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TRUE - Day 6 - Kindle

Why should you practice yoga? To kindle the fire within yourself. Everyone has a dormant spark of divinity in them which has to be fanned into flame. BKS Iyengar

Happy Day 6!

Today’s practice is an invitation to kindle your inner fire.

For me, it’s okay to want to get strong and feel fit.

But my relationship to yoga has taught me that it is about always seeking strength in a way that is not destructive or depleting.

Harder faster stronger might strengthen my core but what is it doing to my spine, my neck, and my soul?

Get centered as you get strong.

Consider the practice of spiraling inward toward your core values and what matters most.

Not just mindless ab workouts.

Heads up:

Choose to give the thinking mind a break and be thankful for this experience with your body and your breath.

Getting strong (okay swole) is a by product of you leaning in with that inner smile to spend some time with yourself today.

Adjust when you need to.

Meet your appropriate edge.


Take stock.

I believe there is also room in yoga to really pay attention to ways in which you can stoke the inner fire that is unique to you.

Making it your own, modifying as needed and really getting to know the muscles of your core can be a huge and humbling wake up call.

Ah, but if you lean in with love, you will find a great and supportive journey lies in front of you.

One that will keep your back strong and spirit light. One that helps you notice what really matters most and what really feels good.

Ignite! Uncover! Fan your flames!

Meet your appropriate edge today. Do your best and remember this is about spending quality time exploring your connection to your body and your breath.The strength comes from that.

Tomorrow, we toast to one week together! (25 min practice)

Your friend and admirer,


20 comments on “TRUE - Day 6 - Kindle”

  1. I love the new series and the song at the end just makes my body do this happiness dance! 🙂
    What is the name of the song? Shazam won't recognize it....

  2. Really enjoyed the practice today, a little hot as it was 37C , here at home, Perth Western Australia 🙂

  3. Adriene I just want to thank you. I've been practicing yoga "with you" for a few months now and you are an amazing guide. My life/attitude has changed immensely. I love your silliness, reminds me of myself. I appreciate you. Thank you again.

  4. Honestly, you are so cute and a great guide as I restart my physical journey after a back injury. Thank you

  5. Thank you Adriene!

    I'm so grateful I found your site. These are fantastic videos, excellent pace, great poses, simply perfect!

    I really appreciate that you are offering these for free.

    What a find! I will see you every day now.


  6. Hi Adriene,

    I am on peritoneal dialysis and waiting for a kidney transplant. This practice with you is changing my life. I have more of a sense of hope due to the health and well being that I feel after just a few daily sessions with you. I feel stronger, happier, energized, hungry again, and sleeping like a baby, (doing the dialysis treatments using a cycler machine while I sleep).

    Thank you, and happy NEW year!!!

    1. Teresa! You are my hero. I am so glad to hear this and admire your strength and grace! I'm with you and sending you good vibrations and solid hope for a successful and smooth outcome! Namaste and Happy NEW Year!


  7. Oof. Today was hard. My left knee can't comfortably bend that deeply yet. My right shoulder also cranky. I modified as I could with pillow under bum or sitting sorta sideways with left leg extended. Good for me for sticking it out.

    I'd love it if you offered alternates for those of us not in completely healthy strong young bodies. Thanks.

  8. With this course, I am finding yoga such a happy experience.
    My right knee is playing up because I have been going hard out with dance so the reminder that "always seeking strength in a way that is not destructive or depleting" is timely.
    Thank you.

  9. I have connected to the practise at regular intervals over the last years and am always enriched when I do it. Great pace and your creativity with yoga keeps me engaged and awake. Thank you!!

  10. Dearest Adriene, thank you so much! You are a great teacher and friend, a great company and guidance for my practice. I'm now a mom of a little beautiful baby and it can be hard to find passion and motivation to stick to a consistent yoga practice, but...I am doing it! It's almost one week! I am happy to share it with you and to send you my gratitude, love, sounds and a big cyber hug!
    from Italy

  11. Thank you Adriene for all the love you teach us to have for our bodies. I feel so good after my time with you. From Sydney, Australia

  12. Adriene,

    I am newer to yoga and I am so blessed that you are providing the amount of videos that you do and for free...Absolutely amazing! You are a celeb I would like to met! I love seeing the child in your soul, it reminds me to be present with myself and it motivates me to 'Do the Thang!'

    -Peoria, IL

  13. Thank you for giving me a yoga class to look forward to every day. You are a wonderful teacher and I love Benji as well. My cat even watches you every day. I think she likes your soothing voice.

    Stay well and keep practicing,
    Chris from New Jersey

  14. Day 6 Adriene, getting my strength and stamina back up after a period out of the game I’m pretty delighted I can keep up and keep ON it. Sleeping better, feeling more supple, but overall a great centred peaceful start to my day. Thank you very much.

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