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TRUE - Day 9 - Open

Open your eyes to the beauty around you, open your mind to the wonders of life, open your heart to those who love you, and always be true to yourself. Maya Angelou

Where am I today?

Open your mind.
Open your heart.

In today’s practice the asana vocabulary grows and I invite you to layer the mindfulness on thick.


How present can I be, today?

How thick is the veil, today?

The practice of simply being present on my mat offers me the tools to both accept where I am today and to be open.

Open to catching a new wave, a new break.
Open to all possibilities.
Open to forgiveness and healing.
Open to the fact that yes, those are your muscles showing up to say, “I got you and hello.”

It’s week two and today’s practice is designed to help keep you in the game.

This is usually where the mind starts to want to let it go.

Don’t toss in the TRUE towel!

Remember your motive.

Your commitment to this regular time for yourself.

Your mission to show up and circle back to what feels like the true bad ass you.

So deeply.

See you on the mat!

With Love,


PS: I already made us a shirt. DUH. Stay tuned for details!

PPS: Here are your practice lengths for the next three days! Put it on your calendar. We got this!

Day 10 – Detox – 26m
Day 11 – Soften – 17m
Day 12 – Center – 26m

17 comments on “TRUE - Day 9 - Open”

  1. "Bring it on down to shavasana town," is my new favorite! Will totally be using that quote all week.

  2. I feel totally floored by the Christmas overindulgence, really hoping I can find the motivation to get on the mat tomorrow 🙂

  3. Adriene you are a wise, generous, kind-hearted soul. I have benefited immensely from doing yoga at home watching your videos. I am stronger, more fit, more confident, and have better balance. I am also more flexible and feel like I have opened up space in my chest and joints. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi Adriene,
    you are really helping me get more into a home practice with yoga. I am wondering: do you feel it is 'sufficient' to stay fit just to do yoga? I mean do you do Cardio? My Fitbit never recognized 'active minutes' for yoga, so I always feel I have to do cardio, and specifically a workout class, as well.

    Warm wishes from Nova Scotia (where it is cold)!

  5. I must admit that sometimes I feel tempted to follow Benji. He’s adorable 🙂
    Thank you for the videos and the positive energy!

  6. Thankyou Adrienne - you make me smile every time. It feels like doing yoga each day with a dear friend. I’m so greatful for your spirit. I’ve told so many people about your site. You are loved!

  7. Hi Adriene-you get so many comments that I doubt you read them, but I’ll add mine anyway.
    I’m a middle age man with back problems and I discovered You while looking for yoga for back pain.
    Ever since you became a part of my life. Almost every day has to start with YWA. It not only that you are a great instructor and have great imagination needed to create different lessons. It is that these videos show you personality and you come across so real. Your “weird” comments make you true and you little jokes are so funny. I especially enjoyed the ones in your early videos. Your smile lights up the room. And of course there is Benji. A day started without YWA is not going well for me.
    Thank You Adriene and please continue so we can all do YogaWithAdriene.

  8. Sometimes I think you can read my mind. Always saying just what I need to hear. Thanks for today!

  9. It's been a few, alright more than a few, days since my last practice. Today's session felt so good. I could feel my body relaxing into the flow. Looking forward to the next day of TRUE.

  10. Hi Adriene, I am following your 30 day plan and I absolutely love it! It is so well-explained and every day I am excited to start. You have a way of combining the serious with humour, fun and kindness which makes all the difference for me. So, big thank you! Namaste. Eline

  11. I just finished this nice practice and I must thank you, Adrienne And the way Benji came to sit on the mat at the beginning was soooo sweet!

  12. Day 10!!¨(in 12 days) and I cannot believe that this 'faddy' girl is sticking with it and it is the way you teach THANK YOU. I am loving it.

  13. Adriene - you are a gem, an international treasure! I love your yoga videos and all the silly things you say so naturally that make me giggle, smirk or outright snort laughing. Keep sharing the 'real you' please and thank you. Love to you and Benji 😉

  14. Thank you for suggesting to pad the lowered knee today during longer poses on the mat. I have been doing this for some time due to being overweight. I never thought to fold my mat over - I keep a couple foam squares from my kids' floor mat puzzle nearby!

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