for the new year, new programme. Thank you for reminding me how cool it is to love myself. Kiwi culture is amazing at a lot of things, self love unfortunately is in need of a bit of nurturing. I think a lot flows on from self love eg yoga ( I can't call it exercise as it's so much more the way you teach it!) healthy eating, positive attitude and for me a biggy, assertiveness and learning to say NO and not feel guilty. Arohanui/ lots of love xx

  19. Dear Adriene,
    This is just a little note to say thank you. Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga sessions. Thank you for your thoughts and wishes. Thank you for the motivation. I am really addicted to what you are doing.
    Warm regards from Switzerland,

  20. Hello! Joining today, from Brazil. I love the way you teach, this week I'm making deep observation and finding my reasons to do yoga again, maybe a little late but I'm with you! Namaste _/\_

  21. Hi!

    I am loving this journey so far 🙂

    I missed a few days here and there and am currently on Day 14. I considered doubling up a few days to make up for the ones I missed. Would you recommend doubling up to stay on track with the 30 days, or doing 1 a day and just being a bit behind?


    Katherine S

  22. Hi, I am only starting now...but hey, never too late.
    How do I subscribe for the daily emails? Can I do this even now?

    Solidarity to all from Greece!

  23. So...I preface my comment with the fact that I proclaimed myself as a yoga hater. I tried it a couple of times and never really liked it. My regular workout routine is high energy and high impact - step, Zumba, and muscle sculpt. I am currently suffering from plantar fasciitis and so had planned to take a month off of my regular routine to recover. At the same time a friend of mine posted this 30 day challenge on FB looking for people to join her in the quest. Perfect timing. Why not? I accepted her challenge. forward to day 19 and I'm still here. I almost look forward to each session. Some poses are a challenge for my foot (so I'm not sure its getting the total rest it needs) but I do the best I can. I think this yoga is the perfect addition to my regular routine. Thanks Adriene. Keep up the awesome videos!!

  24. Better late to join than never!!! Looking forward to this!!! Thank you Adriene for sharing your obvious passion and self with us!!

  25. Better (super) late than never!! I've been following your YouTube videos for a few months now, in addition to my regular workout routine. So excited to start a full 30 days with this program, and hoping this aids in my journey of self discovery and deepens my knowledge and passion for yoga.

    Greeting from Chicago!

  26. I'm so late to this party but a friend of mine recommended this programme as we were chatting about yoga, and how I really want to get into a 'habit' of daily practice. So, Day one for me will be Jan 24th!

    I'm from Kent, England.

  27. Loving and really feeling this journey. Thank you, Adriene!

    I wish I was getting the daily emails to go with the practice. I signed up 3 times and did the confirmation emails. Nothing else has come in, even in junk folder. Any advice?

  28. 23rd Jan, first day this morning. Cried all the way through ( I really needed to!) thank you so much, see you tomorrow

  29. Hi all fellow yoggies! I'm on day 12 now.
    I've already joined this journey but without watching orientation.
    Now I just watched the orientation and I'm writing this.
    Thank Adriene for home yoga videos on YouTube.
    Such an awesome channel.

    From South Korea

  30. Hello from Connecticut! I've been having trouble showing up since September. When I do, it makes me so happy and it's always a Yoga With Adriene video. I tell everyone they should I'm in, will start tomorrow...providing the flu doesn't get me first! You are my yoga angel!!

  31. I don't feel like I'm late. That's one of the benefits of working out at home. I'm recovering from a fall and realized that I have to "recover from a FALL," not a fall off of something, just over.
    I may not do the 30 days all in a row; though I will try, but I will do them because I don't want to be that person who says "I used to" every time something physical is mentioned... at least, not until I'm twice my current age, and maybe not even then. I don't want to fall again because my balance is so poor. I don't want to need recovery from a fall that didn't involve any serious accident. I want my body to be flexible and resilient, able to keep me up, or able to manage a fall such that it causes less damage. I want to be able to recover faster as well, the strength of my body giving strength to my healing.
    I know that a single workout challenge can't do that, but I've had my wake up call, and I've found my goal.

  32. I'm happy to be getting started today, January 25th. I had to wait 7 weeks after a fall and fractured pelvis to get the go-ahead to resume regular daily activities without y crutches, and this is the activity I was most looking forward to.

  33. How do I sign up for the daily emails.... I receive the weekly but not the daily emails for TRUE

    1. Beth, I was wondering the same thing. I signed up for the weekly emails, and I clicked the link to manage preferences (in the confirmation email). Under preferences, there was an option to click weekly and/or True. Just changed it to include True, so hopefully that means I'll get the daily emails. Maybe try it and see if it works for you too?

  34. Hi! I have been following your TRUE yoga practice without knowing that there are daily emails attached! I just subscribed to the TRUE Yoga channel but I can't figure out how to receive your emails. I feel like I am missing a VERY important part of the practice. Please help? (:

  35. I have recently decided to make a few changes in my daily routine as well as life... I heard about your site but never actually came around to find it till this morning. I am of course very late but I am excited about starting!

  36. Hi there, I have received emails from day 1-7 but then the emails stopped. Since I only started the yoga journey today is there a chance to still receive the emails from day 8 onwards? Thanks for your help 🙂

  37. Started today 1/30/18. Better late than never! I've done many YWA's, and saw this 30 day journey today, so I decided to join in. I'm from California near Yosemite National Park. I am a mother of 4, and a stepmother of 2, ranging in ages 17-15 months. In addition to mom/housekeeper/ wife, I sell wine for a local family vineyard, and I am a server at one of the best restaurant's in town! My hope is to find love of myself, empowerment, balance, and self accountability.

  38. I may be super late now but well it's better late than never right? Hihi anyway i was hoping i could still receive those daily mails from adriene. Hope you had a great week y'all.

  39. I love your 30 Day challenges and have finished two in the past. I found this one a couple days ago and I am so excited to start today, Feb 1st, as MY first day. You're never late with her challenges...just get started! Thank you so much Adrienne 🙂

  40. How has it taken me this long to discover you!? Thanking the heavens for the neck and shoulder pain that sent me your way! I so appreciate the upbeat/optimistic energy and genuineness you bring to your videos. I'm obviously coming late to the game, but as fate would have it I'm hitting reset with a 30day Whole Foods cleanse. This Truth journey will be the perfect companion! I'm excited for the phisical and mental balance bolth will bring! Thank you for making this content available to all. You are a doll! ❤️

    Ps. Benji is the spittin image of my cousin's childhood dog. He went everywhere with us! Seeing Benji made my heart smile

  41. I'm starting this tomorrow. I know it ran a while back but I've heard of your work so I found your website and this looked like a good place to start. Will comment as I go.
    I know this was an email thing but I'll just read the blog posts in the right order. Tomorrow is 1 June so that works out nicely.

  42. Greetings everyone, I'm thrilled about the TRUE- 30 Day Journey. I want more consistency in my life during this pandemic. I also want to dig into my truest desires and goals. I'm practicing yoga from my home in Los Angeles. Be well.

  43. Just starting 30 Day Yoga Journey as I move into winter and Solstice and create an atmosphere that shields me from the commercial holiday barrage. Living in Washington, DC and missing my 3-day-a-week yoga sessions at my senior wellness center, one in every Ward in DC and free. Excited to get yoga back into my practice on a DAILY basis. Autumn love in the time of Covid and political craziness to everyone.

  44. It’s 2:40am and am starting my journey here. Am looking for sustainable healthy change & growth by develop self love, deeper awareness and connect with a community of like minded individuals so that I can live a deeper, more meaningful, sincere, and impactful life of self love, goodness, and well being.

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