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TRUE - Day 4 - Floor


I am aware, accepting and present to what's possible.

It’s day four and the yoga mat literally has your back.

Today’s floor-based practice offers an opportunity to really slow down and learn about supporting your body with breath!

It is also a hands free practice so you can work to deepen your connection to full body awareness without bearing a lot of weight on the joints.

As we move today there is a great opportunity to really wake up and tend to the energetic super highway that runs up and down the spine.

So, breathe.


I’ll guide you.

Just get on that mat!

No matter how long you have been doing yoga, (Beginner’s mind is a plus) think of the body as one moving part.



Isolated parts.

There is a metaphor there…

I am SURE of it.

Focus on your breath today and remember…

The mat is a mirror.

Often, how you act on your mat is how you act off the mat.

What you struggle with on the mat, could be something worth looking at and leaning into.

Your experience on the mat reflects life back to you.

Do your best to just be present with what surfaces.

“I am aware, accepting and present to what's possible.”

Stick around! I got your back and mama earth does too. Adjust. Don’t give up.

Tomorrow’s practice is 25 min and is called HIGH. So, you are going to want to see what that is all about.

Stay Warm,


26 comments on “TRUE - Day 4 - Floor”

  1. Love your tutorials, I started doing yoga 22 years ago, following a dvd class, subsequently I have been going to local classes but found that I was losing the true meaning of yoga, I am going back to the root of yoga with yourself and am enjoying every class thus far. I am quite sure that it will be a long and renewed energised view to the whole outlook of what yoga should be about, keep up the good work Adriene, coming from a person who never writes review s , you gotta be good,,,, thank you Helen x

  2. Great practice this morning!
    (So glad to see Benji...join, us!)
    I am pumped for the new day...awaiting, me!

  3. Loving this 3p day sequence thus far! Feels so good! Feelin’ the warmth in cccccold Vermont!

  4. Wonderful restorative practice. Thank you for this series. Four days in and I'm feeling energized and centered. You have a real gift. Namaste

  5. Thank you Adriene!
    I just started following your 30 day yoga and so far loving every moment! It seems to be just what I need every day. It allows me to re-focus my energy and mind on my true self after the hectic day of working with little ones.
    I will see you tomorrow!

  6. I always feel restored after a YWA session and find that I am able to take on life's challenges with a bit more grace. Thank you for that!

    P.S. I also wanted to mention that this new move in True Day 4 - bridge pose with raised arms - is most excellent. Hope you can incorporate more of that in future sessions!

  7. Dear Adriene. Thank you so much! After each session I have joy tears in my eyes. I'm so happy to found you. I like your kind of teaching and how you 'entertain'.

  8. Love having Benji practice with us. Gives my pup Angie some company! 🙂 This morning she had one paw on the mat and one underneath. Puppyasana.

  9. Ooh, that was so lovely. I feel really grounded after this practice.

    I did miss Benji at the start. Glad to see he joined us 🙂

  10. Thank you. I love that Benji is part of your practice. I recently lost my dear Sandy. My floor is coooold, so I took a cue from another video of yours and did it with a nice comfy blanket over me. LOVE It! Thank you again for providing this wonderful opportunity.

  11. Every time you makes these 30 day yoga videos it always grounds me. I sometimes fall of the yoga horse (kids,life,work) but these always put me right back on ! Thank you

  12. Happy New Year, lovely Adriene, Benji and friends! I’ve had such a heavy cold that I was a week late in starting this one (since I could barely breathe, let alone breathe deeply). I loved yesterday’s practice - really made me feel good - but today was just what the doctor ordered, after a nasty day at work. I love the process, though I’m still very much a work in progress when it comes to peace, love and understanding (if you met the people who upset me today, you’d understand why). Still, I’m working on it - and I know you’ve always got my back, Adriene. I love this, just like I loved 30 Days and Yoga Camp. Missy Mischler, you better tell us folks over the pond just when y’all are coming to the UK, ok? Namaste xxx

  13. Loving every single day, the physical and spiritual part too, I and very greatful, blessings and more blessing for you and family

  14. Dear Adrienne, I practice your yoga lessons on my own. Once I bouth a yogamat, it was funny.
    But now I use it and it feels great.
    You are a very kind women and I enjoy your voice and youre saying.
    I also tried to signe up for the weekly newsletter, but I don't receive an e-mail to confirm.
    I hope one day it wil succesfull.

    Greets from Holland from Conny

    1. Hi Conny,

      I see that you are trying to sign up for the letters from Adriene but haven't received your confirmation email yet. Try adding "letters at fwfg dot com", with the symbols in place of the words of course. 😉 Then sign up again on the Weekly Letter page. You should receive an email asking you to confirm your email subscription within a few minutes of signing up. Be on the lookout for it. It might land in your Spam or Junk folder in your email. I hope this helps!

  15. This one was tough

    Last two days had to fight myself to get on the mat

    Glad I’ve been sticking with it!

    Your pace and direction is really helping me set a routine, thank you!

  16. Thank you for this. Wonderful sequence today that came at, what I believe to be, the perfect timing for me. Thanks again, Namaste 🙂

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