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TRUE - Day 8 - Salve

When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace.

Grab a blanket and a pillow for today’s 30 min Yoga Salve.

Today’s relaxing practice honors the wisdom of the body!

Designed to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Day 8 is a real treat!

Also known as, Day 8 - Don't hate. Meditate. Feel Great.

Today's practice is a yummy and restorative session.

Continue to build awareness and find ease through pranayama.

For today’s practice, choose to let go of the things that feel hard, tight or restricted.

Two rules of thumb today:

1. Breathe your ass off.

Keep returning to your breath.
Exercise that muscle of returning to your breath, your spirit.
Inhale to fill your cup.
Exhale to let of of tension and stress.

2. Enjoy… your ass off.
Relax, connect to subtle body AND the big picture. (You’ll see.)
Relish in this therapeutic practice.

Week two, here we go!

Tomorrow’s practice is 25 minutes and invites you to open up to the unimaginable.


PS: As promised.

17 comments on “TRUE - Day 8 - Salve”

  1. Hi Adriene when I start True I was feeling quite good even at the end of every day when I said namaste my eyes start to cry as happyness but now I cannot feel exactly like three days ago what’s happening to me
    Also sorry for my language if I am wrong, I am trying to learn English too

  2. Thank you. This felt right for my day and my true feelings came up after a long day of burying them in work and chores. Much love for all that you do in the name of finding what feels good.

  3. Hi Adriene, Greetings from the Peak District, UK.
    have been searching for months for a suitable yoga program that I can do at home and then I found you! I started your 30 day TRUE program and I absolutely love it!
    I have committed to the 30 days with you and just wanted to thank you for a wonderful program - it has helped me tremendously! I am totally hooked and am finding some much needed self love. Love the soothing body and soul sessions!

  4. Hi Adriene,

    Thank you for all the yoga you give us and for the wonderfull pictures of Benji.
    I can't stop laughing, he's just gorgeous... ; )

    Have a nice day!

    See you on the mat.


  5. Thank you so much for this restorative practice, it took away my headache! I was away from the yoga mat and FWFG since I had a baby 8 months ago and I'm ver happy to come back to it, it feels like meeting with an old friend again to see your TRUE videos Adriene! your success is really well deserved. Cheers from Bordeaux France

  6. Dislocated my knee on the Day 2--trying to trampoline wasn't a great idea for me. But I could do this one and will incorporate some of it into my teaching least most of these postures I can still demonstrate. Plus we all need a little more slow down and soothe if you ask me. Love

  7. Adrienne, I'm quite behind and just now doing Day 8. I had done your 30 Day challenge in the early fall. Then my dad passed away and I wasn't able to focus enough to even do yoga 🙁

    But I'm back! I love this True series. Thank you!

    From Canada.

  8. Adriene and Benji After a bad night sleep thanks to my beautiful three year old I really didn’t have the energy for Yoga but thanks to you decided to do it anyway because I know I can do it in my pace without guilt. And magically the one I pick is this one! Perfectly tuned for my energy level and as always I step away from the mat energised, happier and with that feeling of a small ball of content in the middle of my stomach. Thank you and namaste ❤️

  9. On a rainy but warm Monday morning, day 8 has been the perfect soothing yet recharging practice I needed. So glad I logged on and I thank you Adrienne for your loving warm nurturing of mind, soul and body.

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