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TRUE - Day 7 - Salud

In our struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we possess. Dalai Lama

A toast.

To you!

To me!

To us!

Jai Namaste!

Big cheers today for making it to the one week mark of this 30 Day Yoga Journey.

Tomorrow is a restorative day so I invite you to stick with me and dive into today’s practice with a willingness and ease.

Trust the flow.

Today's yoga practice invites sun salutations and vinyasa, or mindful yoga flow.

We will get the heart rate up and focus on insight through repetition.

We will work up a to a bit of heat today which can test your limits.

Today’s practice is great for the body but also designed to help you notice your deeply ingrained patterns in all their glory.

To provide back up on the mat today:

Listen to your gut and find one thing to bow to, toast to…

Then move with that intention and trust the flow.

Today’s session is designed to be a bit of a cleansing ritual and celebratory practice.

It will also refocus the mind and keep you on track for your journey! (Just incase the mind is busy or playing tricks on you.) Stick with it! You got this.

Cheers to your health!

I bow to you!


Your friend and yoga guide,


PS: What would you say if I told you I was making us a TRUE shirt? I think we need one.

PPS: Here are your updated practice lengths! Tomorrow’s session is a solid 30 and you are going to wish it was longer.

25 comments on “TRUE - Day 7 - Salud”

  1. Yes! We definitely need a True tshirt. Celebrate this amazing journey. Much love. Xxxx

  2. I am In love with this journey! Thank you so much for helping me find what feels good and being so encouraging. I love That your videos are available any time and I can Repeat them.

    A T-shirt.....that sounds fabulous!

  3. Hi Adriene,
    I‘ve joined this wonderful 30 day yoga journey from Germany, and I‘m loving every video so far! Thank you so much for your guidance and all your work .

    I don‘t know if I got this wrong, but I thought I was supposed to get an email every day to accompany that day‘s session? I have not received any after the very first „welcome to TRUE“ mail. Am I missing something or did I just understand incorrectly?

    Anyway, thanks again for this journey. What a gift!
    Love, Tanja ❤️

  4. found this more challenging today and noticed that I tend to withdraw when it starts getting more demanding. So, facing that one and sticking with the test! xxx

  5. Yes to a TRUE shirt! I just ordered myself a FWFG T as a treat for making it one week in our 30 day journey. Thank you for getting me to my mat every day!

  6. After a Christmas-time cold, I still have congestion making the faster flow of yesterday and today a little nauseating. I guess that can happen when moving up and down? Is that right? Any suggestions? I used to get nauseated doing cat-cow repeats but focused breathing has minimized its affect.

  7. This was one of my favourite practices to date- so refreshing, thank you! A big yes to the T-shirts!

  8. Staying focused while my kids fight over legos is hard, but I'm loving the challenge of focusing over the kid-static and the challenge of working through the poses at your speed.

    I am in love with this challenge and very much appreciate the time and energy you've put into creating these terrific videos for us!! Salud!

  9. A TRUE t-shirt would be awesome! Today's practice was a lot of fun. Looking forward to tomorrow's!

  10. Thank you for making me fall in love with yoga again! Looking forward to the rest of this journey! A

    And a t-shirt would be amazing!!

    ☺️ Angela

  11. will your summer retreat be in Austin ? If yes around what month? Just trying to get some Seattle women on top already !

  12. I have tried yoga several times in the past and i have never been able to find focus or find what feels good. Thank you Adriene for your guidance and humour throughout this journey. Thank you for encouraging everyone to just show up as they are with no pressure to look or be a certain way. I am loving this journey and feeling amazing. So thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    PS a shirt would be the bees knees. So excited.

  13. Day 7 was fabulous!!! I loved the consistency of the repetition! I don't get that kind of repetition ever in my day with my work so it felt like heaven today! Owned it today and loved every minute!!! I'm ready to do this one again!!!

  14. I say cheers to a True tshirt!!!! Adriene, along with the others here, I have fallen in love with a yoga practice. I have sporadically enjoyed yoga through my 20s, but never came across someone who sparked my interest and made me feel a 'connect' to the practice, to myself and to the teacher like you do! I love the at home practice and hope to one day make it out to a live session.
    Thank you for igniting light and fire in me. Thank you for being true. Thank you for an amazing practice that anyone and everyone can follow and love.


  15. Hi Adrienne,
    Thank you so much again for this practice. I love how your teaching builds up from one practice to the other. You also taught me to take all these intentions off my mat, now I inhale love in and out at random times during my day !!
    Thank you so much for all this positivity and love !!
    Annabelle XXX

  16. I am a little bit behind, but really loving this series. Much love to you, Adriene! This is wonderful, important part of my journey toward self love and oneness. Thank you.

  17. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I know its crazy but this is the longest I've ever been able to stick with yoga! You are awesome!!!

  18. Hi Adriene, I'm really loving this series but I've recently had a problem that I would like to share as I hope you might have some advises on how to avoid it in the future. The day after this practice I woke up with a severe sharp chest wall pain when breathing in. I was super scared as this had never occurred to me before and I ended up in ER for a suspected pneumothorax. Luckily, it was just a musculoskeletal chest pain. Is this common in yoga practice? What can I do to ensure it won't happen again? Thank you!

  19. You are a gift to me, for something I must have done good. God Bless You Always.

  20. Thank you, Adriene. I've done "yoga" in the past and it was good, but it was more about exercise and sweating, not inner energies. I am very grateful for your program!

  21. What a wonderful 7th day.
    This is not daily for me, however, I am commenting each time I complete a day.
    For the first time yoga feels like self love.

    Thank you

  22. You are amazing! thanks for sharing your time and love with us from all over the world <3

  23. THANK YOU Adriene, first time i comment. But no the first time i want to say THX.

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